10 Activities For You And Your Dogs On Halloween

Halloween is around the corner and it’s that one holiday where we are all spookily excited to get spooked out. Adults and kids get in on all the fun with all sorts of freaky costumes and activities.

Sometimes we could forget that our furry pets notice all the ongoing and are dying to be a part of this jack-o’-lantern festival. Are there fun ways you could include them and have them participate?

Of course, there are. We are going to be looking into 10 activities for you and your dogs on Halloween. Let’s begin.

1. Halloween Costumes

Halloween costumes for your dogs are a great accessory. You can easily sew up something simple yourself or hit the pet stores for something fancier.

They will enjoy showing off their beautiful costume to other dogs if there are events like a dog ‘pawrade’ where dog owners match with their pets. No matter how beautiful you want your dog to look, you should always ensure their safety first.

Make sure the costumes fit perfectly, not being too tight or too loose and the costumes shouldn’t restrict movement. Your pets should be able to breathe well in them too and have bathroom breaks without problems.

2. Visit Pumpkin Patch

In anticipation of Halloween, your dogs will love going pumpkin picking with you. Not only will it make for a lovely adventure but also a great exercise.

Most pumpkin farms are dog-friendly and you shouldn’t have any problems. However, it’s advised that you always call in advance to confirm this and inform them that you will be going over.

3. Carve dogs on pumpkins

You could make this quite  ‘howl’oween’ to remember by carving your dogs on the pumpkins you just brought home. Don’t worry if you wouldn’t carve to save your life, pet stores and online shops have got you covered.

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You can buy dog pumpkin stencils with the type of carving that best represents your dog. Or you can just use normal pumpkin-carving supplies. Pinterest is so full of ideas for inspiration.

4. Halloween-themed toys

It’s Halloween, why not get your dogs themed toys like pumpkins, bones, mummies, and stuffed witches? They will enjoy them as much as we’ll enjoy gifting them.

You could have some fun DIY time while making the toys or spare yourself all the needles by going toy-shopping with your dogs to the store.

They would also work as a perfect distraction for them when all the trick and treaters from the neighborhood cannot stop ringing your doorbell. Having the dogs playing with their new toys in some enclosed place in your home will keep them safe.

5. Treats

Halloween dog-treats are a must-have. They are fun and easy to make, not to mention just how much your dogs will bless your soul for them. Some are bake and others are simply no-bake.

You could use the pumpkin cutouts from your pumpkins. Pumpkin dog-treats can either be raw or cooked.

Pumpkins are good for dogs, both pulp and seeds, as they help with stomach upsets. So if your pets are having constipation or diarrhea, you now know a quick remedy.

Halloween treats can be used for hide-n-go-sniff games where you can hide them and let the dogs sniff them out.

6. Howl-Party

Some communities have dog events where you can take your pets. They are the ultimate dogs’ day out where many dogs get to meet and have a good time.

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You should go to these events if you haven’t yet but if your community doesn’t have them why not host your dog party? You can invite friends and owners of your dogs’ pup friends.

To make things even more entertaining, ask all attendees to have their pets in costumes. Have Halloween-themed decorations like cobwebs but don’t overdecorate to avoid scaring the dogs.

These howlparties are a great way of socializing for the dogs. Fun things to do are giving out dog treats & toys, having dog training games, or a dog pawrade. Gifts could be given to the best-dressed dog too.

7. Trick or treat with them

Your dogs love having walks with you and because they are going to be part and parcel of your Halloween, tag them along for trick or treating. This is especially fun if your dogs are adventurous.

Some people usually hand out dog-treats which your dogs will enjoy. Make sure you feed your dogs the treats yourself or have a dog-treat bag for carrying them.

It’s usually cold in most places during this time of the year so ensure that the weather is right before going out. Keep your dogs close at all times, you could even have a glow-in-the-dark leash on them to avoid losing them in the midst of the activities going on.

With all the witchy costumes and noises, your dog could get over-excited or even spooked out and become aggressive.

8. Take photos and videos

Your pets could have other costumes but spooky Halloween costumes are a once in a while occasional attire so you may want to capture it all. You will have a good time taking pictures of your dogs.

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You could also take videos of them while in ‘howloween’ action e.g. dog pawrades, parties, playing with toys, or during your pumpkin patch visits. There are so many instances you could snap away.

Don’t let such lovely moments drift away with time. Capture them for future memories.

9. Watch Movies

Not all dogs are up for trick or treating. Or maybe you don’t feel the whole hullabaloo either. That brings us to your alternative: movies.

Leave a bowl of candy at your doorstep and settle down with apples and your dogs for a cuddly night of movies. You could watch horror movies, dog movies, or a blend of both if you prefer.

Your dogs will enjoy the spooktacular snuggling session. There is a long list of great movies you could indulge in like Scooby-Doo, Cujo, Dogs, and I Am Legend.

10. Games

Dogs love games and they love them even more when you play with them. Take some time away from the Halloween decorating to hang out and play.

They will enjoy playing in the backyard under that pile of fall leaves as you watch in amusement. You could also join in the fun.

Spend time teaching them new tricks or having them perform the tricks that they already know like having their ears up or covering their eyes with their paws.


There are many activities for you and your dogs on Halloween. Let them feel included and they will have a Halloween to remember.

It could get quite spooky for them, what with the frequent doorbell ringing and scary costumes. Keep your pets distracted and most importantly, keep them safe.

May you have a Pawriffic Halloween!

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