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Beagle Temperament: 10 Preparation Tips for Getting a New Beagle as a Pet

It has been observed that most of the people are pet lovers and ready to own a pet. But the question is that are they ready for welcoming a new pet in their house? Which pet are they looking for? Along with bringing a pet in the house comes a bundle of responsibilities on the shoulders of the owner.

Are you planning to buy a Beagle? If yes, are you sure that Beagle is the right choice for you? Various people come across such questions while owning a Beagle. If you have already decided to welcome a Beagle puppy into your home, then welcome him just like a new member has been added to the family.

Before bringing a new Beagle into your home, you have to make several preparations to make both of your life easy. Preparing well in advance for your pet will enable you to welcome him without any stress and allow you to provide him a positive and healthy environment.

Here, in this guide, we have provided major details that you should take into account before proceeding further in bringing Beagle.

Beagle is one of the most famous breeds

During the 20th century, Beagles attained a prominence place in the households of America. These were not only purchased as pets for homes but also used for hunting purposes. In the year 1928, the breed won prizes at the Westminster Kennel Club shows, and in the year 1939 Beagle was bestowed with the title of top-wining American breed.

Also in the year 2008, a Beagle won Best in Show for the first time. On a similar note, Beagles are currently holding the 3rd position in America’s 10 Most Popular Dog Breed List and the only breed to rank in the top 10 every year since the registry of the American Kennel Club.

Beagle possess a mixed temperament

Beagles are born hunters hence they love hunting. There is another side of them that is they are gentle dogs and a good choice for families too. Due to their characteristic of hunting, it is often advisable to socialize them as early as you bring them home.

When you are bringing a new Beagle into your home, then it is very essential to spend a lot of quality time with him. You should pay heed to the habits of your dog and try to train them in the manner you want.

You should give a warm welcome to your pet at your home and make sure that there are more people around. This will facilitate your pet to do away with behavioral problems. You should place your focus on creating a routine for your pet which involves exercise, meals, etc.

Beagles are a stubborn breed, so it is of utmost importance to set a routine and deal strictly with them during the time of the training that you are imparting.

Why is it important for you to be prepared while owning a Beagle?

It has been seen that some people completely rely on others for purchasing a dog. They often think that it is just a dog so anyone can go and purchase it and that too from any breeder without making a thorough analysis. If you are proceeding in this manner, then you are going to make a big mistake.

The health and behavior of the dog entirely depend on the breeder. If the dog is not bred properly then it might be having some serious health problems. Hence, you should take into account these points before owning a Beagle.

Beagles are very intelligent and of playful nature but if poorly bred can result in unexpected behavior. Another major issue is related to health. You should ask the breeder about the information regarding Beagle puppies, such as his parents, medical condition and dog food, etc.

One of the good things about owning a Beagle is that it is a low-maintenance grooming breed. This dog does have long hair but possesses a short and incredibly smooth double coat. Also, the coat is kept clean all the time as it is water-resistant. Brushing the dog once a week is enough as this will help in taking out dead hair and maintaining a healthy coat. You can also wash them regularly to maintain basic hygiene.

It is very difficult to decide between a male and a female puppy. There are some minor differences when it comes to their development. It has been reported that there is a tendency of slight aggression in male dogs. However, most of them are peaceful.

However, female puppies have different needs from males from about six months of age until they are spayed. She will come into the season at the age of 9 months. She needs protection from male dogs to make sure that she does not become pregnant.

If you are bringing a Beagle puppy home for the first time it is not only exciting but also somewhat intimidating too. The below mentioned 10 preparation tips for getting a new Beagle as your pet will not only help you in making an informed and right choice but also provide the right kind of comfortable atmosphere to your pet.

1. Bringing home a new pet

It would be better to take a break from the office or pick your dog up on a weekend when you have free time to spend with him. But try to avoid picking him up at the start of the long holidays as if he gets intimate with you while being constantly at home, then it is quite obvious that he can develop the anxiety or fear of separation when you resume your office.

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You should not assign the responsibility to someone else to pick him up. Remember to take his collar and leash along with you, and bring him straight to home without making any diverting stops.

2. Finding a reputable breeder

It is very essential to take into account your Beagle’s breeder before buying your pet. If you visit a breeder for your Beagle, pose them questions, make them aware of your lifestyle, and explain to them the desired traits you would like to have in your pet.

