Does Border Collies Like Petting and Cuddling? 

Dogs have always been faithful and friendly to their human companions. As pet parents, one still looks forward to providing his pet with all necessary provisions and requirements.

Some extreme pet lovers may also go a step ahead to make their furry friends feel special and help them adapt to their lifestyle. Dogs too have always wanted undivided attention from them.

They want petting and pampering, almost every time. Border Collies are common breeds preferred as pets mainly for herding because of their hard-working nature.

Does Border Collies like petting and cuddling? 

Border Collies encourage their human parents, to pamper or cuddle them. Affection towards pet dogs is a form of expressing love. They are instantly ready to obey the commands of their human companions. Handling Border Collies requires some extra effort to understand and serve their basic requirements. They are preferable in farms for their unlimited energy and power of endurance. 


The Landrace Collies are said to ascend to the Border Collies. They are known to originate at the border of England and Scotland, hence the name. The breeding was mainly as a working dog for their intelligent and obedient nature.

Previously, their training purpose was in herding the livestock of sheep. Because of their high energy like that of athletes, they could participate in dog sports and at times performed as show dogs. All the same, even today, they continue to work in herding and are quite popular as pets. 


A matured Border Collies grows as a medium-sized dog, around 1 foot 6 inches to 1 foot 10 inches when measured at the shoulder, and weighs about 30-45 pounds.

They usually have a life span of 12 to 15 years. They have a moderate quantity of fur and which also sheds a lot. The most commonly found Border Collies are black and white.

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Some may also be of triple color with a shade of red or tan on it and their intense stare in the eyes which varies from brown to blue works well while herding sheep.

The obedience in him, makes him give instant response to the commands provided. A home with an outdoor lawn or yard or a ranch suits him the best. Although they are mostly healthy, some may encounter inherited diseases and allergies. 

Importance of Cuddling

Cuddling and snuggling is not only a form of expressing love and affection. There are also some reasons behind it.  

A simple cuddle can have a positive impact on the psychological health of both the pet as well as their parent. 

Cuddling provides the canine warmth and comfort. Since time immemorial dogs are partners with humans. When it came to hunting and warning of some suspicious activities, they are the first to respond. They also provided each other with warmth by cuddling, and this is still evident. Cuddling played a significant part in domesticating them. 

On getting anxious and highly stressed, there are hormonal changes in the canine’s body known as cortisol. A simple hugging reduces the hormonal level and helps in the relief of nervousness. 

As already mentioned, this species of dog was mainly preferable as a working dog, especially for herding livestock, mostly sheep. These can keep working for long days and do not mind hard work. Thus, some cuddling at the end of a tiring day is essential for them.  

Cuddling for dogs is a form of expressing their love and emotions by pet parents. They also feel a sense of protection when nestled, due to their long-term relationship with humans which dates back in time.

Puppies and young Border Collies too, need caressing at their tender age. Embracing the young one releases oxytocin. It calms and comforts them at the same time. It increases the strength of their bond for a lifetime. 

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Another reason is the innate nature in some. Few breeds have originated in icy regions, so snuggling for them is a type of heat-generating mechanism from the human body. This behavior continues to be evident in some.

Depressed dogs also can overcome their sadness and desolation considerably, with little extra affection from their human parents. 

Although canines may not be able to speak and express their emotions in words like humans do, but they do understand the language of cuddling and affection. They get the feeling of belonging and being a part of the family.

Handling a Border Collies

Handling a Border Collies

Being a sensitive and obedient breed, they respond to commands instantly. They seem to be ready to please their companions whenever asked. But as a parent, too, it is your responsibility to be able to handle your pet accordingly.

Every breed has its requirements in terms of affection, food, medical attention, and training. For the Border Collies, the following suggestions can come in handy:

It is essential to engage your border Collies in some physical activities, or else he may get engrossed in something on his own. It will later be not easy to dissociate.

It is easier to herd sheep in the countryside with the help of Border Collies. But in the case of cities, Border Collies can help in herding children.

Socializing them with neighbors and other kids and pets is necessary so that it reduces their shyness. A walk in the park can also benefit.

He must be busy and stay occupied in order not to let him get bored. Boredom can lead to excessive barking and destructive chewing.

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Every Border Collies needs regular mental and physical activity to perform. It is in their genetic code which cannot be changed or replaced. So as a pet lover, you must be able to provide him that, or else it might lead him to mental stress and depression in a later stage. These are not among those dogs who can stay at home and enjoy indoor activities.

In case, as a pet parent, you do not possess a farm or ranch for herding activity, distraction to some other engagement is a must. Dog sports are a good substitute for assuring their daily involvement. Border Collies enjoy games like a flying disc, fly ball, etc.

Early training is necessary for them so that they understand their way of behaviors, get accustomed to the lifestyle, and most importantly can redirect their energy to other physical activities. It will help him maintain good health and will also keep him cheerful and involved.

As a new parent to Border Collies, one can also consult a professional or an experienced parent of the same breed for further suggestions. Along with a suitable environment, Border Collies also requires stable physical and mental health. They are highly adaptable, obedient, and easily trainable.

A long and hard-working day will make him feel tired. It will let him rest to get rejuvenated for the next day. Light cuddling and embracing won’t mind him then. Once he gets consumed in his daily assignment, he will be able to lead a content life with gratification.

So, whenever you are giving a thought to adopting a Border Collies and expand your canine family, make sure you can fulfill the duties and responsibilities that he deserves.

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