10 Ways To Celebrate Christmas With Your Dog

Jingle bells, Christmas carols, Santa Claus, Christmas trees, gifts, frost, elves, and the list goes on and on for the biggest festive season of the year.

It’s Christmas and everyone is super alive for this holiday, including our pets.

Looking for ways to celebrate Christmas while involving your pet in each and every step? Look no further.

Below are 10 ways to celebrate Christmas with your dog. Enjoy.

1. Dress them up

At last, the time is here to dress up your pet with that Christmas outfit you bought for her in September. With all the tons of Christmas themed outfits, it’s always easy to bump into a red scarf or sweater.

Be it a Santa hat or a red and green collar you got, take them out but groom your doggy first. No pet wants to wear something new with last week’s fur stains still on them.

Take your pet for the much-needed bath and shampoo them. You can also trim their nails and apply some polish on a female pet.

They want to look their best too. I mean, it’s Christmas, not some random day in March.

2. Take pics

Ever had a new outfit and you felt like people haven’t seen you enough so you want to keep it on a little longer even though the day is over? Don’t make your pet feel the same way.

After having on an uncomfy thing on their fur, they want everyone to see so that it’s worth it. Take pictures, capture every angle possible, so that they’ll know that each eye will be able to see them even in the future.

You could also take Christmas family portraits. These are like a tradition in most families.

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Include your pet in the pictures. After all, they are part of it too. It’s so adorable when everyone plus the pet is having on Christmas outfits. The family album will be bulging with all the cuteness.

3. Buy gifts

As you get gifts for family members, buy something for your fur baby that they’ll love. Put it under the Christmas tree with the rest of the family gifts.

They will be delighted to see what Santa brought them this year. During unwrapping, you could help her unwrap it.

It could be a new chew toy, treats, or something they need like a new bed. Surprise and delight them too.

4. Make them a delish meal or treats

Prepare a special Christmas meal/treats for your pet as you prepare the family’s feast. Make sure it’s dog-friendly.

Your pet will love the taste-testing as you prepare and decorate its meal/treats. You could make a little extra to treat other pups.

Your pet can indulge in a little human food just for the day but make sure it’s not toxic. Spoil her for the occasion but don’t spoil her sick with foods she shouldn’t eat.

5. Santa’s four-legged helper

Having a helper to give out gifts wouldn’t impress your guests more than if your pet did the helping. Train your pet a week or two before, dogs learn fast.

Begin by sending her to fetch something for you and rewarding her with a treat when she gets it right. Practice every day, you know practice makes perfect.

She’ll love being part of the moment, if not the lady-of-the moment, what with all the attention she’ll be getting. Let her get her gift last.

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6. Meet and Greet

Have your well-groomed nice-smelling pet meet guests at the door as they walk in. This will immediately set the mood for some good fun.

Meeting and greeting guests will serve as an ice breaker between both parties as they’ll become at ease around each other. Your guests will find your dog friendly while your dog will open up to them therefore dissolving any tensions.

Not to mention the admirations, attention, and pets your dog will be getting from the guests.

7. Games

You could indulge in fun games with your pet. From chasing bubbles to tug of war to frisbee, there are a ton of games to play with these active furry creatures.

One good game you can play is hide and seek to test both their communication and memory skills.

What you do is you take your pet to another room, hide a treat, then bring her back into the room. Use your finger to point in the direction you just hid the treat.

Observe if they’ll follow the gesture and find the hidden treat. This will make you know how good their communication capacity is.

To test their memory, hide a treat with your dog watching then take them to another room. After a few minutes, go bring your pet into the room and see if they’ll remember where you hid the treat.

This will let you know how good their memory is.

8. Watch Christmas Classics

Christmas season can be quite hectic and everyone would love to just slump into a chair for a good long rest. Why not take a breather while cuddling with your pet and watching a Christmas Classic?

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You can just relax, bond, give each other warm hugs and watch some Christmas movies that never get old with time. Movies like A dog named Christmas, The nightmare before Christmas, A Christmas story, The Search for Santa Paws, etc could wrap up your day just as well.

9. Christmas Out and About

If you are feeling up for some Christmas outdoor adventures, I’ve got some ideas up my sleeve.

You can go to your neighbor’s place to admire their Christmas decorations and maybe sing a Christmas carol. You could even share some treats and Christmas cards with them and their furry family members.

You can go Christmas shopping with your pup, attend dog-friendly Christmas events e.g tree lighting events or go cut your Christmas tree with them.

Or maybe you could go out at night to watch all the Christmas lights in the neighborhood, your dog will love the beautiful sight.

10. Create a dog Advent calendar

Advent calendars are great for kids but guess who else they’ll be great for? Your adorable pet.

Get an advent calendar for your pet and have the 24 day Christmas countdown with her. Have little gifts for her each day like treats or cuddly toys.


Christmas is a lovely time. There’s so much to do and so much fun to have. Involve your pet in every step of the way and they’ll always have a howliday to remember.

All in all, may you have a Merry Woofmas!

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