Can Rabbits Eat Paper?

Rabbits are one of a kind. This kind features to be the third-most abandoned species for shelter homes. Your rabbit can be unfussy in other matters but exceptionally strict in terms of claiming its territory. They enjoy their space, and if you ever poke your nose, they will grunt until you leave. Your rabbit is a 100% herbivore and enjoys digging into whatever they can hutch in. However, this species gets bored very quickly, and you have to shower it with your full attention until they move on from their nagging phase.

Your rabbit loves chewing, and when it comes to paper, it stands to be no exception. Just like every other pet, the nutritional needs of your pet rabbit are high and unique. If it has got a handful of paper in their hutch, it is undoubtedly going to chew it all. And, if your rabbit enjoys shredding stuff, shedding paper and gulping in a handful of it can become one of its favorite time passes.

The thing to remain cautious about is to make sure your rabbit doesn’t consume too much of it, leading to serious health problems. Some of them include constipation and digestive issues.

Is It Safe To Put Shredded Paper In Your Rabbits Hutch?

Overeating anything is terrible, and similar is the case with your rabbit munching on paper. The best way to aid this situation is, put shredded paper in your rabbit’s hutch rather than reliable full papers. Whole papers are indigestible and even lead to intestine blockage. It can cause severe problems and even result in death.

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Keeping your rabbit entirely away from paper is a difficult thing to do, so why not use shredded paper to the rescue? When you use shredded paper, the risk doesn’t get wholly omitted but immensely lowered. When consumed in plenty, the shreds would not cause any severe problem as the whole paper would. 

Why Do They Eat Paper?

Rabbits are notorious creatures, and they love coming up with their games and staying engaged in them. Well, your rabbit’s intention is not to eat that piece of paper. Your rabbit enjoys playing with it, biting onto it, or even shredding it.

In case you see your pet having some of those shreds of paper in its mouth and seem to be reluctantly chewing onto them, it probably means your baby rabbit is hungry and needs some food. Feed your rabbit with some tasty rabbit food to satisfy its hunger needs.

Do They Enjoy Eating Paper?

This species enjoys being busy. Quite often, you will catch your rabbit lost in its world and playing its little games. What you will never see is your rabbit sitting idle or wondering. They don’t enjoy eating paper. What happened is, your baby rabbit was bored, it got its hand on some paper, and started playing with it, which initially included biting on it or tearing it into pieces.

As a pet owner, it becomes your ultimate duty to be fully aware of what your pet loves to munch on and what they don’t. Make sure whatever reaches their stomach has some good nutritional values in it and boasts of health and not otherwise.

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What Are the Different Types of Papers They can Snack On?

Toilet Paper:  This paper type is the least harmful one. It is not appropriate for consumption either. What interests your baby rabbit is the form of toilet paper. They find it fun to play around with it and might even nibble some amount of it. If you catch your baby rabbit doing so quite repetitively, offer them one or two instead.

Paper Bags: This paper type presents as a fun type for your baby rabbit. But, considering its immense size and the paper’s thickness, it can cause severe stomach conditions inside your baby rabbits’ stomach. As your pet enjoys playing with it, why don’t you instead fill it up with stuffing of hay and straw? This modification will keep them both filled and won’t enable them to feed on the paper bag.

Paper Towels: Like toilet paper, the cardboard roll excites your rabbit to play with it. If your paper towels are for kitchen purposes, it carries the two essential features – observant and robust. This deadly combination is not at all healthy for your pet rabbit. If consumed, it can even cause serious digestive problems that might even lead to death. So, take care that every time you give your rabbit the role to play with, it should be devoid of any paper towel attached.

Newspaper: It contains petroleum-based ink. No newspaper is an exception. However, today a safer ink-type is used. Try rubbing off the ink before lining your rabbit’s hutch with newspaper. If the ink gets easily rubbed off, it means it is petroleum ink. It is toxic and not at all safe for your baby rabbit’s stomach. So, be cautious next time you use it for lining.  

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Can They Fall Sick In The Process?

Can They Fall Sick In The Process?

Yes, your pet rabbit sure can fall sick in the process of consuming any of the paper mentioned above. There lies no harm if your rabbit enjoys playing with the mentioned paper types. They can shred them, chew them, wear those paper bags as hats, and do whatever they wish to, but they should not consume them. Even if they do, a little is okay, but too much of it will only cause some severe problems that would require professional help.

How To Stop This Act?

You must surely love your pet rabbit, so keep an eye on him from time to time. Do not use newspaper or papers with ink for lining your rabbit’s hutch. Instead, use something a little more organic. Your rabbit cannot talk, so they start chewing on anything they get their hands on when hungry.

Be cautious regarding when to feed them and when not to. Store their hutch with plenty of rabbit food that they can snack on when hungry and maintain a proper healthy diet, leading to enjoying nothing but good health.

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