Can Chihuahuas Eat Mangoes? [Feeding Guide!]

Mangoes are delicious, exotic fruits that grow on trees. They are generally known for their sweet taste and juicy texture as well as their large, flat, and hairy seeds. If you have ever tried a mango before and enjoyed it, then you might find yourself wondering if your beloved chihuahua could also enjoy this fruit.

If you’re scouring the internet for an answer to that question, look no further, the answer is yes, your chihuahua could also eat this luscious fruit as long as it is ripe. However there are some caveats included which must be taken into consideration when giving them this addictively sweet and juicy fruit!

In this article, we will answer the following questions related to the safety of eating mangoes for your chihuahua such as:

  1. What are mangoes and what health benefits could they offer my chihuahua?
  2. How can I tell if my mango is ripe enough to safely feed it to my chihuahua?
  3. If chihuahuas could eat mangoes, how should I serve them and how much should they be given at one time?
  4. Are there any risks or side effects of giving them mangoes? 

What are mangoes and what health benefits could they offer my chihuahua?

The mango is a luscious, juicy and sweet fruit that is harvested from tropical countries. It belongs to the genus Mangifera, of the cashew family Anacardiaceae. There are several different types of mangoes that are separated into their own specific categories based on various factors such as their origin, color, flavor or even texture.

Some of the most popular types include:

  • Indian or “Ceylon” mangoes – are yellow to orange in color
  • The Ambrette Mangoes – also known as Champagne mangoes, they have an amazing fragrance.
  • Alphonso or Hapus Mangoes – grown mainly in India and are considered to be the most flavorful of all mangoes.
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Yet regardless of their kind, mangoes are generally very sweet tasting when ripe and have a rich, orange color to them. They have a hard flat, oval-shaped seed with hairy fibers which makes them inedible.

Health Benefits for mangoes for your Chihuahua

Apart from their sweet and rich taste, the mango also has many health benefits for your chihuahua. The mango is very high in Vitamins A, C and E as well as dietary fibers.

Vitamin A – is essential for a healthy immune system, vision, reproduction and cellular communication.

Vitamin C – is known to boost your chihuahuas immunity, keep their coats shiny and brighten up their eyes.

Vitamin E – is also an antioxidant that helps improve the overall health of your chihuahua by fighting off free radicals

Dietary Fibers – improve digestion and can help prevent conditions such as diarrhea and constipation.

Mangoes are also said to help lower blood cholesterol levels, reduce hypertension, prevent cancers and even slow down the aging process even for dogs such as your cute little Chihuahua!

How can I tell if my mango is ripe enough to feed my chihuahua?

You should never feed your chihuahua unripe mangoes because the levels of chemicals within them such as persin and urishiol, can actually be toxic and harmful to dogs.

You should always watch out for the ripeness of your mango. Here are the indicators for a ripe mango:

  • The color of your mango, when peeled, should be yellow to bright orange in color.
  • The mango has a sweet smell and fragrance to it.
  • Your fingers should be able to leave wrinkles on the skin of your mango as opposed to sinking into it.
  • It should be slightly soft when gently pressed with your finger or spoon, but not so much that it leaves an impression.
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Preparing the mangoes for your chihuahua

If your mango is ripe enough, you can simply remove the skin, discard the inedible seed, and serve it in slices. Because chihuahuas have small mouths and esophagus, you should always serve them in small pieces.

You can also choose to puree or blend them into a smoothie if your chihuahua is not used to eating solid or larger pieces of food. Always remember to peel the mango and remove the seed before blending it into a fruit smoothie.

Most dogs love a sweet treat served cold. You could also slice them into small pieces and freeze them and serve them like that. Just make sure to avoid any possible lumps of ice before serving.

How much should they be given at one time?

If your chihuahua isn’t used to eating mangoes yet, you should start by giving them very small bites of it at a time.

As a rule of thumb. They should only be given in small amounts as treats because of their high sugar content which could make your chihuahua hyperactive or increased risk of diabetes. Which leads us to the next part.

Risks and side effects of feeding chihuahuas mangoes

Your chihuahua will surely get hooked once you feed them this sweet and juicy treat. Yet it is important to remember that due to their high sugar content, there would be some possible side effects or increased risks if your chihuahua is fed mangoes too often or in excess.

When fed in excess, there will be an increased risk of diabetes, especially if your chihuahua is already a pre-diabetic dog that needs to have its blood sugar levels monitored extra closely. The high sugar content in mangoes can also cause your dog to become hyperactive which could lead to some undesirable behaviors.

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Mangoes can also affect your chihuahua’s blood pressure. The high potassium content in this fruit could increase your dog’s heart rate and cause anxiety.

Moreover, a lot of human foods are not safe for dogs because their digestive systems are not equipped with the same enzymes as humans. The high fiber content in mangoes can cause your dog’s digestive system to work harder and decrease the absorption of other essential nutrients.

Apart from health risks, there is also high risk of choking if your chihuahua ingests a large portion of the mango so be careful to always cut them in small slices before serving the to your chihuahua. Always remember to discard the skin and seed before giving them to your pet.

Final Words

In summary, mangoes are safe to eat and would be a great treat for your chihuahua! Apart from their sweet and appetizing features, they could also bring vitamins and minerals your chihuahua could benefit from in the long run. However, there are a number of risks involved. The risks mentioned above could be avoided with proper preparation, moderation, and serving size. As long as you are giving them mangoes in smaller portions with proper care, your chihuahuas should be able to enjoy this delicious sweet treat with no worries!

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