15 Dog Indoor Activities [Keep Them Busy!]

Dogs are generally engineered to be strong, agile, and truly active. If you have to contain them indoors, you have to make appropriate arrangements to have them sufficiently cared for and exercised. These two can only happen if you know about the activities that may be of help to you indoors.

We care for your dog and its overall well-being. That is why we have gone our way to identify and explain some 15 dog indoor activities that may be of help to you. How about you taking your time to read and know about them so that you can leverage their benefits?

15 Dog Indoor Activities

#1: Toy Tidy

In this game, the dogs generally have to go and fetch their toys. Upon fetching those toys, they drop the same near the toy box that is located nearby.

It is a game that is largely played with the dogs at the same time. Also, it is one that helps you to bond with the dog while at the same time killing time when indoors.

#2: Chomp and Chew Light Up Ball

This activity basically entails the chasing or chewing of the ball. The ball in question has a rubbery texture and is hence strong enough to the teeth while also not sliding off readily.

It is an activity you want to look up to if you simply want to train your dogs how to chew stuff and retain its strength and vitality.

#3: Snuffle Mat

A snuffle mat is an interactive fabric that is intended to enable you to hide the foods and treats in such a way as to pique your dog’s foraging skills. It is hence stress-relieving, stimulating, and truly entertaining to your dog.

This is the activity to administer to your dog if all you want is to keep it engrossed and fully captivated in mind.

#4: Treat Ball

A treat ball is a special kind of toy that is able to attach or hold your dog treat just fine. Aside from that, it also prolongs the plays to make your dog fully engrossed and deeply immersed.

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Moreover, it also adjusts to enable you to enjoy the plays and the interactive nature of the gaming activity with your dog all the while.

#5: Bubbletastic Dog Bubbles

As the name of this activity implies, it comes in the form of the bubbles that are meant to trigger great exercising in your dogs. Many of these bubbles are also bacon-scented.

That gives the dogs added incentives to be able to play well and be fully immersed. You want to administer this activity to motivate the dog to greater heights.

#6: Stairway Dash

Dogs are very active by nature. It is only fair and logical to ensure that they retain their activeness even when they have to be confined indoors. The stairway dash endeavors to help with that.

It is meant to facilitate the indoor running and exercising of and by the dogs. The stairs provide the structure against which the dogs might run around with or via.

#7: Chess

Just like humans, dogs too love things that are likely to pique their interests and charms. The game of chess could be a great one to try and administer to your dogs.

This game requires you to be in constant attention and line of sight of your dogs. It is hence an alternative that you want to pursue when you have plenty of time to spare in your free time.

#8: Wickedbone

Human technology is rapidly changing and improving. We now have the Wickedbone that is basically a tech toy that is controllable via an app. This makes it easier to access and subsequently leverage.

All you have to do is to find a way you can interact and play with your dog. To be on the safe side, you have to take your time to acquaint your dog with it.

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#9: Treasure Hunt

As its name suggests, this is a game in which the dog has to seek a given treasure that is lost or out of reach. It is largely used to sharpen the surveillance skills of the dogs.

Other than that, it may also be employed to keep the dog fully engrossed and free from pursuing other vital chores. You have to find and set aside some huge spaces to make use of it though.

#10: Giggle Ball Dog Toy

Seeking to entertain your dog fully? You may wish to attempt the Giggle Ball Dog Toy. It is truly entertaining in the sense that it mimics the sounds of the human laughter in the course of rolling.

Your dog will be endlessly intrigued by the mimicked noise to the extent that it will happily chase the toy out and around the house till they become exhausted.

#11: Agility Course

If all you want is to make your dog more agile, the agility course could be the one you have to attempt. This course comprises the hurdles, tunnels, and a host of intriguing obstacles.

You will require some skill and expertise though to be able to set the entire structure up and running. Fret not though because the experience is truly awesome and out of this world.

#12: Hide A Squirrel Puzzle Dog Toy

As its name implies, this also is a hide-and-seek activity. However, it differs in the sense that it comes wholly in the form of a squirrel that has to be hidden from the view of the dog.

Its purpose is mainly to trigger the investigative and patient characters of the dogs. You will sit and watch your dog having the fun it needs as it sniffs out the contents from afar off.

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#13: Hide and Seek

We all know what hide and seek is. The game entails hiding somewhere and then demanding your dog to come and seek you wherever it might find you. It takes lots of time as well as attention.

Then again, it tends to create a bond between you, the dog owner, and the dog itself. Just set aside plenty of time to be able to fully enjoy.

#14: Fetch

In this game, you throw the ball or toy to a particular distance and have the dog go to look for it. It is mainly designed to kill the time you have at your disposal.

Being repetitive, the activity may also be used to instill some concepts and training to your dog all the while. You may add some motivation and chasing to make it more effective.

#15: Tug of War

For those stronger and better-built dogs, the tug of war may also come in. This game basically entails pushing and pulling a rope in a manner as to flex your muscles considerably.

The ropes you use in this case has to be strong and durable. This is to guarantee that your dogs shall similarly develop the strength and stamina they are supposed to.


Needless to say, the 15 dog indoor activities we have delineated and reviewed above are not all that may be handy and worthy of your consideration. You have to think outside the box if you find it largely short of your expectations. The ones we have mentioned are nonetheless most effective.

We subsequently urge you to give them a higher priority in your search for the right kinds of activities to leverage. It all starts by narrowing to a suitable pick. For that, we refer you to the list above and ask you to narrow your choice accordingly.

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