Why Does My Dog Keep Licking His Lips

From time to time, you will notice that your dog licks its lips or any other part of the body. While this is normal, it often signifies a deeper issue if it persists for too long.

This begs the questions: why does my dog keep licking its lips? And what could licking a lip signify? Could there be any dangers associated with the menace?

Below are the core reasons why your dog may keep licking its lips indefinitely:

1. Boredom or Anxiety

The number one reason why a dog may lick its lips for too long is to respond to the feeling of anxiety or boredom. Licking the lips or any other part of the body gives an illusion of comfort and relief from the stressor.

It is a behavior that is perfectly normal and well within acceptable standards. However, you should not stop at that. You want to dig deeper and find the root cause of the issue and nip it in the bud.

2. Oral Discomforts

Oral discomforts come second as the premier reason why the digs lick their lips. They do this to soothe and calm the discomfort much like a human would do to some itchiness in his body or part thereof.

These oral discomforts in and of themselves may signify a deeper issue like the existence of worms. Take your dog to a vet to find out the exact problem. Follow this by administering the correct medication to mitigate the problem.

3. Calm or soothe

Licking the lips may offer some calming or soothing feeling. It acts much like a painkiller would under this circumstance. In this sense, licking may serve some therapeutic or curative feeling or role. Only be certain that there are no adverse infections in the area wherein the dog lies.

Also, check if the dog could be suffering from sweating or any other issue that is likely to cause it to be uncomfortable. That may also warrant a visit to a veterinarian for further checkups and support.

4. Underlying Pain or Infection

Humans will usually scratch the portions of their skins that are itchy or infected. Dogs on the other hand will lick the affected portion of their skins when confronted with the same issue. Thus, a dog will often respond to an underlying pain or infection when licking its lips for too long.

Check whether there are no other stressors in the life of the dog. Then, move with haste to remedy the issue as soon as you come across any. And if the symptoms persist, you have to take a visit to the doctor.

5. Dehydration

Some dogs will, in response to a feeling of dehydration, lick the lips. The purpose of this is to dissipate the sweat and allow for the smooth flow of fresh air into the interiors of the body. If you suspect this to be the case, you are strongly advised to furnish it with fresh cold water.

Keep your dog in the shade when the temperatures are adverse and unforgiving. That will go a long way in mitigating the issue considerably.

6. Allergies

Other than underlying pains or infections, dogs may often lick their lips in response to some allergic reactions. In this sense, the dogs must have come in close proximity to or contact with some allergens. It is important hence that you study your dog keenly to know its allergens and keep it from them.

Allergies are chronic and potentially deadly. To be on the safe side, we ask you to take your dog to a veterinarian and have him study while taking samples.

7. Nausea

Nausea is the feeling of vomiting. Many times, it arises in response to an unpleasant environment. Many dogs tend to lick their lips as a way of showing their disgust to the same issue. That calls for your in-depth attention to the on-goings of your dog to mitigate it.

Eliminate those foods that are likely to cause your dog to vomit excessively from its diet. These include such foods to which your dog is allergic.

8. Swallowed a foxtail

Foxtails are small grasses that grow out in the wild. In the course of roaming around the desired area, the dog may often swallow a foxtail. Given the adverse reactions that ensure, the dog is likely to lick its lips as a show of this discomfort and to also attempt to regurgitate the grass from its throat or belly.

While there is nothing much you can do to reverse this problem, altering the hunting ground of your dog is a great step to take going forward.

9. Licked a toad

If and when the dogs lick a toad, an adverse allergic reaction is likely to arise. Many dogs respond to it chiefly by licking their lips. You should keep your dogs as far away from these contaminants as possible. Your failure to do that may usually give rise a worse problem overall.

The solution to this issue is simple: Get your dog away from the source of or in close proximity to the toads. That includes the water bodies or shallow paddles which are hotbeds of these toads.

10. Seizure

Seizures are sudden and often involuntary electrical disturbances in the brain. They often result in abrupt changes in the levels of consciousness, feelings, movements, or behaviors of the dogs. It is not uncommon for them to result in the dog licking its lips and other parts of the body.

To mitigate a seizure, you may have to take your dog to a vet to work on the underlying problem. This is a matter you can never treat lightly as it is potentially deadly.

11. Sign of Pain

Your dog licking its lips is often a show of the existence of some pain in the body of the dog. The exact cause of the pain however is never really possible to note just from this activity alone. That calls for you to take your dog to a qualified and trained veterinarian to find the root cause of the issue and deal with it. Being broad and generally confusing, it is important that you invest ample time and resource base to deal with this issue.

12. Bloat

Bloat refers to the buildup of gas in the intestines and the stomach. Quite a number of dogs respond to it by way of farting. Some though will choose to lick their lips. You will often note a swollen stomach as a flagship sign of the disease. Administering some anti-acids is a sure way of mitigating the problem.

13. Attention-seeking behavior

Lastly, some dogs will simply lick their lips to attract your attention. Chances are that they just want you to come along and play with them. You have to study your dog and see how it responds to the various circumstances that may be leveled against it.


The above are just the main reasons why a dog will naturally lick its lips for too long. Kindly note that there are many other reasons which we had to leave out owing to the limitation of space. Feel free to carry on from where we have left. As a gentle reminder never gambles with the health of your dog at all!

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