12 Best Dogs That Can Be Left Alone

Dogs, being social animals, relish spending quality time with their owners. However, it is not at all not possible to spend the whole day with your pet as other responsibilities, such as work, gym time, family obligations, etc. consume most of our valuable time.

You might not be having adequate time to spend with your pet due to other important engagements. In this case, you need to assess whether this is your right decision or not to get a pet in your life. Your pet needs your attention and at least he requires walking, playing, feeding, toilet breaks, etc.

Some dogs bother if they are left alone, and react viciously in the house, such as chewing or ripping sofa. Some suffer from separation anxiety when they are left alone at home. But, with the advent of time, most of them learn how to be alone at home for a long period. Some dog breeds have more anxiety in comparison to other breeds.

It is very important to own a breed that can be handled in your absence. Here the right decision at the right time comes into play. In this blog, we have selected 12 dog breeds that can stay home alone. However, these can be left unaccompanied but not more than 10-12 hours.

1. Shar Pei

The face of the Chinese Shar-Pei is squishy. This breed is loyal to their owners but not friendly with strangers. They do not need to exercise regularly because of the low energy level. This breed is very smart and intelligent and if you are planning to leave this breed at home, then you have to train them at a preliminary stage itself.

This breed also needs to be groomed daily because of their chubby noses. You should keep a keen eye on their breathing issues during exercising. This breed is very calm and shows affection when you have returned home from your work by curling up on the sofa along with you.

2. Shiba Inus

Shiba Inus is a great breed that is owned by most of the pet lovers. This breed is not only friendly and adorable but can also become a good companion as well. These are medium size dog breed with a very quiet personality. They have a fluffy coat and somehow resemble a fox due to its appearance.

It is a Japanese breed that was originally bred for hunting purposes. The meaning of ‘Inu’ is a dog in Japanese. One important thing worth mentioning here is that this breed is not at all appropriate for families with kids and other small pets at home.

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3. Dachshund

Dachshunds are very well known for their unique personality and long elongated body. These dogs are extremely attractive and love to play for a long time. Exercise is an important part of raising these dogs. They need at least walking and running for 3 miles in total otherwise there are high chances of them being overweight. This can lead to various diseases, such as back pain, IVD, etc.

They are extremely clever and aggressive that makes them challenging to train. These dogs are extremely protective of three things, such as food, family, and toys. Moreover, these dogs love to bark, especially when they sense danger.

4. Maltese

Maltese is a toy dog covered with white, and silky hair from head to foot. This breed is perfect for the small home. Despite having a long coat they do not shed a lot and are an ideal pet for those who are suffering from allergy. Your home is being kept clean and neat without the traces of dog hair.

This breed is compact, gentle, and affectionate with a natural longingness to please. Maltese are busy running around the house thus getting most of their exercise done in this manner.

5. Goldador

Goldador is a cross between a Golden and Labrador Retriever. This being a highly energetic breed, needs exercising regularly. Goldador is a perfect choice for full-time working professionals because of their acceptance of some alone time.

This breed is a very quick learner and friendly. If they are provided with favorite toys by owners, they do not get bored in their absence and hardly realize that they are alone. They love to play and get indulge in new activities.

6. Labradoodle

Labradoodle is a cross between a Labrador Retriever and a Poodle. This breed is not only suitable for those owners who are away from home for a longer period but also recognized as therapy dogs. They are also having another trait which makes them a perfect choice to stand apart from others is their hypoallergenic coat.

This breed is friendly and intelligent too. Labradoodles are very obedient and can be trained easily. If you are looking for a small dog that can be left alone at home, then look no further and welcome Labradoodle as these will enjoy loving new commands and would not suffer from nervousness.  

7. Boston Terrier

Boston Terrier is one of the most friendlier dogs. You can easily train and groom them to maintain health. This breed, being highly energetic, needs a lot of exercises hence you have to take some time out of your busy schedule and take them for long walks to make them feel rejuvenated.

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They are great for families, children, and strangers too, and are contented in small families also. The American Kennel Club has labeled Boston Terriers as ‘The American Gentlemen’ because of their etiquettes. 

8. Chow Chow

The appearance of Chow-Chow is similar to a cuddly teddy bear.However, they are extremely independent and susceptible to remain alone for quite a long time.This breed is very loyal to their owners but not friendly with strangers and kids. They tend to gain a lot of weight hence it is advisable to limit their diet and do not overfeed them.

If you are living in an apartment and owning Chow Chow, then there would not be any problem for you as they bark very little. Moreover, they do not require exercise regularly. A daily walk is sufficient for them.

9. Chihuahua

The name, Chihuahua has been derived from the Mexican state. This is one of the smallest breeds of dogs. Chihuahua can be easily groomed and maintained. This breed is very smart and intelligent, hence react with great enthusiasm while training.

Regular exercise is required for this breed otherwise it will result in obesity due to the tendency of gaining weight. Though they are left alone by the full-time working professional owners, they love to be in pairs.

10. Greyhound

If you are a working professional and looking for a great dog, then Greyhound is the perfect choice for you. They are one of the good dogs for the owners living in apartments as most of the time they are found sleeping. You should accompany Greyhound for a walk or exercise regularly as they tend to gain weight.

They get easily adaptable in hot climatic conditions but not easily adjustable in cold weather and need blankets and coats etc. due to the kind of their body and fur. They are healthy and easy to be groomed with low maintenance.

11. Lhasa Apso

Lhasa Apso is a very small breed but usually acts like a big one due to its dominant characteristics. They are very independent and when left alone at home for long hours, can easily cope up with the situation. They can easily mingle with other dogs and are good with family and children.

They are very strong and get easily adapted to circumstances, no matter what would be the climatic conditions, types of homes or size of the home, etc. They will guard their homes in your absence and do not get bored instead of making your home a mess by tearing things.

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12. Basset Hound

The Basset Hound is the medium-sized dog breed that is most suitable for the owners living in the apartment. You will not have to look much after the breed as most of the time they are found sleeping. They roam all around the house as soon as they are awake by making optimum use of their nose.

They are great as family dogs and mostly good with strangers and kids. Their energy level is very low due to various medical issues. You should properly clean their ears, groom and brush them regularly to limit shedding, and maintain their healthy diet by putting a check on their obesity. Lastly, the Basset hound is firm and not inclined to mood swings.

Making comfortable stay of your dog when he is alone

You can leave your dog alone at home for not more than 10-12 hours. But you have to make the stay of your pet comfortable in your absence. Mentioned below are some of the tips to help you out:

  • Provide training to your pet to stay alone at home so that he gets accustomed to it instead of a sudden blow.
  • You should always arrange a guardian for him when your pet is not well in case if there is an emergency and avoid locking your pet in a room during that period.
  • Whenever you are leaving your pet alone, inform your next-door neighbor well in advance so that your neighbor can reach out to you immediately in case of any emergency.
  • Your pet can have easy access to windows to see the outside world.
  • You should provide potty training to your pet to avoid turning your house into a mess
  • You should offer toys to your pet to avoid his boredom

Wrap up

A dog cannot be left alone at home for more than 12 hours. They, as social creatures, need adequate attention, interaction, activity, and motivation. If you are not able to provide them the much-needed comfort, then owning a pet is not the right idea for you.

If you still want to acquire a pet then assign the responsibility to someone else to take care of the pet in your absence and give him the company by walking him around. There’s no such thing as a good breed that can be left alone.

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