5 Signs Your Dog Is Spoiled And What You Should Do

We all love our four-legged furry babies unconditionally, just like they love us, but at times we are so engrossed in love with them that we fail to notice how we are spoiling them with that ‘not so necessary’ affection.

However, showering them with care, love, and a lot of pampering is not all bad, but the real problem begins when their health gets affected; their behavior changes, and jointly it also starts exceeding your budget.

Being a pet owner, always try to tame your furry friend when he is young rather than when he is old because, as your dog ages, it becomes a rather tricky and hectic task to tame or unspoil them then.

I know that it is hard to try not to spoil them. However, being the owner, you need to consider ‘How not to spoil your furry best friend?’

If you incorporate strict and straightforward measures from your end and consistently practice them, within less than a month, you will be successfully able to unspoil your furry baby. Petting a dog is equal to having a baby. They can be too high maintenance as well as become a terror to deal with at times.

Let’s begin our discussion on understanding if your dog is spoiled and how to overcome the situation. 

1. Your Furry Friend Chronically Misbehaves

Has your pet started misbehaving in general? Do they only like you? If you answered ‘yes’ to both the questions, it is 100% clear that your pet is spoiled. After we are born, we humans have to go through schools and colleges; this is our way of receiving the necessary training. The case is no different when it comes to our pet dogs. Yes, training your dog is essential. You can provide the required training by yourself or even hire an expert to get it done professionally.

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Once your pet gets trained, they will better understand what to do when and how to do it. No more will your dog annoy you or give you a hard time when out in public. Behaviors such as chewing up your shoes, curtains, or even pillows, peeing in the kitchen, will immediately stop after you or an expert thoroughly trains them. Training your small furry baby is essential. Also, do note that you put on an optimally strict attitude when conducting the training process.

2. Your Pet Is Fat Or Obese

Dogs are greedy creatures. They enjoy munching on almost anything that they set their mouth on. Do you count yourself among all those pet owners who are always ready to offer their pets a snack? Well, let me stop you there. I know how much you love your furry friend, but that does not necessarily require you to offer them snacks continuously.

Puppies are adorable, and as pet owners, we feel like pampering them a hell lot. If you love your pet, stop spoiling them with random snacks. If this activity continues from their childhood, it will become challenging to note it in the future. A better alternative would be to offer your pet some healthy meals that jointly keep them fuller for longer hours and help them stay and look fit at the same time. You can take them out on the field and treat them with a healthy snack on the way back home.

Dog in your bed

3. Side Of The Bed:

What would you do if your dog suddenly disrupts your sleep and fidgets into your sleeping space in the middle of the night? (a) Would you allow them to do so, while you stick to a corner? Or (b) would you gently wake him/ her up and ask them to go down? If you ticked on option (a), you have undoubtedly spoiled your furry best friend, and if (b) was your preference, you are doing pretty well. 

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According to most pet owners, sharing your bed space with your dog seems like a regular thing. Still, this activity is better forbidden, as suggested by the Kennel Club’s American experts. They indicate that acts of aggression or behavioral deficiencies can immensely hamper your sleep. If you feel bad about not sleeping with your pet, you can always pamper him, cuddle him, and spend some quality time before going to bed and putting your furry baby to sleep.

4. He/ She Only Likes you:

Does your dog misbehave in front of strangers or other members of the family? Does he snap, lunge, or growl unnecessary at other people and only behaves himself in front of you? If the answer is ‘yes,’ your shower of love and care has soiled your furry friend. If you do not rectify this unattractive act immediately, it can become a personality trait in the long run.

To correct this, all you need to do is, allow your pet to socialize. Take your pet dog out to the parks or the fields where other pet owners also walk their dogs. This activity will give your dog a better exposure to the outer world, and they will equally enjoy themselves too.

However, do not make this boring by walking your dog to the same destination each day. Instead, explore new places and locations. It will not only keep them excited but will also immaculately socialize and any behavioral problems. 

5. Spending Too Much Money On Your Pet Rather Than On Yourself:

Does your wallet seem nearly empty by the middle of the month while your essential needs remain unfulfilled? On the other hand, you are providing a lavish lifestyle to your dog. It is sometimes tough to understand when to stop buying those fancy outfits or play toys for your dog, but what is even more challenging is coping with your life when you have bills to pay with no money. 

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Stop wasting money on your pet by buying unnecessary fancy stuff for them. Better use that money to refill your essential requirements. If you continue spoiling your pet in this way, it becomes their habit in the long run. Maintaining this high-maintenance lifestyle for your dog can also become challenging in the future. Once you start over pampering them with fancy stuff, it also becomes difficult to train them and often leads to misbehavior.

There is no denying that your four-legged furry friend is exclusively adorable and worthy of receiving a lot of attention and love. Sometimes unknowingly, we end up spilling them way too much. They offer us the same level of love, loyalty, and help in return, which is fine.

However, be aware that anything in excess can be harmful; either you or your furry friend might end up getting hurt. So, before things get out of hand, offer them what is necessary, and share a happy, healthy relationship.

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