Can Beagles Eat Bananas?

Beagles are adorable and friendly pets that anyone would love to have in their lives. This medium-size dog breed is notorious at times but never fails to keep their owners happy by showering endless love and affection on them. However, Beagles, being a highly active dog breed, requires regular exercise along with a nutritious diet to stay fit and healthy.

Many pet owners often seem to be in a dilemma on which food to be included in the diet of their pets that would be nutritious as well as delicious at the same time. In this blog, we are going to find out whether Beagles can eat bananas or not!

Beagles can eat bananas in moderate quantities as this fruit is good for their health. Besides this, bananas are nutritious as well as delightful that would soothe the taste buds of your pet. Bananas contain potassium that is beneficial for developing good muscle health in Beagles.

Although bananas are considered to be healthy for pets, make sure that your Beagle is not suffering from kidney disorders or Addison’s disease as in such cases, it is not advisable to feed them bananas. If you are looking forward to including a banana in the diet of Beagle, then the following factors would help you out.

Nutritional Value of Bananas

Bananas are rich in Vitamins C, and B6 along with Magnesium. It helps in preventing cell damage and plays an important role in improving the blood function and oxygen transference in the body. It also assists in the functioning of enzymes in the body. It also contains Copper and Biotin that are beneficial for your Beagle’s overall health and development.

Bananas are also effective in reducing the risk of bladder infection in pets. Besides this, it also protects your furry pal’s sensitive stomach from several health ailments such as stomach wounds, ulcers, and acid secretion. Bananas are considered to be a good remedy that helps in the restoration of the water level in dogs.

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The sugar and carbohydrates content in bananas prevents your pet from getting dehydrated. In addition to this, feeding bananas to your Beagle in moderate quantities would result in building the essential and required protein in the body of your furry pal to remain healthy. This delectable fruit is a good source of fiber that helps in promoting and enhancing bowel movements in pets.

Importance of a Balanced Portion

Feeding any food item to your pet in excessive amounts is not good for the health. You can include bananas in the diet of your Beagle as a portion of a balanced meal. Do not give bananas regularly to your furry pal, instead; you can feed them to your Beagle once in a week.

However, if you have never tried before to feed banana to your Beagle, then it is advisable to give one or two slices during your first time, and then make sure that the fruit is not causing any sort of discomfort in the stomach of your pet.

The ideal quantity of banana should be around ½ cup for the Beagle pups and a full cup for the adult ones. A medium-sized banana contains 105 calories approximately and hence, should be strictly given in moderate quantities to dogs.

When to Avoid

If your Beagle is suffering from diabetes, then do not feed him bananas are they are high in sugar content that can disturb the sugar levels in your pet’s body. Also, if your Beagle is facing some kidney-related problems, then refrain from including a potassium-rich banana in his diet as the damaged kidneys tend to build up potassium in the blood that can cause severe heart disorders.

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Apart from this, many dogs show sensitivity to certain food items. If you notice the symptoms of allergic reactions in your Beagle such as difficulty in breathing, coughing, swelling, sneezing, and hives, then stop feeding the bananas right away. In such cases, immediate medical intervention is required for optimum relief.

Banana Products

Bananas are good for your Beagle, but this does not imply that the by-products of banana would also be beneficial for your pet. Usually, the manufactures of banana products such as banana chips or treats use chemicals and artificial additives to enhance the flavor that can be toxic for dogs.

Deep-fried banana chips contain added preservatives, sugars, and chemicals that are completely unhealthy for your Beagle’s health. Nothing can replace the nutritional value and benefits of feeding the banana in its natural form to your Beagle.

On the other hand, feeding too many bananas to your Beagle can cause several health issues such as vomiting, constipation, upset stomach, and diarrhea. In extreme cases, some dogs might also suffer from severe diseases such as hyperkalemia and heart-related ailments such as cardiac arrest. In such cases, it is best advisable to consult a good veterinary doctor at the earliest to get your Beagle treated successfully.

The Ideal Way to Feed Bananas to your Beagle

Undoubtedly, bananas are good for the health of you Beagle but that does not mean that you can simply hand over an unpeeled banana to your furry pal. Banana peels contain fibers in high content that make it difficult for your pet to digest and can even lead to vomiting.

Although, banana peels have excellent benefits of humans but they are not suitable for dogs. If you want to feed bananas to your Beagle in the safest and best possible way, then the following tips would help you out!

  • Remove the banana peel and then cut them into small and chewable slices
  • You can even mash the bananas as your Beagle would be able to digest them properly
  • During summers, you can even opt for frozen bananas to give your pet a boost of deliciousness along with refreshment
  • To get a little more creative with this fruit, you can even grill the bananas on the stove or a griller without using any additional flavorings
  • To soothe the taste buds of your Beagle, you can bake the banana slices in the oven to give them the texture of banana chips. Do not use any additional ingredient for giving flavor to the chips
  • You can even make pet treats at home by combining bananas, natural peanut butter, along with gluten-free oats and bake them to perfection
  • Alternatively, mash the bananas and stuff them into your Beagle’s toy, puzzle feeder, or Kong. It would help in keeping your pet engaged, thereby contributing to mental and physical stimulation
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Wrap Up

Bananas, being a delightful and nutritious fruit for your dog, can be included in the diet in the form of a healthy snack. This wholesome fruit is low in cholesterol and sodium. It provides your furry companion with the essential nutrition along with a lip-smacking taste. When given in moderate quantities, this fruit can improve your Beagle’s health to a great extent.

However, if your Beagle has become bored of the regular diet, then you can feed your furry pal bananas to soothe the taste buds without compromising the nutritional requirements. Above all, this fruit is a wholesome combination of taste along with nutrition that your furry pal would surely love to have.

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