English Labrador Vs American Labrador

Labrador Retrievers, being social and friendly, are one of the most famous breeds of dogs across the world. There are two different kinds of Labrador Retrievers: The English and the American that are blessed with three different colors, such as black, yellow, or chocolate (brown). Their lifespan is normally 10-15 years.

The English Labradors come from English bred stock and look entirely different from the American Labradors. Being known as conformation dogs, the English ones are usually raised for participation in shows. On the other hand, Americans are generally raised for hunting and considered as working dogs. Generally, it does not matter the type of Labrador you are owning, the breed should be loving, and lively and that makes a lot of difference.

Only pet lovers are aware of the fact that there are two types of Labradors. Officially there is no difference between these two and there is only one breed named Labrador Retriever. However, that does not mean that there are not variations in terms of their appearance, size, training, temperament, and levels of energy. Both are equally charming dogs. This blog will try to explain how these two versions of Labradors are different from each other.

English vs American Labradors? What makes a difference?

We are going to shed light on how American and English Labradors are different from each other in terms of appearance, size, training, temperament, and energy level.

The appearance of American Labrador

These Labradors are from North America and known as working or field dogs. They are great field dogs and the first choice of professionals. Their characteristics are:

  • Thin and long legs that help them while swimming and running
  • A slim and sleek body that enables them to work a lot
  • The hair coat is quite thin
  • Their tail is slim which assists them to swim freely in the water
  • A slim face with a fine structure of bones

The appearance of English Labrador

These Labradors are fromthe UK and known as show dogs. They are capable of performing in shows and the first choice of non-professionals. Their characteristics are:

  • Blocky head
  • A heavy body with bulky muscles
  • Both the tail and neck are slim and straight
  • The hair coat is thick
  • A short body and nose along with a bulky face
  • Best body to showcase in competitions


The English Lab is relatively smaller, with short legs and a body ranging between 21 to 22 inches. The American Lab has a slim and athletic physique standing from 21 to 24 inches.


Labradors are very intelligent and trustworthy. It is quite easy to train English Labradors. They are great pets for non-professional owners. These labs are family dogs and welcome other pets in the house very easily. On the other hand, American Labradors are best for hunting purposes with energy level to its optimum. It is not that easy to train them as it requires time and expertise. They are ideal for professional owners. It has been seen that American Lab gets a little disoriented during the picking up of commands during training.

However, both English and American labs are very intelligent and pick up commands quickly through the means of constant training.


Both Labradors differ a lot in their temperament. The English Labrador is very calm and quiet than the American, which is a hunting dog. On the other hand, American Labradors are smart and impulsive. The level of stamina is high in American and he does not get tired very soon.

Both the show and the hunting labs make a great family dog and are caring towards their family.  They easily please their masters due to their calm temperaments.

Energy Level

The differences between American and English Labradors are far behind the appearance. Can you predict which one is more energetic? Yes, you heard it right. American Labradors are relatively more energetic as compared to the English ones since these are hunting dogs.

What would be your first preference: English or American?

The preference for either English or an American Labrador entirely depends on your lifestyle. An American will demand more time and energy from you as this will make them feel rejuvenated and happy. If you, being a working professional are not able to devote adequate time and indulge in activities that they require, then they will get bored in the absence of entertainment.

If you are longing for companionship, then this dog will be a perfect choice. On the other hand, if you want to welcome a family pet into your house, then you should stick to the English Labrador. English Labrador is easier to be trained, demand less time, and activity. It is a perfect selection if you have any targets to participate in shows and competitions.

However, you should consider some factors before making your final preference as this breed is highly energetic and requests regular exercise and activity. You should conduct thorough research to select between the types, be candid with yourself about which would be best suited in your life, and try to meet a few of each type to see which one would you prefer.

Wrap up

There are many similarities while comparing the English Labrador vs. the American Labrador. Both are of the same breed with minor variances not only in their appearance but also in temperament.

English Lab is a show dog while American is a hunter. Both Labradors provide a good family companionship.

If you are a professional and have sufficient time to impart training to a dog, then opt for American Labs, and if you are new in this field and do not have adequate time then choose an English Lab.

If you are looking for either English or an American, then consider the fact that both are of the same breed. As all Labradors are homely and loving creatures, hence whichever you select would not be a wrong choice. Lastly, it is very essential to acquire the Labrador puppy from an authentic breeder after getting the requisite information about the health of your pet and its parents.

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