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Are Great Danes Hypoallergenic? Tips For Families With Allergies

Great Danes are great family dogs. They are gentle, calm, and protective. Great Danes have a large body with straight legs and a short coat. They are considered as less to average shedders. There are some other things you need to know if you are getting a Great Dane or already having one.

Great Danes are not hypoallergenic. They do well unlike other dog breeds with the people having allergies. Though, this is never a complete answer to the pet parents. If you own a Great Dane, then you must know that they shed a lot in the summer season and if not groomed properly they can also have dandruff in their coat. Various other problems like saliva, diseases of dogs are also there which can affect people with allergies. As a pet parent, you must properly groom your Great Dane and keep him healthy and sound.

In this article, we will discuss Great Danes being hypoallergenic and provide some useful tips for the families owning a Great Danes.

How dogs can become hypoallergenic?

Great Danes are not hypoallergenic. They can do well with people suffering from allergies. Though, a person with allergies can get affected in various ways. The most common ways are hair and dandruff. Some of the ways through which your Great Dane can affect people with allergies are mentioned below.

  • Dog Hair and dandruff: Great Danes have a short coat with density. They are low shedders and only shed excessively during their shedding season that is summer. Dandruff is also very common in dogs no matter what type of coat they are having. If your dog is having dandruff he will shed dead skin pieces all over in your house.
  • Drooling: Drooling is another habit of dogs. Dog’s saliva consists of small microbes and may contain several viruses that may infect human beings. Excessive drooling can also be an indication that your dog is going to be ill or a sign of stress.  The saliva of your dog can affect people with allergies.
  • Urination and feces: Dog’s urine and feces can also contribute to people with allergies. It has a lot of bacteria and germs in it. If dogs are not trained properly they can urinate all over your house and can cause a stinky and smelly environment in your house.

The following are some of the effective measures you must follow to prevent any contribution to people’s allergies from your dog.

A proper place for your dog

You might have seen dogs love to sleep on sofas and beds with you. If anyone is having an allergy in your house make sure you keep your dog away from bedrooms and kitchens. Wherever dog sits they leave hair and dandruff and this can cause allergy to anyone. Make a place in your house like a small bed or a crate where your dog can stay for a longer time. This will fix a place for your dog’s leisure time and keep him away from beds and sofas.

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Feeding your dog

Feeding a dog is very important in every aspect. You need to keep separate vessels for your dog. Never feed them in the utensils that you are using for your food purposes. Along with this regularly wash your dog’s utensils and keep them hygienic. This will reduce the chance of infection in your house.

Also, it is always recommended to use multivitamins and vitamin supplements to keep your dog fit and healthy. Multivitamins help in providing all kinds of vitamins that are missing in your dog’s food. This will also maintain the quality of your dog’s coat and keep him healthy.

Grooming your pet

Grooming your dog can be beneficial in many ways. When you brush your dog’s coat it remains ventilated and removes dead hair. You can collect the dead hair and throw it away. As a pet parent, you should provide a regular bath to your Great Dane. While bathing him, it would be beneficial to use proper and good quality hair shampoo as per your dog’s coat.

Keeping your dog disease-free

It is very important to keep your dog disease-free and keep him healthy. When your dog is suffering from disease their coat becomes very dull and sheds a lot of hair. Also when they are seriously ill from a disease like parvo, distemper, or diarrhea they are not able to go outside for their potty and urination.

Hence, you should make sure that your dog is vaccinated as non-vaccinated dogs are more prone to such diseases. Along with these, make a proper routine for your dog and follow it properly. You should maintain a healthy diet for your dog and keep him hydrated.

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Cleaning and disinfecting house

Great Danes are very gentle and maintain hygienic surroundings around them. But as a responsible pet parent, you must keep your house hygienic to reduce any contamination of disease from dogs. Use disinfectants to clean the places where your Great Dane sits or sleeps. Also, clean up the objects with which your dog plays. Maintaining a highly hygienic environment will keep people safe who have allergies with dogs.

Wrap Up

Great Danes are not hypoallergenic. They do well then other dogs when kept with people having allergies with dogs. Allergies do not see a breed of dog or any characteristics they can occur due to a small piece of hair also.

If you are already having a Great Dane or planning to get one make sure you keep the surrounding hygienic and clean. You should also groom him properly and feed him well. If any person in your house is asthmatic or having any symptoms of allergies then make sure to keep your Great Dane away from your bedrooms and kitchen.

Great Danes are rarely hypoallergenic. Hence if you are thinking of getting one then do not stop yourself to get one of the most loving and protective pets in your house.

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