How Dogs Can Smell When You Are Leaving And How To Make It Easier For Them

Dogs can smell far better than humans and can store the smell for a longer period. Dogs have 300 million receptors on the nostrils as compared to 40 million in humans. They can smell effectively and remember the scent of their surroundings.        

Researchers say that dogs can smell 6 times better than humans. A major part of their brain is devoted to smelling only which helps them to lead their life normally. The dogs can feel when you are with them or not by your scent.

Have you ever wondered what they do when you are not around? Dogs are generally friendly and require a lot of attention. If you are not around them, they can feel lonely and can get bored. You need to make efforts to reduce his loneliness.

Being a pet owner you can train your dog for various activities that can keep them busy and help them fight loneliness when they are alone. The more you will engage your dog in such activities the more he will be stress-free.

In this blog, we will discuss how you can engage your dog and keep an eye on your dog when you are not around him.

How to make your absence easier for them

How to make your absence easier

Dogs are friendly and require a lot of attention. They can smell your presence and absence through their nose. The pores present on the dog’s nostrils help them to store the scent for a longer period.

When you’re leaving your home it is always suggested to make some necessary changes to reduce your dog’s loneliness. You can probably go for a dog sitter who can easily take care of your pet when you are not around. 

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As a pet owner, you can keep your dog full of his diet and can also make some changes to entertain your dog. Various technologies can be a helping hand in keeping track of your pet’s movement.

Appended below are a few measures that can be taken while leaving your pet alone and make it easier for him to stay during your absence.

Keep your home sound free

Small puppies and dogs are sometimes afraid of unwanted sounds in their surroundings. If regularly exposed to such a fearful environment your dog may suffer from anxiety.

You can shut the windows when you are not available in the house. This will stop sounds from the neighborhood which may make your dog conscious.

You can also play soothing songs to distract your dog from other sounds. Soothing soft music will be a great help for reducing your dog’s loneliness.

Entertainment for dog

Dogs are very attentive. They need people around them to play and entertain themselves. But when you are not around them they tend to get bored.

To entertain them when you are not around you can put some calcium bones or consumable toys which they can chew and entertain themselves.

You can also place some playful stuff such as balls, rope, or soft toys with which he can play when you are not around.

Engaging your dogs in various activities can help them pass time with ease and get rid of boredom. Researchers say that when your dog is left alone they are prone to develop anxiety and fear.

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As a pet owner, you will never want this to happen to your furry pal. Hence, to avoid such a situation, make sure your dog is entertained when you are not around him.

Food and water for the dog

When you are not around the first and foremost thing which can trouble you is your dog’s health requirements. If your dog requires food after a couple of hours you need to make that available for your pet.

Water is also the basic necessity of a dog without which he can get dehydrated. So make sure that your dog is full of diet and water before leaving your house. This will help your dog to stay healthy and hydrated.

Use of interactive technologies

Technology has come a long way ahead while talking about pets. If you are a dog parent and want to monitor your dog when you are not at home, you can probably use various interactive technologies.

You can have interactive mediums such as a pet camera through which you can monitor your dog’s activity. You can even use smart dog collars to track your dog’s movement.

Various bone and treat dispensers are also available in the market which can make your dog feel that you are around by making praising sounds in your voice and tone.

Hire a dog sitter

Not everyone is capable of leaving jobs to take care of their pets. But if you still want to surround your dog with people when you are out you can opt for a dog sitter. If you are going out daily for your job or work you can probably choose a dog sitter who can take care of your dog when you are out.

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Dogs require a lot of exercise and entertainment activities to keep themselves fit. If you are a daily wager and cannot give proper time to your dog, you can hire a dog sitter. A dog sitter can take your dog for a walk. The dog sitter can also track your dog’s diet and can maintain a routine for the dog.

Wrap up

Now we know that dogs can smell 6 times more than human beings and can smell your presence by your scent. Dogs are very friendly and active but can develop stress and anxiety if left alone for a longer period without any activity.

If you are leaving your home it is suggested to keep your dog engaged by placing some engaging stuff such as toys, treats, and bones, etc. This will help manage his anxiety, stress, and boredom.

So when you leave your home make sure your pet is doing something interesting so that he does not feel your absence.

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