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Are Border Collies Easy To Housebreak?

Are you thinking of getting a Border Collie? Or have you already welcomed one into your home?

Either way, one of the most important things you can do for your furry friend is to housebreak them.

But are Border Collies easy to housebreak? Well, the answer depends on various factors such as breed, age, and training techniques.

In this article, we’ll explore everything you need to know about Border Collies and housebreaking, including tips and common mistakes to avoid.

So, read on if you want to make sure your Border Collie is a well-trained and happy companion.

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Note: ✔️ indicates that Border Collies are easy to housebreak in that category, while ❌ indicates that they are not.

Understanding Border Collies and Housebreaking

Border Collies as a Breed

Border Collies are a breed of dogs commonly known for their intelligence and energy. They are highly trainable and excel in activities that require physicality and mental stimulation.

As a breed, Border Collies are typically easy to housebreak because of their intelligence, which allows them to understand and follow instructions quickly.

Border Collies are also known for their eagerness to please their owners, which contributes to their trainability. They are often motivated by praise and positive reinforcement, making them receptive to housebreaking methods that involve rewarding good behavior.

However, given their high energy levels, Border Collies may require more frequent walks and playtime outside to avoid accidents indoors.

Overall, Border Collies are recognized as quick learners and highly trainable dogs that are generally easy to housebreak. By understanding their needs and using positive reinforcement methods, Border Collies can quickly learn to follow housebreaking rules and become well-behaved, attentive pets.

What is Housebreaking?

Housebreaking, also known as potty training or house training, is the process of teaching your Border Collie where and when it is appropriate to eliminate waste. This involves developing a consistent routine for taking your dog outside or to a designated area and rewarding them for going potty in the right place.

Housebreaking is an essential part of owning a Border Collie, and it requires patience and consistency to be successful.

According to the American Kennel Club, it can take up to six months to fully housebreak your dog.

Housebreaking a Border Collie - Tips and Advice
Focused and trainable, Border Collies can be successfully housebroken with consistent training and positive reinforcement.

Factors That Affect Housebreaking

Housebreaking, or potty training, is a crucial aspect of dog ownership, especially for Border Collies. Some factors that affect housebreaking include the age of your Border Collie, their health condition, feeding schedule, and exercise routine.

Younger puppies need to be taken out more frequently, while adult dogs can stay longer without needing to go potty.

Moreover, any underlying health issues might affect their bladder and bowel movements. Feeding, watering, and exercising your Border Collie on a set schedule will help keep a consistent potty routine.

Understand these factors and take measures to manage them to ensure a successful housebreaking experience with your Border Collie.

Do Border Collies take longer to housebreak?

Border Collies are a breed of dog that are known for their intelligence and high energy levels. When it comes to housebreaking them, it is not necessarily that they take longer to train but rather that their high intelligence may lead to them becoming bored or distracted easily during the training process.

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Like any other breed, the period it takes for a Border Collie to be housebroken will depend on factors such as their age, temperament, and past experiences with training.

Border Collies do not necessarily take longer to housebreak than other breeds. However, a good training plan and consistency in the housebreaking schedule will help your Border Collie learn faster and become housebroken in no time.

In the next section, we will discuss some tips for housebreaking your Border Collie.

Tips for Housebreaking Your Border Collie

Start Housebreaking Early

To ensure successful housebreaking with your Border Collie, it’s crucial to start early. Puppies have less bladder control, making accidents more likely.

The recommended time to commence housebreaking is between eight to twelve weeks old.

The sooner you start, the quicker your dog will learn and establish good habits. Consistency and dedication are vital to set the groundwork for successful housebreaking.

Ensure you take your pup outside every few hours, especially after meals and naps, and praise them when they go to the toilet outside.

Remember, the more time you put into housebreaking at the beginning, the less time you’ll spend cleaning up accidents in the future.

Border Collie puppy sitting on a grass lawn with a toy in its mouth, looking up. Alt text:
Patiently waiting for the answer to the housebreaking question.

Use Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is an effective and humane technique that can give excellent results when housebreaking your Border Collie. It involves rewarding good behavior instead of punishing bad behavior.

When your Border Collie follows your housebreaking rules, such as going outside to potty, praise them, and give them treats.

Positive reinforcement helps your dog understand that good behavior results in rewards, making it more likely the behavior will be repeated. Be sure to use rewards that your Border Collie finds appealing.

Some dogs respond to treats, while others prefer verbal praise, or petting.

Identify what your Border Collie likes and use that to your advantage. Never use negative reinforcement, such as yelling, hitting or punishing your Border Collie, as it can create fear and anxiety and negatively affect the relationship between you and your dog.

Positive reinforcement will help your Border Collie learn faster and enjoy the process of housebreaking.

Remember, be consistent and keep the rewards flowing until the behavior becomes a habit.

Be Consistent with Housebreaking Schedule

Consistency is key when it comes to housebreaking your Border Collie. A set routine will help your dog understand when it’s time to go potty and where they should do it.

Establish a schedule for feeding, playing, and bathroom breaks, and stick to it as closely as possible every day.

If you are consistent, your Border Collie will begin to anticipate the next break, which makes housebreaking faster and easier. Avoid changing the feeding or bathroom schedule unless there is an emergency.

You may also choose to use a command word or phrase that tells your dog it’s time to go potty, which should be the same word every time.

Consistency in your communication with your dog helps them understand what you expect from them. If you want to be successful in housebreaking your Border Collie, develop a consistent routine and stick to it.

Be patient and remember that dogs respond well to positive reinforcement.

With consistency, positive reinforcement, and patience, your Border Collie should be fully housebroken in no time.

Crate Training

Crate training is an effective method to housebreak your Border Collie. It involves using a crate or a cage where your pet can rest and sleep.

