Are English Bulldogs Easy To Train

Bulldogs are medium-sized breed dogs with punched-in noses making them look cute and adorable. They are lovely and good family dogs. English Bulldogs are hard to train. They are very much particular and possessive about their training. They can be stubborn sometimes making them hard to train.

English bulldogs are not among the species that are easy to train. They are cute little species that can only be trained by love. If you will show aggression they will start avoiding you. Start training your bulldog once they are 10 weeks old. At a young age, puppies can learn a lot and remain obedient. The owner must use proper training kits and try to engage bulldog in training using them effectively. It is also necessary that you follow proper precautions as they have a punched-in nose which makes them hard to breathe. Hence, try to keep the training for a shorter period.

In this blog, we will discuss how hard it can be to train an English Bulldog along with some useful ways of training him easily.

Factors restricting Bulldogs training

Most canine breeds are easy to train and can be trained to the highest level. When it comes to Bulldogs they are one of the trickiest dogs to train. If your Bulldog is not obedient and disciplined you can never train him the way you want. One major reason for this can be their stubborn nature. Bulldogs are like kids and love to do things according to them.

Apart from this, their body structure is also one of the factors that stop them from undergoing excessive training. Bulldogs have a bulky face with a punched-in nose which makes their breathing capacity low as compared to other breeds. So, when trained excessively they start avoiding it as they are unable to cope up with heavy training.

Some of the resourceful methods are mentioned below. By using these helpful ways you can make training easier for you and your Bulldog.

Best time to start training

Bulldogs are very faithful and lovable dogs, but at the same time, they are quite stubborn when it comes to training them. So a Bulldog parent needs to start training him from a young age only. The best time to start training your bulldog is once he is 10 weeks old. There are a few basic training which you can start immediately, which includes, potty, crate, obedience and safety training, etc.

Before moving towards some trick training, the aforementioned are a few basic training tips which you should start at an early age only. It can be a bit tricky training Bulldogs but if trained properly with correct measures it can turn out to be fun actually.

Proper training tools

Training your bulldog can be easy if you are using proper tools. Training is fun but to make it more efficient and effective you have to use the proper training kit, which includes a few things, such as a clicker, leash, and treats. Clickers are used to grab the attention of your Bulldog towards you and whenever he looks at you after hearing the sound, treat him immediately. You can also teach him how to fetch by using a target stick.

Treats are the most essential component of dog training, so be very choosy while selecting it. You should get the treats whose taste will drive him crazy and make him constant towards training. Other tools can be a leash, collar, harness, and a treat bag, etc.

Making training fun for your Bulldog

As already stated, Bulldogs do not like getting trained, but if you involve a few fun elements while training, he will also start loving being trained. A few tips to make training fun can be treating him with his favorite treat every time he obeys you after every command of yours. Treats and praise work like miracles in training. You can also include some fun activities by offering his favorite toys during training sessions to play with. You can also try to keep training sessions short and precise so that your Bulldog does not get exhausted and disoriented.

Taking proper precautions

Bulldogs are stubborn and can easily get bored from training. If proper precautions are not taken your Bulldog can quit his training. You should avoid pulling leash vigorously during the training as this can choke his neck.

Bulldogs’ bulky face restricts them from breathing properly like other dogs so they get tired easily. Therefore, you should try to keep the training sessions short and serve water regularly to your Bulldog. This will help them overcome their breathlessness and keep them hydrated during the training session.

They seek love from their owners so try to praise them when they obey your commands. If your Bulldog is suffering from any disease and he is not fit, try to avoid heavy training sessions. Hence, by just following basic precautions, you can make training easier for your Bulldog.

Following a proper routine

It would be difficult for a day or two for your Bulldog to stick to the training routine but he will be used to it within a day or two. A proper routine consists of regular walks, a proper time for food, and a training session. If you stick to the routine for a couple of days then your Bulldog will start following this routine.

Wrap up

It can be hard for a new owner to train their Bulldogs. However, a lot of effort is required in the process along with patience from the owner’s side.

Bulldogs, being stubborn by their nature, love to follow their lead. This breed is an attention seeker and needs a friendly and affectionate family to stay happy.

Some owners, while looking at the background of Bulldogs, do not opt for this breed and choose another instead. But remember, unlike many other breeds, English Bulldogs are very friendly and loving dogs. The amount of love they shower will overshadow their stubborn nature.

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