They will be able to let you know if their pets can be perfect for you and if not, they might suggest some other breeder. Overall, Beagles get to mingle with other dogs, kids, and their owners. Beagles require training and socialization at an early age.

3. Getting your pet thoroughly checked by a vet

You should look for a reliable and experienced veterinarian before welcoming your Beagle puppy into your home. Do proper research and homework in searching for a reputed veterinarian in your area.

You should try to choose a location that is close to your home since you will be visiting the veterinarian quite often for the health checkup and vaccinations of your Beagle. You should maintain a healthy relationship with the veterinarian so that you can easily communicate with him for his assistance.

4. Cleaning and preparing your home

You should begin your preparations before bringing your Beagle by cleaning your home properly. You have to remove toxic indoor plants, harmful materials, small stuff that are easily reachable, place covers on wastebaskets, store household cleaners at height, and attach electric strings to the wall.

As some plants are toxic to dogs, you should thoroughly check your garden and yard for such kinds of plants and get rid of them without any delay. Besides, you have to switch to pet-friendly grass treatment. You can also think of placing a fence in your yard so your Beagle can play.

5. Assembling supplies and other things

You should select a soft and comfortable bed that is big enough for a Beagle puppy to fit in a stretch out easily. You should also get various stuff, such as a crate, bowls for water and food, a leash, collar, brush for grooming, shampoo, dry bath solution, towels, nail clippers, bone, dental care, treats, and toys, etc.

You should search for a small space in your home where your Beagle can seek refuge comfortably and securely. Also restrict the particular area with baby gates, which enables the Beagle to look out of his area to the rest of the home.

You should also prepare your family well in advance before the arrival of Beagle in your home. Initiate a discussion with the family members and try to delegate certain responsibilities related to your Beagle among them such as taking them for a walk, feeding, and training.

If you are already owning a pet of different breed or class, ensure the safety of them as well as your new Beagle. Try to keep an independent zone for both of them so that they can roam around freely and in a friendly manner. Such kind of preparedness will surely help you accomplish the transition process in a smooth and streamlined manner.

6. Looking for food and treats 

You should look for a healthy puppy food that provides essential vitamins and nutrients to your Beagle. You should also get a wide range and variety of tasty treats to use as prizes during obedience training sessions for your Beagle. Some choose specialized food diets that are organic and homemade for their pets.

Beagle Looks for food

7. Letting the Beagle explore your house

One of the important things to notice when you bring home Beagle is to look out for a pee and poop area for it. To familiarize your pet with the designated area of his pee and pop, you should take them to the place and train accordingly. Once they start following the rules in the required manner, give them a treat along with a pat on their back with praise.

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You need to stay with him and train to sleep in the right area of the house on his own and reward once he does it properly. You can also take your Beagle to every corner of your house so that he can explore it to its satisfaction by sniffing the various smells.

8. Socializing your puppy

Socialization of Beagles offers opportunities for your pet to learn and grow. A great way to socialize your pet is by accompanying him to a dog park and training classes. This way, your pet will meet other pets and people and get familiar with them.

Beagles are super friendly and relish the playtime. Many Beagles thrive around kids in families because of all the extra playtime and attention they obtain.

9. Feeding your Beagle

When you pick up your Beagle, it is recommended to follow a feeding regime for the first few weeks that your breeder has been doing. If you want to swap your pet’s food to something different, then do this after 4-5 weeks to avoid stomach problems.

Three types of food that are available in the market to feed your Beagle: raw food diet; dry kibble/biscuit; and tinned foods combined with dry kibble.

10. Commencing the training right away

Beagles are not easy to be trained. However, this does not mean that you will not impart training to them. You have to put in extra effort to train them. You should use treats or other items as a reward for doing a task and the pet will follow your instructions judiciously.

Crate training is an integral part of any dog’s training and the same is the case with Beagle. The only difference is that, Beagle being very energetic and notorious, you might require more dedication and time to crate train them. Also, you need to ensure that the crate is not large enough so that they can start doing pee and poop inside it only. Crate training is the first thing that you start immediately as soon as your Beagle enters your home.

The one way of crate training Beagle is putting a lot of toys in it and letting him play with it to get well versed with the place and environment. It is always recommended that the crate is kept in a very quiet place in your house as this is the place where your furry pal will relax and like us, they also need some peace while resting.

