Are Boxers Aggressive

Some breeds of dogs are popularly known for their aggressiveness. To sum up or in other words, we have succeeded in tagging some of the dog breeds as aggressive. What made us think so? Is it because of the aggressiveness in their looks? Or is it their behavior? Actually, we classified certain dog breeds as aggressive, mostly based on their size. The dog breeds such as Dobberman, Boxers, Rottweiler, Dalmatian, and Pitbulls fall into the category of aggressive dogs. And, most people are a bit scared to get these breeds home. 

Are Boxers really aggressive? Boxers are not as aggressive as the hype is. They are actually very protective family dogs. The aggression of Boxers is mainly dependent upon the training provided to them. Boxers usually have a personality that outweighs their size. They are full of energy, extremely playful, and loving. However, they possess traits of dominance and can become aggressive in certain situations.

Obviously, you need to know more about the breed before you decide to own one. Therefore, here are a few things about personality, temperament, and training of Boxers.

Are Boxers Aggressive? Do They Make Perfect Family Dogs?

Boxers are not really so aggressive or rude to people and other pets. But, people are often fooled by Boxer’s hard looks and size. And, we all have succeeded in concluding that Boxers are aggressive. How unfair is it to judge a being by its appearance and size? But breaking all the stereotypes Boxers were listed in the Most Popular Dog Breeds List 2018, put forward by American Kennel Club.

The medium-size, protruding lower jaw, and facial wrinkles of Boxers may scare you, but they are, in fact, very devoted to people they love. Boxers are intelligent, playful, and always high on energy. They will seem very unfriendly and aggressive to strangers. But those who own them definitely know how lovely a Boxer can be.

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Boxers love kids and get along with them very well. They are very protective when around kids and might defend strangers coming near them. The guarding behaviors of Boxers make them perfect for your home. Boxers are intelligent and make a perfect companion to blind people.

What else do you need in a family dog rather than love and protection? Of course, you would be concerned about the shedding habits of the dog you are going to own. But, you have to, first of all, accept that all dogs shed. The difference is only in the amount and time they shed their hair. Boxers do shed their hair, especially in spring.

You may have heard that Boxers are loud barkers. It is actually partially true. But isn’t it an essential quality of a good watchdog? Yes, Boxers do bark loudly at the sight of intruders or when they are quite bored. You can control the unnecessary barking habits of your Boxer by taking them for proper exercises. One or two hours of exercise are good for the physical as well as mental well being of Boxers.

If you are up to bring a Boxer to your family, it would be better to choose a puppy or go for a well-trained adult from a trusted breeder. Boxers are not hard to train. You can control the temperaments and aggression of Boxers by giving proper training from the early ages of their life. More than the breed traits, your dog is what you train them.

Boxers make good family dogs. Of course, they have some aggression in their genes. But, it can be easily controlled by giving proper lessons. Boxers are the right one if you need a dog to your home for protection as well as to cuddle. They will be your cuddle buddy and a rebel to intruders at the same time. However, Boxers develop aggression in certain situations.

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When Do Boxers Show Aggression?

Boxers outweigh their looks and are friendly but may show up their aggressive traits in certain instances. Are you wondering what makes your Boxer develop aggression? Let us look at some of the reasons that would make Boxers aggressive.

Lack Of Exercise

Boxers can become hyperactive and aggressive when they have lots of unspent energy. Lack of exercise and activities pave the path for aggression in some dogs. You may also find your Boxer bark unnecessarily if they are bored and not exercised.

Get your Boxer out for a walk or some games to spend their energy and vanish their boredom. Your Boxer might need exercise daily for at least 2 hours.

Also, be wise enough not to involve Boxers in games with lots of pushing and pulling. They can become highly enthusiastic about the game and become quite aggressive and harmful to you.

Territorial Instincts

Boxers obviously possess dominant traits in their genes. They will show their territorial instincts when they are on a leash. Some Boxers become over-protective of their owners at the sight of other dogs on leash.

You can use a head collar with a loop to have more control over your Boxer on a leash.

Encounter With Strangers

Boxers become quite aggressive when encountered with strangers. They would see guests at your home as a threat to you. The protective characteristics of Boxers make them aggressive towards strangers at your home.

You can reduce your Boxer’s aggression towards strangers by socializing them more. Start socializing your dog at the earliest age possible to reduce aggression towards strangers. A proper dog training will also help you in this. Or else put them in a crate when guests are home.

Same-Sex Aggression

Boxers at the sight of another Boxer of same-sex can become quite aggressive. It is especially true in the case of female Boxers. Female Boxers who get along well with male Boxers may become very aggressive towards another Female Boxer. You can observe the same between som male Boxers as well.

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To get rid of this same-sex aggression, make sure that you don’t put two female Boxers in the same crate.

Prey Drive

Boxers are very aggressive with other creatures if they are not well introduced. They will become quite crazy with prey drive towards an unfamiliar cat. Prey drive can make Boxers very aggressive and tough.

Boxers get along with other pets at your home if they are introduced well at an early age.

Some Tips To Reduce Aggression Of Boxers

  • Give proper dog training to your boxer at the earliest age possible.
  • Start socializing your dog from the puppy stage.
  • Use crates and muzzles when you need control over your Boxer.
  • Engage your Boxer in activities, games, and exercise sessions. Take them for a walk at least.
  • Don’t hurt or shout at your dog as it would pave the path for anxiety aggression.
  • Don’t go for high-intensity games with your Boxer. They would become hyperactive and harmful in the spirits of the game.
  • Better not to put Boxers of the same sex in the same crate.


The aggression of Boxers is very much dependent on their training and upbringing. They are obviously not as aggressive as their looks. Boxers even get along well with other pets at your home if they are introduced well. You may find Boxers very rude, but they are loving, protective, and loyal. Boxers definitely make the perfect dog to your home.

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