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How To Train Your Pit Bull Dog To Be A Good Family Pet

Pit Bull Dogs are generally aggressive for other animals but friendly for humans. They can be your best friends through proper training.

But how and Are there any tips that may guarantee better outcomes? If yes, which are they? We take you through the relevant steps in this article.

To be able to train your Pitbull dog to be a good family pet, you have to play by some strict schedules and tips.

The 13 steps and tips below will surely help you to achieve the best job outcomes. Do adhere to them diligently and fully for the best results.

01. Choose the right Bloodline

This battle is best won when the right bloodline is chosen. Go to your breeder and ask them to choose for you the bloodline that is least aggressive and well able to reform. That will make your work easier thereafter. You will struggle yes, but not as much as you would normally. A walk into your breeder will give you the insight you need to tackle this chore well.

02. Introduce the breed to other Dogs and People

Next, introduce the breed of the Pitbull you have chosen to other dogs and people. This early exposure will help your dog to get familiar with the others in its surroundings and placate it all together.

The chances of it developing aggressive tendencies are hence curtailed by a huge margin. This step is needful as many dogs do develop aggressive tendencies when they come in contact with other dogs or people around them.

03. Start training from day one

There is never a convenient time to start training your dog than the first day you bring it home. Waiting for too long will only make matters worse if and when you eventually start the training exercise.

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Starting early is also effective in the sense that your dog gets to master the necessary concepts when it is still young. Also, starting early means you have more time to do your thing and with it some comfort or freedom.

04. Put in place a Rigid Schedule

Other than starting early, you should also put in place and adhere strictly to a rigid training schedule. The schedule has to incorporate all the key concepts you want to push across and the objectives you want to instill in the dog. Needless to say, you have to adhere to the schedule to the letter. Spread the schedule out to prevent burnouts or the need to squeeze yourself so much.

05. Do not lose your cool

The Pitbull dogs are generally difficult and aggressive as we have already explained. Many people tend to give up after a few days or attempts. However, you should never succumb to this temptation at all. Instead, you should maintain your cool all the while even if you do not notice any tangible outcomes forthcoming. Just be willing to be patient and start out each time things go south.

06. Make use of Positive Training Techniques

Rely extensively on positive training techniques. These are approaches that tend to reward the dog for good behavior and punish the same for bad behaviors. They tend to encourage the dog to be calm and tamable.

This is besides hastening the training exercise overall. Some of the things you might consider administering to your dogs are the dog bites and other feeds that are bought over-the-counter.

07. Create a tailored Diet for your Pitbull

Training and dieting go hand in hand. Other than merely training your dog to be less aggressive, you also want to introduce them to a great diet that is more likely to make them happier and more fulfilled. Administer foods that are rich in protein as they build the body well. These foods are to be mostly given as a reward to past good behavior. This will encourage your dog to do even better and beave well.

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08. Enjoy the small things

Many people mistake training to be so intricate and full of costly gears. Nothing could be further from the truth. Instead, you only have to start out with small and common everyday things. These will go a long way in ensuring that your dog gets used to the humans and the activities around them. Transition from the small things to the more complicated counterparts gradually.

09. Get some toys

Making use of the toys is a sure way of inculcating the tricks, tactics, and concepts in the psych of your dog. These toys are often shaped and designed to send some messages home. Thus, you have to pick and use only that toy that is as relevant to the concept you want to push across as possible. These toys ideally have to be colorful and full of life. The purpose is to add some life to the training sessions.

10. Be actively involved

The video games have made the process of training the dogs simpler and easier to carry out. Inasmuch as this is the case, nothing substitutes the direct involvement. Thus, you should from time to time get directly involved in the affairs of the dog. This could take the form of playing with it or being part of the activity you want to instill on it. By being actively involved, you will also demonstrate a passion for your work and inspire your dog considerably.

11. Take your puppy for a walk

Walks are often quite invigorating as they relieve stress and make your dog master the necessary concepts keenly. For these reasons, you are strongly advised to take your dogs for walks from time to time. Train it the various maneuvers you might want it to learn as you walk around with it. Take time also to dance around with the dog as you undertake the training exercise.

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12. Consider an Advanced Training Course

For maximum impacts to be realized, we ask you to attempt advanced training courses. This demands that you bring in an expert to help you out. Such training will usually enable your dog to learn the latest survival, search, and rescue tips it requires to stand above the crowd. These courses take the money and are hence mainly recommended for those dogs that are to serve commercial or professional tasks.

13. Contemplate a Canine Good Citizen Certification

Other than that advanced training, you should also contemplate a canine good citizen certification. These are developed and issued out by the American Kennel Club (AKC) upon your dog successfully completing some relevant tests and skills.

This is proof that your dog is indeed equal to the task and duly qualified. Like the advanced training above this too, comes in mostly when the dog has to serve some professional applications.


Training a Pitbull dog is a truly demanding exercise. It is one that requires great patience and a vast input of resources. We urge you to seek the intervention of a training expert who is vastly knowledgeable in the matters of dog training to help you out. All the best as you set out for your training sessions subsequently!

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