13 Best Dog Breeds For People Who Have Stressful Jobs

Stress and anxiety are common mental issues that people belonging to different walks of life suffer from. The working class is the one most affected by stress on a day-to-day basis. There can be jobs that can be more demanding on your mental health and can cause anxiety and stress.

While having a canine companion is not a sure-shot way of getting rid of all your mental woes. It can help you get the much-needed comfort to deal with the stress. A pet’s presence can be very relaxing, and playing with your furry friend can prove to ease mental issues. Some breeds can be your companion or therapy dogs as they have a high level of emotional intelligence.

We are hereby listing a few of such breeds.

1. Bulldogs


Bulldogs were traditionally used as fighter dogs but have gathered immense popularity as companion dogs and guard dogs in recent years. 

If you are someone who likes to relax in the comfort of your home and enjoy your dog’s company, bulldogs can be a perfect choice. The bulldog is a breed that is very laid back and relaxed. Their physical activity level is similar to other breeds.

However, they love to sit quietly and enjoy the company of their owner. Their presence can be soothing and can help ease stress and anxiety.

2. Poodles


A poodle is a breed that is blessed with cute looks with a crisp and curly coat. They are available in three size variants standard, miniature, and toy poodle. Apart from this, these creatures also are great therapy dogs. They are intelligent and energetic. They also help ease mental stress and make you feel better instantly.

These dogs are smart and follow the instructions of their owners. Hence they are easy to control and do not add to your stress levels. These dogs are hypoallergenic and hence are a perfect match for those with allergies. 

3. Pomeranian


Pomeranian is a fluffy breed that enjoys the company of its owners. They are a toy dog breed that is small in size weighing 2-4 kgs. These soft dogs are great companions and love to give you company throughout the day. They don’t disturb or annoy their owners. They love to shower love and affection constantly in the quietest and comforting way possible.

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If you are suffering from work-related stress, Pomeranian is the breed you should choose as a companion.

4.  German Shepherd

German Shepherd

These dogs originated in Germany and are used as working dogs. They have proven to be a great aid in police and military work. These medium to large-sized dogs are loyal and will protect their family at all costs. They form close bonds with their owners and are quite obedient.

They are very smart and easy to train. Their loyalty and obedience make them great companions and comfort dogs. They pick up on their owner’s emotions and will soothe them by showering their affection.

With a German Shepherd at home, you don’t have to worry about your safety, as these dogs are smart and dedicated. Their bravery is another trait that makes them extremely loyal.

5. Yorkshire terrier

Yorkshire terrier

Yorkshire terriers are yet another breed famous for their look. They weigh around 7 pounds and are small in size. They are hypoallergenic and hence won’t cause excessive coughing and sneezing for sensitive people. These dogs are extremely loyal to their owners, and their affection is unmatched.

In no time, they become your most adored companion and will soothe your anxiety. If your job has been stressful, getting these stress-busting furry creatures as your pet will be the best choice, you will ever make.

6. Schnauzer


This breed of small-sized dogs is known for their bearded snouts. Apart from their looks, they also excel in emotional intelligence. They were originally bred to be guard dogs on farms. They are service dogs that are friendly, obedient, and a quick learner.

These smart creatures can sense stress and anxiety in their owners and are quick to come up with something to uplift their moods. They come in three size variants miniature, giant, and standard, and range from 30-70 cm in height.

7.  Boxers


Another dog breed known for its physical and mental strength is boxers. Boxers are guard dogs, and they provide firm support to their owners. Since they are bred as protectors, they are quick to catch on to the stress and emotions of their owners.

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If you are suffering from constant stress at the workplace, a boxer can provide you with the steadiness that you require. Their calm composure and loyalty are what make them great companions.

Boxer is a dog breed that can build a strong connection with its owner and provide comfort when the owner is stressed.

8. Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise is a small dog breed that is cheerful and mischievous. With their fluffy white coat and black eyes, they look like small squeezable creatures that can bring an instant smile to your face.

Besides this, they are also hypoallergenic dogs and don’t shed much. They are one of the friendliest breeds with abundant love for their humans. They need a bit more effort in grooming, but the entire grooming process is satisfactory and stresses relieving.

9. Pugs


These little creatures are energetic and friendly. They love to please their human, and this makes them extremely loyal and obedient. They love their owners and make efforts to cheer you up if you feel a little stressed or anxious.

Their wrinkled face and curled tail set them apart from other dog breeds. Their coat is finely textured and lustrous. If you need a cute stress reliever, you must consider having a pug at home.

These creatures are adorable, and their playful nature can rub off on humans. 

10. Basset hound

This short-legged breed of dog was initially a hunting dog for hares. These adorable creatures have the cutest ears and are scent hounds. Their coat is short-haired and smooth to touch. They have an excellent smelling capability, which is mostly because of being a hunting dogs.

Besides, they are friendly, outgoing, and playful. So, they can cheer you up in seconds.

Basset hounds are generally calm but are great stress relievers. They love their owners dearly and are friendly towards everyone. Having a Basset hound can be very useful in getting rid of stress or mental fatigue.

11. Dachshund


This dog breed is known for its unique body shape with short legs and elongated bodies, and cute ears. These dogs were initially hunter dogs for small animals like rats and mice. Their versatility has increased in recent years, making them amazing companion dogs.

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If you are looking for a smart and loyal dog breed, you must consider having a dachshund. They are affectionate dogs with love for their owners. They can be a soothing companion. However, you must keep a check on their food intake as they are prone to getting obese. 

12. Cocker spaniel

Cocker spaniel

This dog breed is known for its loving nature and is a great companion dog. Originally they were bred as hunting dogs, and hence they are very observant. They are calm and patient towards their owners and will comfort you to feel better. These dogs are extremely affectionate and are great family dogs as well.

Cocker spaniel looks adorable, and a glance at your cocker spaniel can relieve stress. They are very affectionate and are ready to be at your side whenever needed. The trainability for the cocker spaniel is very high, as they are intelligent and good observers.

13. Great Pyrenees

Great Pyrenees

This dog breed is a non-aggressive, highly intelligent breed. They are mainly used as livestock protector dogs. However, they are great companion dogs as well. These are huge in size while males can weigh up to 54 kg, females can weigh up to 41 kgs. Having the Great Pyrenees by your side will make you feel calm and relaxed. They are excellent therapy dogs recommended for anyone with stress or anxiety of any kind.

They are affectionate as well as brave. They can act both as a protector and as a comforter. Get yourself a Great Pyrenees, and you will never have to suffer from mental anxiety in the future.

These are some of the dog breeds that are intelligent, loyal, and great therapy dogs. Having dogs in your life is a stress reliever in itself; however, these breeds are exceptional as companion dogs and recommended for anyone with stress, work-related or otherwise.

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