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Why Is My Dog Peeing In The House And How To Stop Them

Sometimes it can be challenging to have a dog, especially when they are in the house. Dogs love to roam around the house and jump over anything new they see. They are lively and friendly animals. However, this does not mean that they are perfect.

There are instances where you would regret having a dog for a few seconds. One instance is when they pee in the house. This becomes more annoying when the dog is not in the puppyhood.

There are various reasons why the dog is peeing. Maybe the dog is suffering from some diseases. There are even chances that the dog is suffering from stress or depression. You may surely want to stop them from peeing in the house. However, there are limited solutions to that problem. In this blog, we will share some effective solutions for dogs peeing in the house.

However, before jumping to the solutions, it is important to understand the reason behind it. Yes, a trained dog would not pee in the house until the situation is serious. Therefore, you surely cannot blame the dog. Instead, try to follow these solutions to help it overcome.

Why do they pee in the house?

Here are some common reasons for dogs peeing in the house. Yes, these reasons are for those dogs, which are well-trained and in adulthood.


The first most probable reasons are urinary diseases.  Maybe it is some infection that is leading to this situation. One way to check it, to count the frequency of peeing in the house. If the number is high, then it is most likely due to a disease.

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Your dog is house trained? Well, if it is and still, you are facing with pee in the house, then train the dog more. There are chances that the dog has not been trained properly. You need to start with the training from scratch.

This will help you know the loophole in the training. You need to mainly focus on the part, which is allowing the dog to pee in the house. However, you must make sure that you re-train the dog in every other field.

He is now the owner

There are even chances that the dog is just marking the things in the house. What does marking mean? Well, in the world of the dog, peeing on things makes them the owner of it. Thus, if a dog pees on the carpet, then it is indicating that the carpet belongs to it.

Moreover, if any other dog or animal tries to stand on the carpet, then it is a violation of its territory. You may have taken your dog for a walk. During that walk, you may have observed that the dog sniffs around and pees on certain things, right? Well, that is because the dog is marking its territory.


The next reason can be anxiety. There are various instances where the dog starts peeing in the house due to anxiety. So, why do dogs suffer from anxiety? Well, it is probably because you have left the dog unattended for a long duration. However, to know the exact reason, you must always consult a vet.

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The last most probable reason can be aging. There are instances where the bladder cannot hold up due to aging. Therefore, dogs start to pee in the house when they start getting old. Yes, that is natural. This reason is commonly observed among female dogs, as they have low endogen levels.

How to stop dogs from peeing in the house?


Let us start with the solutions, which can be done by you. Shall we? The first solution is to train the dog again. You may have trained it earlier. However, if the dog is peeing in the house, then it is because the training was improper and had loopholes. Make sure that this time you follow professional training to deal with the dog.

This training will be more effective, but you will have to be extremely patient. The whole training can take at least a few weeks. Moreover, you must always treat the dog for peeing in the right place. You should never reprimand the dog for peeing in the house.

Start stopping them for real

For this solution, you need to keep an eye on the dog every time. Now, whenever they start peeing, you need to shout a little louder and take them outside to pee. Yes, this is a temporary solution, but it leaves the message that it should not pee inside. You can even try other methods to stop them.

What are they? Well, you can try spraying water on the dog whenever they pee. This is another effective method to stop them. Moreover, you must make sure that you do not scold the dog for long.

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Go to a vet

The last solution is to go to the vet. There are high chances that your well-trained dog is peeing inside due to some diseases. Therefore, by contacting a vet, you would be able to provide proper medication for particular diseases.

Make sure that the medication is on time and consistent. Moreover, you must ask the vet about the diet to follow during the medication. This will give you instant results, as you are removing the main reason behind peeing in the house.

Wrap up

Now, you know the real reason behind the dog peeing in the house. Of course, there are chances that the dog may be peeing due to some other reason. In that case, you need to contact the vet and know the real reason.

In this blog, we have shared the solutions that are practically possible. Even the reasons mentioned are the most common ones.  You need to make sure that, while you follow these solutions, you need to be patient with the dog. Do not scold the dog, as it will worsen the situation.

Moreover, you have to treat the dog every time it pees in the right place. This gives them a reason to not pee in the house.

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