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The idea is to make your pup feel comfortable in the crate and associate it with a positive experience.

To crate train your Border Collie, start by introducing the crate to your pet in a positive manner. Place blankets or soft items inside the crate and place treats inside it as well.

Allow your pet to explore the crate and rewards them everytime they enter it.

Once your pet is comfortable in the crate, begin to close the door but only for a few minutes at a time. Gradually increase the time for which the door remains closed.

It’s crucial to observe your pet’s behavior during this training to ensure that they remain comfortable.

Using crate training will teach your Border Collie to hold its urine or feces until it’s taken outside. This training method can reduce accidents inside the house and promote positive behaviors in your pet.

Remember to never use the crate as a form of punishment, and to allow your pet to enter and leave the crate at their leisure.

Using this technique along with positive reinforcement can help you housebreak your Border Collie successfully.

Housebreaking a Border Collie - Tips and Advice
Focused and trainable, Border Collies can be successfully housebroken with consistent training and positive reinforcement.

Potty Training Pads

Potty training pads can be useful in housebreaking your Border Collie. They act as an indoor toilet area for your pup, which can be beneficial during bad weather, busy schedules, or if you live in an apartment.

To use potty training pads effectively, place them in a designated spot in your home and encourage your Border Collie to use them by rewarding them with treats or praise when they do.

However, it’s important to gradually wean them off of the pads as they learn to associate going potty with outdoors. Keep in mind that while potty training pads can be helpful, they should not be relied on exclusively.

It’s important to also teach your Border Collie to go potty outside and establish a consistent housebreaking routine.

With patience, consistency, and positive reinforcement, your Border Collie can become housebroken in no time.

Housebreaking a Border Collie - Tips and Advice
Focused and trainable, Border Collies can be successfully housebroken with consistent training and positive reinforcement.

Common Mistakes When Housebreaking Your Border Collie

Punishing Your Dog

Punishing your dog for accidents during the housebreaking process is a common mistake that many dog owners make. Punishing your dog will not only confuse them but also make the process of housebreaking more challenging.

Dogs respond better to positive reinforcement, such as treats or praise when they do the right thing.

Punishing your dog for accidents will only make them feel anxious and scared to go to the bathroom in your presence. As a result, they may end up hiding when they need to go or holding it in, which can cause health issues.

Instead of punishing your dog, use positive reinforcement to encourage them to go outside, and reward them when they do.

Be patient with your dog, as accidents are an inevitable part of the housebreaking process. Punishing them will only make it harder for them to learn what is expected of them.

Inconsistency with Schedule

Inconsistency with Schedule is one of the most common mistakes dog owners make when housebreaking their Border Collies. Dogs thrive on routine, and if you keep changing their potty schedule, it becomes confusing for them, and they may not learn it as quickly as they should.

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If you want to housebreak your Border Collie effectively, you need to establish a consistent schedule and stick to it.

Make sure to take them out at the same time every day, preferably after meals, naps, or playtime. Consistency in schedule allows your dog to develop a routine that they can quickly understand and follow.

Moreover, be patient when your Border Collie struggles with inconsistency issues.

Yelling at or punishing them may just worsen the situation. Instead, offer positive reinforcement when they get it right.

Praise them for doing it in the right place and correct them politely when they make a mistake.

Consistency in schedule is crucial for housebreaking your Border Collie effectively. Get a routine going, stick to it, and offer positive reinforcement when they get it right.

Not Enough Positive Reinforcement

Not Enough Positive Reinforcement: One of the common mistakes that pet owners make when housebreaking their Border Collie is not using enough positive reinforcement. Dogs respond best to positive reinforcement, which means rewarding your dog every time they display good behavior.

When your Border Collie does something correctly during housebreaking, such as using the designated potty area, praise and reward them immediately.

Positive reinforcement encourages your dog to repeat the behaviour that earns them the reward. Some pet owners think that scolding or punishing their dog for making mistakes during housebreaking will work.

However, negative reinforcement has been shown to be ineffective and can even make dogs more anxious and fearful.

Instead of scolding your dog, try to redirect their behaviour by using positive reinforcement. In summary, not using enough positive reinforcement can slow down the housebreaking process and lead to frustration for both you and your Border Collie.

So don’t forget to reward your dog every time they display good behaviours during housebreaking.

Housebreaking a Border Collie - Tips and Advice
Focused and trainable, Border Collies can be successfully housebroken with consistent training and positive reinforcement.

Not Being Patient Enough

Not Being Patient Enough One common mistake people make when housebreaking their Border Collie is not being patient enough. Housebreaking takes time and consistency.

It is essential to understand that accidents can happen, and it could take several weeks or even months before your Border Collie is fully housebroken.

By not being patient enough with your Border Collie, you risk causing stress and anxiety in your dog. This may lead to your Border Collie becoming confused, afraid, or uncooperative.

Remember, housebreaking your Border Collie requires patience, commitment, and a lot of positive reinforcement.

With consistent training and patience, your Border Collie will eventually learn to potty outside.

Housebreaking a Border Collie - Tips and Advice
Focused and trainable, Border Collies can be successfully housebroken with consistent training and positive reinforcement.


Housebreaking a Border Collie may require some time and effort, but it is definitely achievable with patience and consistency. It is important to understand the breed’s characteristics and needs as well as factors that may affect their housebreaking progress.

Starting early, using positive reinforcement, being consistent with the schedule, and utilizing crate training and potty training pads are effective tips for successful housebreaking.

However, it is equally important to avoid common mistakes such as punishing the dog, inconsistency with the schedule, and not enough positive reinforcement. Remember to be patient with your Border Collie as they learn at their own pace.

With dedication, proper training, and a lot of love, you will be on your way to having a well-trained and housebroken Border Collie.

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