Place your pet inside the crate, leave the door open, and reward him with a treat. Repeat the above process and make sure that every time he goes in the crate, he gets lots of treats. You should close the door when your pet enters the crate himself. Give him a treat.

Are you looking for formal obedience training for a Beagle? You will have to start working with him to form the rules from day one itself. There are several commands through which you can train your pet. The most common ones to start building your confidence while training your pet are: sit, lie down, and stay & come respectively.

Beagles can be loud and bark more in comparison to other breeds. A Beagle is going to be loud even if it is trained properly. If you live in an apartment or have neighbors nearby then this needs to be taken into consideration. Give your pet a command of ‘quiet’ when he is barking loudly. You should make sure that while giving the command you should look directly into the eyes of Beagle.

Most Commonly Asked Questions

Are Beagles prone to obesity?

Beagles tend to gain weight, and this can invite many health issues, from heart problems to diabetes. Hip dysplasia problem has been seen in many Beagles which are overweight. Hence, proper diet and exercise are the best way to avoid this common drawback for the breed.

Is grooming needed for Beagles on a regular basis?

Beagles only need occasional brushing to get rid of the dirt and dust away from their coat. However, you should brush your Beagle every day during the shedding season to take out the dead hair properly.

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What is the intensity of shedding for Beagles?

Beagles shed some hair throughout the entire year. The shedding occurs in bulk twice a year. It happens for the period of three weeks in the spring season as their winter coat changes to summer coat, and three weeks in the fall as their summer coat shifts to a winter coat.

Do Beagles have a doggy odor?

Yes, Beagles have a strong doggy odor.

What is the lifespan of a Beagle?

The lifespan of a Beagle is usually of 12-14 years, but they do not remain healthy throughout their life!

Is it easy to locate a good Beagle breeder?

No, it is not at all easy to find a good Beagle breeder. The hard fact is that majority of people selling Beagle puppies are uninformed, unreliable, and completely incompetent.

Can you leave beagles alone at home?

Yes, Beagles can be left alone at home for a shorter period. They can even be left alone for a full day but it requires proper planning and training to make it happen.

What are the pros and cons of owning a Beagle?

Why are beagles so famous? Beagles bring a lot of joy and happiness to the house of pet lovers. This breed is known for its appealing floppy ears, communicative eyes, and adorable character.

One of the main qualities is that beagles are quite low in maintenance in comparison to other breeds. But before owning a Beagle, you should be aware of its pros and cons. The same is appended below for your ready reference:


  • Beagles being bred as a hunting dog, has a very strong ability to smell things by sniffing. They have been used by humans in earlier times for hunting sessions as they were very good at sniffing and finding rabbits and other animals that used to live in small caves.
  • Beagles, temperament-wise, are social pets that enjoy the company of kids and at the same time, they can be left independent also. Beagles always tend to live happily in a positive and calm environment with some people around almost all the time. Hence, do not try to keep them outdoor in your backyard or garden for long as this may lead to depression in your Beagle.
  • Beagles are very energetic as per their history of hunting skills. Hence, the owners should take them for a brisk walk daily to maintain the level of their energy.
  • Beagle’s coat is very easy to maintain and requires very little grooming at a smaller level.


  • Although the coat of Beagles is not long as other breeds still it is prone to several kinds of allergies.
  • Beagles are not quiet dog breeds and are very vocal. Their howling and barking sound is so sharp that many times you will feel annoyed. This may also cause disturbance to your neighbors. Hence, it is not recommended to keep Beagles in the apartments which are not pet-friendly and where the society may object for his vocalness.
  • Beagles tend to jump around the guests and people living in the house. Hence, it is very important to train them and teach obedience so that they do not behave in such a manner.

Wrap up

Beagles are one of the most preferred dogs among pet lovers. They are the first choice of many as they can get mingled with everyone in a short period. In this guide, we have shed light on various aspects that you must take into account before bringing Beagle into your home.

However, these factors should not restrict you from fostering a dog; rather it should help you to be prepared before welcoming the dog into your home. It is always better to get extreme care of your pet as you are adding a new member to your family.

If you are planning to take your Beagle home in your car, you should acquire a specialized car seat for the dog to assure a secure ride. You should take all of these preparations into account before bringing your Beagle home.

Bringing a Beagle home is a big change for both him and your family. By covering these basic essential needs, it would become easy for you to make our furry pal feel safe and secure in his new surroundings and also easier to establish a strong bond with you and your family.

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