What Should I Do With My Unwanted Puppy

It is easy for any pet lover to bring home a furry companion. Many times owners condemn their pets due to many reasons. In most cases, there are justifications for getting rid of a puppy but lack in some. You should understand that puppies also have emotions like human babies. You should be well prepared before bringing home a furry pal.

So, what should you do with your unwanted puppy?

If you admit the fact that you are not ready to raise a puppy, there are ways to help him.

You should look for persons within your contacts to assess whether they are planning to own a pet. It is always better to hand over the puppy to someone ready to raise him. There are many authenticated shelter homes also where you can seek help. Ensure that the next owner is ready enough to accept him without any hiccups.

In this blog, we will explore various facts that will help you avoid the situation of getting rid of your pet. Also, this read will shed some light on how can you deal with unwanted puppies.

Is your decision to get rid of puppy right?

It is difficult to challenge or comment on your decision to get rid of your furry pal. Each individual has excuses and reasons to justify their decisions. The only good thing which you can do is to reconsider your decision. You might identify the reason which has instigated you to take this hard step. Let us try to assess a few of such situations here.

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Allergic to dogs

One of the major reasons for dog owners to get rid of their puppies is that they being allergic to them. In such cases, you should always try to get non-allergic breeds at the beginning itself. This is possible if you let any professional dog breeders know about you being allergic. He will suggest to you the breeds which are less or non-allergic and can become your furry companion.

Even if you end up getting a breed that is allergic, don’t give up. There are several ways through which you can continue living in harmony with your dog. Air filters are one of them. There are varieties of air filters in the market that can solve your purpose. You can get one and place it where your furry pal spends his time the most.

Another option is to reach out to your doctor and tell him about your pet. He will be able to suggest suitable remedies and treatments so that you are not affected much.

Mischievous dogs

Unable to tackle puppy behavior is also a major reason for giving up. Most people own a pet without realizing the efforts in raising them. This leads to chaos in their life and finally end up trying to get rid of the dog.

But if you are a true pet lover, then you should not give up without giving it a second thought. Try to take the help of a behavior specialist and a professional trainer. These two people are an integral part of your dog’s life. If you suspect the mischievous behavior is due to any health ailments of your dog, consult a vet.

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hand over the puppy

What if you have decided to get rid of the dog?

No one can change your mind if you have finally decided to give up on your dog. But always manage to do it with grace. These furry pals also have emotions and you can’t leave them as you wish to. Let us try to find out a few ways through which you can give your pet another safe shelter.

Doing it a digital way

Social media platforms are one of the easiest ways to rehome your little furry friend. Try to click some cute pics of your puppy and showcase it on the platforms. You can target specific adoption or pet lover groups. Always remember to share all the basic details of your puppy. The details should consist of age, breed, and any health ailments or disorders. Try to be transparent as much as possible and do not hide anything.

You should not get excited by the responses and hand over the puppy to anyone. Always enquire about the background of the person who shows interest in your puppy. Do not end up handing over to someone who is not caring and responsible.

Search within your circle

Being a pet enthusiastic you should search for people whom you can trust. This is very much possible if you can find someone in your circle. You may also find any relative or friend who is up for pet adoption. This way you can also reach out to your dog whenever you feel like spending some time with him.    

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Giving back to the breeder

The first thing to try is contacting the pet shop or breeder from whom you have bought your pet. Chances are grim that they will take back your puppy but you should give it a try. Most breeders and pet shops do not want to lose money and refrain from such an offer. But if you are a true pet lover, you may even let go of the financial implications. Try convincing them to find a suitable buyer for your pet. Meanwhile, try to keep your puppy with you for some more time.

Wrap up

You might fall in love with your pup while finding him a new shelter. If it does not happen, ensure finding him a better place to live. Also, try to enlighten others about your experience with a new puppy. This will help them to refrain from doing the same mistake which you did.

Remember, puppies are not like soft toys that are easy to get rid of by throwing into the garbage bin when not needed. These little furry pals only need some time to grow mature. Once they pass their puppyhood they will be a true companion of yours. They are no different than human babies, think once before taking this tough decision.

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