Do Chihuahuas Lose Their Teeth? [All You Need To Know!]

As a chihuahua owner, when your beloved pet gets more mature over the years, you may wonder what happens to their teeth. It often boils down to the simple question, do Chihuahuas lose their teeth? This is an important question, because tooth loss can impact how well your dog eats which could also affect his overall health.

This question always puzzles Chihuahua owners at some point, but the answer is actually quite simple. Yes chihuahuas lose their teeth just like their human companions. It is a normal occurrence especially during their early stages when they are around 2 – 6 months of age. However, losing teeth during their adult stage is a whole other topic.

In this article, we will determine the reason why Chihuahuas tend to lose their teeth and why it is a normal occurrence at a young age, but an abnormal one at an older age. We will also also give you tips on how you can reduce the chances of your Chihuahua from losing their teeth once they reach adulthood.

Why it is normal for chihuahuas to lose their teeth during their early stages

Why is it normal for chihuahuas to lose their teeth during their early stages?

Puppies normally have 28 milk teeth by the time they reach two months of age. They will gradually fall out in about three to 8 months due to adult teeth coming in. By the time they are 8 months of age, they will be replaced by 42 stronger adult teeth. The time between 2 – 8 months of age is generally the most common time for puppies to lose their milk teeth, but it will depend on the dog’s use of their teeth.

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Puppies that chew on things all the time tend to lose their teeth earlier than those who just chew on food. During the period between 2 – 8 months, you should not worry if you notice a missing tooth as it will grow back as a healthier and stronger adult tooth.

However if your chihuahua is past this stage. You should maybe start to worry as their tooth could have been struck by trauma to the mouth or a periodontal disease. Which leads us to the next topic.

What to do if your adult chihuahua loses a tooth

What to do if your adult chihuahua loses a tooth

By the time your chihuahua reaches past eight months of of age, they will have 42 strong adult teeth. If one of them falls out, this might have been due to mouth trauma or a periodontal disease. Let us briefly discuss exactly, what are these things?

Mouth Trauma –   As in any species, accidents happen. Your chihuahua may have received a trauma to the mouth. This could be due to your dog running into something or an accident with another dog during playtime, which may have caused the teeth to fall out.

Periodontal Disease –   Periodontal diseases are one of the leading causes of tooth loss in dogs. It is caused by bacteria around the gum tissues, which will cause the gums to pull away from the teeth and eventually expose parts of your Chihuahua’s roots. This disease can be prevented through regular veterinary examination and brushing of your dog’s teeth regularly.

If your dog has lost a tooth due to either of the reasons above, it is important that you take them into your veterinarian immediately for an examination. There are some cases where the tooth may not be able to grow back in a strong and healthy manner, so it is important that you get your dog checked by your veterinarian.

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How you can reduce your adult chihuahua’s chances of tooth loss

How you can reduce your adult chihuahua's chances of getting tooth loss

The key to long lasting chihuahua teeth is health preservation and diseases prevention. Here are a few tips that you can implement to keep your dog’s teeth healthy.

  • Brush your Chihuahua’s teeth for a few minutes once a week

This is the simplest thing you can do in order to ensure that your pet’s teeth are in good condition. Brushing will help get rid of excess tartar and plaque that has formed. Make sure to use toothpaste that is have fluoride levels that are safe for your dog’s teeth. Also make sure to get toothpaste designed for dogs, as human toothpaste is not meant for consumption of pets.

  • Give them dental chews to chew on

Dental chews are also effective in removing tartar off of your Chihuahua’s teeth. The act of chewing will help stimulate the production of saliva which will further aid in preventing plaque buildup.

  • Have your Chihuahua regularly checked by a Veterinarian

Regular examination by a veterinarian is important in order to make sure that your dog’s teeth are healthy.

  • Just like humans, your chihuahua should be provided with the right nutrition in order to ensure strong and healthy teeth.

A well balanced diet will help promote good oral health for your Chihuahua. Also make sure that their getting enough calcium which builds strong teeth.

  • Keep hard objects away from your chihuahua

Like all dogs, chihuahuas tend to chew on whatever they lay their eyes on. It is important that you keep all hard objects away from your Chihuahua as they may injure their teeth.

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Final Words

Do Chihuahuas lose their teeth? The answer is yes – they do! However, it is important to recognize the difference between a lost milk tooth, and an adult tooth being pulled out due to trauma or disease. Should your chihuahua lose an adult tooth, make sure to take them in to the veterinarian for an examination.

Also make sure to brush their teeth regularly, keep a healthy diet, and give them dental chews every once in awhile. By doing this, you will help reduce the chances of losing your Chihuahuas’ teeth.

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