Should You Get A Second Dog? 12 Things To Consider

In most of the cases, we have seen that the pet owners generally think of getting a second dog. Those who love dogs can think of getting a second dog. A second dog can prove good if you need a companion for your first dog or in case if your first dog is getting older.

You need to assess the covering need of the second dog. And you should also understand that a second dog will also be requiring the same amount of time, care, and maintenance as the first one. If you need a companion for your first dog or thinking of a second line while your first one is getting old, you may go for a second dog. But if your first dog is aggressive and not habitual of another dog, then you must avoid getting a second one. If your first dog is trained, then it would be easier for him to get adjusted with a new dog. They both will find each other’s company and it will be easier for you as a pet owner to maintain them.

In this blog, we will discuss what are the advantages and disadvantages of considering a second dog.

Being a pet parent is blessing itself

Becoming a pet parent is one of the most amazing feelings in the world. You will feel positive vibes when you see your furry pal running all over your house and backyard. Having a dog as your pet will make you feel blessed. But you must adhere to some basic considerations to understand the right things. 

The following are the points you must consider before getting a second dog. These points will help you to understand the pros and cons in a better way.

1. The first dog is getting older

If your first dog is getting older then it is the best time to get a second dog. As a pet owner if you love to get surrounded by pets it’s better to get a second dog before it’s too late. A new dog will be a great support for your aging dog. They will maintain a healthy bond. Your new pet will help cope up with the situation when your first dog’s lifespan is over.

2. The best companion for your first dog

Dogs require a lot of attention and love. If you are struggling to do so, get a new buddy for your dog. When you leave your dog unattended he may suffer from anxiety and stress. Hence, to overcome this situation it is a good idea to get his new companion. They can play together and help each other. You are no longer required to pay extra attention to your dog.

3. Makes training easier

If you are getting a second dog, then it would be easier for you to train him. If your first dog is already trained, then he will help his new friend to learn things quickly. When you engage them in activities the new one will follow the old one. This eventually eases your task and your new dog will grasp things quickly.

4. Gifting yourself a new friend

If you are a pet lover and you love yourself to be surrounded by pets, then you must go for a second dog without any second thought. As it is rightly said two are always better than one. You will be entertained more with two furry pals.

5. Socialization of new dog

If you are getting a second puppy, then you must not forget what happened when you went for the first walk with your first puppy. Generally, dogs are afraid when they go for walk or in a gathering of other dogs. If you are getting a second puppy, then your older dog will help him in socializing.

6. Enhancing the dog’s capability

If you own a big house or farmhouse it is always a good option to go for multiple dogs. Dogs are best in providing security if trained properly. When your dog will have a companion he will feel more confident and relaxed. This will increase his power as a whole as he can feel the support.

7. Reducing stress and anxiety

If you constantly leave your house for a job or other work-related matters, then your dog must be alone at your house. This can increase the chances of stress and anxiety in your dog. Hence, it would be a great option to go for the second dog as it will help both of them remain stress-free without you for a longer period.

8. Easing the puppy’s care

If you are getting a second puppy in your house, then you must be separating him from their real parents. Real parents teach them hygiene and basic necessity for their whole journey of life. But don’t worry, if you are having a mature dog, then it would be helpful for you. The mature dog will help teach his new little furry pal about hygiene and basic necessity.

9. Reducing aggression of your dog

Dogs get aggressive when they are least socialized or facing any kind of anxiety. They bark continuously when they are furious. But having a companion will reduce their stress and will not bark unnecessarily. Their stress and frustration level will also be under control due to less boredom.

10. Understanding emotions easily

It is quite difficult for us to understand the different emotions which a furry pal poses many times. But if you are going to own a new dog this will help your first dog to share his emotions with his counterpart. They both will be a companion in each other’s sorrow, joy, and excitement. They can be playful with each other and spend more time in both mental and physical exercises. The effort from our side to make them obey or understand will be lessened.

11. If you are having a less friendly dog

If you already own a less friendly dog who hates to be surrounded by other dogs, then it is not a good idea to get a second dog. This will increase anger and stress in your dog. Dogs generally love the company but some may hate other dogs. If you will get the second dog, then this might lead to fights between the dogs and harming each other.

12. Disease contamination

If your dog is having a contagious disease, then never think of getting a second dog. Disease in animals is more contagious than humans. If your dog is suffering from any permanent disease, then avoid risking other pet’s life. You can think of getting a new pet if your older pet is disease-free and healthy.           

Wrap up

In this blog, we have discussed that if you are a pet lover and want to go for a second dog you must consider the requirements and possibilities. If your first dog is aggressive or fears the company of another dog, then avoid getting a new dog.

If your first dog is untrained then also you should avoid getting a new dog as two untrained dogs can be more destructive and hard to control. At the same time if you feel that your first dog is getting older and you need another dog, then you must go for a second one.

So, consider the aforesaid simple things before getting a second dog because a decision made in a hurry can lead to a disaster.

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