Do Boxers Shed?

Do Boxers Shed?

Boxer is a medium to large size dog. These are short-haired breed dogs and originated from Germany. Boxers have a smooth and shiny coat. They can be tan, fawn in colors with or without white markings. These are very active and friendly dogs.

The coat of Boxers is very shiny. They are known for grooming themselves on their own just like cats. They maintain proper hygiene. The coat of diverse dog breeds can be categorized into heavy, moderate, and light shedding.

In terms of shedding hair, boxers fall in the moderate shedding category. Boxers can shed fur depending upon the features, such as change of season, improper diet, or any health issues.

In this blog, we will discuss the reasons for shedding and how as an owner you can take care of your dog. We will focus on the ways by which you can prevent excess shedding of your boxer.

How often does a Boxer shed?

Just like human beings, dogs also grow hair. New hair comes in place of old hair and old ones shed down. Boxers too shed their hair. It can be seasonal or normal shedding which a dog does in a whole year. However, boxers do not shed excessively, such as Labradors and Huskies.

Generally, dogs shed seasonally that is before summers and winters. They shed twice a year. The shedding of a dog depends upon various factors, such as weather changes, the dog’s coating, and health. Some dogs shed a lot and some shed least. If proper grooming is done, the excessive shedding of the dog’s hair can be controlled.

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The following are some of the resourceful measures that you can take to avoid the excessive shedding of your boxer.

Grooming your boxer

Boxers have an odor-free coat that stays clean for a longer period in comparison to other dog breeds. Still, they require grooming. It is important to give your boxer regular and thorough brushing. For this, you can use a grooming brush that has rubber tips which will help in the circulation of blood and removal of dead hair. You can brush him once a week to keep him clean and tidy.

It is essential to give a bath to your boxer with shampoo once a month. One common mistake that dog owners often do is using human soap or shampoo. You should always use good quality dog shampoo for bathing, which will keep him away from fleas, ticks, and worms. You should take warm water and a clean towel for bathing purposes. This will reduce the unnecessary shedding of your Boxer.

In case if you feel that your Boxer is shedding more than usual, then consult a vet in this regard and seek his opinion as this can be a sign of stress, lack of nutrition, or any other medical problem.

Maintaining a good diet

One of the most vital things that you need to take proper care of is their diet. Along with that, you need to keep your boxer hydrated. Fulfilling the proper quantity of vitamins and calcium is very essential. Fruits and vegetables are again a very rich source of vitamins and minerals for them. While training your dog, you should make sure to train him with the right treats, because apart from small dogs they require more in quantity.

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You should also follow a proper diet chart according to the age and weight of your dog. White meat is the best source of protein for Boxers. You can also serve them with eggs to prevent dehydration.


Supplements for maintaining coat

There are various supplements available in the market for the growth of hair for this particular breed. But still, the proteins which come out from natural food are irreplaceable. Iron, zinc, and proteins stimulate healthy hair growth.

Although the coat of Boxer is very light it needs proper care in terms of hygiene, so that hair loss can be prevented. Make sure their coat is not coming in contact with fleas, ticks, or worms. Proper deworming is the key to maintaining his coat and body.

Proper vaccination

The Boxer is also known for his aggression hence, make sure that you are taking care of his vaccinations so that he may not harm anybody around them. You should get your dog vaccinated as suggested by the veterinarian doctor. The booster shots are also very important for them as, after some time, the effect of the vaccine tends to reduce to a certain extent.

Along with vaccinations, deworming should also be done periodically. For regular checkups, visit a veterinarian once in 6 months, to avoid any unwanted disease.

Lifestyle of Boxers

Although this breed is known for its loyalty towards their owners, they are also very popular guard dogs. Another interesting fact about them is that they are very protective of kids. They are well known for their versatility. As they are intolerant to hot weather and get dehydrated quickly, hence it is important to bring them up in a cool environment.

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During winters, they also need extra protection for their coat as it is very light. They are easy to bring up but one should always consider the above-mentioned things.

Wrap up

We have already discussed a few tips about Boxers for your ready reference. These furry pals are extremely loyal towards their owners, energetic, and affectionate towards their family members. Coming towards their body, they are very lightly coated and easy to maintain.

As they cannot survive in either hot weather or too cold, hence you should take care of them in both the winter and summer seasons. They require the right amount of proteins and vitamins hence always feed them with a diet full of nutrition. The only thing your dog requires is a good diet along with your love and attention.

Boxers love to remain hygienic and groom themselves according to the need. The aforementioned were some measures that you can take to avoid additional shedding and keeping your dog clean. So take care and happy petting!!

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