Dog Yawning – What Do Dogs’ Yawns Mean And How Many Is Excessive?

Being a responsible pet owner of a dog, you often cherish the activities of your adorable four-limbed friend. At times, you must have also observed that your pet is yawning. Have you ever tried to find out the reasons behind their yawning?

The question is what do dogs’ yawns mean? It might be due to the fact your pet is not having an adequate amount of sleep or suffering from anxiety or stress. Your dog at least requires a sound sleep of 13-17 hours a day. Sometimes dogs yawn excessively in expectation of somewhat entertaining, such as exercise, playing, and walking. At times, you might have observed that your pet often gets nervous while visiting the vet’s clinic and starts yawning.

You should take a close look at certain factors, such as:

  • Is your dog having a relaxed and calm area to sleep in?
  • Is he getting sufficient fresh water for drinking?
  • Is he playing and getting adequate exercise regularly?
  • Is he taken out frequently?
  • Is he being fed properly?

If you are already maintaining the above-mentioned schedule of your dog judiciously, then the root cause of stress might be somewhere else. This blog will explain a few reasons that could clarify your dog’s yawn and the causes behind his excessive yawning.

Reasons for dog yawning

There are various reasons associated with the yawning of dogs. Some of them are mentioned below:

Stressing factor

It is due to the stress that your dog is yawning. If he is yawning randomly, then it is not a matter of concern. But if it is yawning excessively then the reason behind this is stress and anxiety. If your pet is yawning due to stress, then the first and foremost duty of yours is to get him relieved from the anxiety.

Truly tired

It has been observed that dogs yawn for a similar reason as human beings do, such as when they are exhausted, fed up, etc. They usually yawn on being nervous. When you are training your dog or playing around with him and see your furry pal yawning to showcase tiredness, then immediately stop the training. You should let your pet relax and calm down because he has already indicated you about his tiredness through the means of yawning.

Showcasing confusion

Another reason for unusual yawn is when your pet is confused about what to do and what not to. It happens during the time of the training when you give a command to the pet to obey but he fails to do so. 

Indicating excitement

Your dog will get excited when you pet him with love and give adequate attention. When you are taking your dog for a walk or indulging him in various fun-loving playing activities, such as ‘tug of war’ ‘go and fetch’ etc. he will be thrilled. Getting your pet along with you in a car also makes him overjoyed. In all such cases, you can see your dog yawning.

Glancing a threat

Yawning is also denoted as a calming signal. If dogs are glancing through any upcoming threat, then they communicate it through yawning. Your pet yawns when a person or another pet comes into his contact. It is through yawning that a dog conveys that he is feeling threatened.

Why do dogs yawn during hugging?

When you hug your dog, he will yawn in the first instance. It is due to the fact that he feels uncomfortable and expresses the feeling that he did not like the way you cuddled him. Wrapping your arms around your pooch to embrace him makes him nervous and tense.

On the other hand, a lot of dog breeds like to be cuddled into the arms of their owners to relax. You might have observed that they usually yawn or shake when you initiate a big hug. 

It is better not to cuddle your dog against his wishes otherwise he will yawn and get nervous. Instead, leave it to your dog to come over to you for gentle petting and showering affection.

Why do dogs yawn after seeing their owners yawning?

If your pet instantly starts yawning after you yawn, then it is indicative of friendly and fruitful relations between you and your dog. This shows that your dog is entirely attached to you which is a great thing.

What to do in case of excessive yawning of dogs?

The excessive yawning of dogs is not only unusual, but it could also be a sign that something is not right and needs immediate attention.

You should pay heed to the kind of yawning that your dog does. If your furry pal is yawning one after another continuously, then it shows signs of stress and separation anxiety.

However, in most of the instances, yawning is extremely not harmful. But if you consider it as a problem then consult a vet to seek his opinion. The vet is in a better position to rule out the reason behind such excessive yawning of your pet.

Wrap up

There is no clarity about the yawning of dogs. They can yawn for several reasons, as already mentioned above. There are times when a yawn does not indicate any sign and is just a simple yawn. It is always better to analyze the situation and interpret the meaning of your dog’s yawning.

If he is stretching out his body comfortably, then it is a clear indication that he is tired and needs a sound sleep or relaxation. If he yawns during the time of exercising or playing, then he is asking you for a short break.

Also, if you notice that your dog is yawning and shaking his head, then it can be termed as a ‘stress-relieving move’. This means that he has been scared of something and wants to share his experience with you.

Therefore, as a responsible pet parent, you should always feel what your loving pooch wants to convey or indicate through his actions. After all, the comfort of your pet matters to you a lot.

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