Are English Bulldogs Dangerous

Are English Bulldogs Dangerous? [Know The Truth!]

Dogs are dangerous when they are aggressive. What are the criteria you consider to categorize a breed of dog as aggressive? Is it their hard looks? Or their size? Don’t you think the aggression of dogs is hugely dependent on the training they have received? Yes, the topic deserves a lot of discussion. And, here we are studying the case of English Bulldogs.

Are English Bulldogs really dangerous?

English Bulldogs are a calm and easy-going breed that is not dangerous at all. They make great companions and are more likely to lick a person than attack them. They are also quite loving and fun to cuddle with.

Are you thinking of taking an English Bulldog home? But, confused by their stubbornness and frowning face? Here we are presenting all you need to know about their aggression.

Are English Bulldogs Dangerous? Do They Make Good Family Dogs?

They are known for their stubbornness and hard looks. They obviously look ferocious and gloomy. But, they are very protective and caring towards their owners despite their dangerous looks. The reasons for owning a dog don’t end here. Read the rest of the article to find many more.

The English Bulldogs are short ad medium-sized dogs with large and spherical head. They possess lots of wrinkles and folds on their face. Dark eyes, wide forehead, upturned nose, and broad shoulders are major characteristics of the breed. Obviously, they look quite aggressive and unfriendly.

They were traditionally used for fighting and counteracting bulls. The breed was known for its strong biting tendencies, aggressiveness, and determination power. But, as dogfighting and hunting were made illegal, they have now successfully evolved into perfect family dogs.

The English Bulldogs have succeeded in consistently ranking among the top five most popular annual lists put forward by American Kennel Club. The fighting dogs with a domain of bull-baiting have now become loving and gentle family pets.

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They make perfect family dogs. They are gentle with kids. People love them today despite their hard looks and fighting background. They also make good guard dogs with their ferocious looks, stubbornness, muscularity, and strength.

English Bulldogs are very protective and loyal. The over-protective traits help them develop a strong and lifelong relationship with their owners. Now, you know why they are known as great family dogs. The over-protectiveness traits of the breed may also, in fact, pave the path for aggression.

The protectiveness of the dog towards its owner may provoke it to be aggressive towards strangers. The Bulldogs can also be very protective of their territory. Territorial protection can also develop aggression.

English Bulldogs are great apartment dogs. They are one of the strongest yet laziest dog breeds. They don’t need so much space to roam around or exercise. They will lay on the sofa and snore all day long. And therefore, They are popularly called ‘couch potatoes.’

Their stubbornness can be hard at times. They will only do things if they really wish to. But at instances, you may find the stubbornness of a Bulldog really cute. But, please be sure that you don’t encourage it.

They are also pretty hard to train. They are definitely not very intelligent, and this makes their training hard. Their stubbornness also affects training. They are least known to be people-pleasing. And, would not necessarily execute your commands all the time.

Things you would love in English Bulldogs:

  • Small or medium-size of the dogs.
  • Easy to maintain coat.
  • Gentle with kids.
  • English Bulldogs require moderate exercise only.
  • They bark very rarely.

Things you would not appreciate in English Bulldogs:

  • Stubbornness.
  • Territorial aggression.
  • Food aggression.
  • Snoring habits.
  • Drools a lot.

Why Or When Do English Bulldogs Become Dangerous?

The English Bulldogs rarely become dangerous. They are usually lazy couch potatoes that won’t run around your house. They are very gentle with children, and you will rarely find them aggressive.

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Obviously, most of the English Bulldogs you find now are gentle and loving. But, they come from the family of fighters, and you can really see that aggression at least in some of the individuals.

They can become dangerous once they start being aggressive. Here are some of the instances and reasons that would trigger aggression.

Encounter with strangers

The English Bulldogs, despite their family line of fighters, are very protective and loyal towards their owner. They may build a strong and long-lasting relationship with their owner.

English Bulldog

Therefore, they are very stubborn and protective if they smell a threat to their owner. They may become aggressive and dangerous to the strangers who come near their owner due to the same reason.

Territorial Aggression

The Bulldogs also will be possessive about their territory. They won’t allow anybody else to show dominance in their territory. Therefore, they don’t entertain any intruders coming along their way and entering the territory.

Hence, you will find them very aggressive towards intruders or when someone tries to enter their territory.

Food Aggression

English Bulldogs would never like to share their food bowl. Some of them would not even entertain someone nearing their food bowl while they are eating. Therefore, they are considered dangerous while they are feeding.

It would be better not to go near any dog while they are feeding. Most dog breeds are considered dangerous as they tend to become aggressive to anyone nearing their food bowl.

Less Socialization

Less socialized dogs are considered to be very dangerous. Socialization exposes dogs to unfamiliar people and situations. A well-socialized dog thus behaves well around unfamiliar people and in unfamiliar situations.

Dogs that are not socialized well would behave strangely around unfamiliar situations and people and may develop aggression. And therefore, less socialized dogs are considered to be very dangerous.

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Lack Of Proper Training

English Bulldogs may seem hard to train due to their stubbornness. They are neither known for their intelligence. Proper training will help your dog control its aggressive traits and get in sync with most people and situations.

Lack of training would definitely trigger the chances of aggression and make your dog dangerous in certain situations.

How To Calm Down The Aggression In English Bulldogs?

It is necessary to calm down the aggression before they become super dangerous. They become dangerous once you do not take any efforts to calm down their aggression.

Here are certain acts that would help to calm down the aggression in dogs:

  • Take out your dog wisely from the situation that triggered aggression.
  • Distract your dog’s emotion by offering a treat.
  • Take your dog for a walk around the park or on the roads until they calm down.
  • Distract your dog with their favorite toy.
  • Get them enough exercise to stay calm.


The English Bulldogs are definitely not as dangerous as they look. They are very loving and caring and even get along with kids very well. Bulldogs make great family pets and even good guard dogs with their ferocious looks. After all, they make a funny addition to your family with a comic grin and cute stubbornness.

However, they can become aggressive and dangerous at times. Good socialization and training will help you tame their stubbornness easily. You should know how and when to interfere and calm down your dog’s aggression.

It would help you make your furball least dangerous and easygoing. Also, exercise is a great strategy to keep your English Bulldogs calm and gentle.

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