Do French Bulldogs Like To Play?

French Bulldogs are one of those charmingly amiable pets that can enlighten the dull atmosphere with their strongly admirable presence. These furry canines can be the perfect playmate for your kids and a comforting companion for you in distressing times.

Frenchies are well-known for their friendly nature and charismatic appearance. Besides this, they are calm, gentle, and affectionate pets that get easily adapted to the family in which they live. In this blog, we are going to find out whether French Bulldogs like to play or not.

There is no denying the fact that French Bulldogs love to play and they whole-heartedly relish their playtime. Frenchies are amongst the playful dog breeds and require persistent care as well as stimulation to keep going. They love to play games, such as go-fetch, tug-of-war, and also feel ecstatic on getting toys such as balls, fetching twigs, and chew toys.

Generally, pets tend to play out of excitement or contentedness. On the other hand, some pets even indulge themselves in aggressive or rough play. It becomes pretty much difficult for the owners to identify the same. The following are the few factors that would help you in providing a better understanding of Fetch, Rough, and Playfighting by your beloved Frenchie.


Indulging in the fetching games is touted to be one of the most favorite activities of a French Bulldog. It allows them to show the strength and power of their jaws. For this, you can even get some fetching toys for your furry pal. Like most dog breeds, Frenchies also love to chase, be it a stick or a ball.

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Due to the zeal for fetching in them, French Bulldogs like to play games such as go-fetch and tug-of-war. It is also a part of their personality. Frenchies tend to chase whatever is thrown at them when they get playful. Although, these notorious pooches are less likely to return the fetched toy easily; they relish such sort of activities.

Rough Play

French Bulldogs are gentle and less aggressive as compared to most dog breeds in the segment. However, the intensity of their hostility also depends upon how you raise them. If you behave aggressively with your Frenchies, then he would also repeat the same. On the other hand, if you teach your pet calmly and patiently, he would also imbibe the same values from you.

There are fewer chances of a French Bulldog getting violent while playing. Although, it is quite normal for them to use their teeth and mouth during the playtime; they do not get destructive. If your Frenchie is clamping down on you, then there are chances that your pet is not well adjusted or having some behavioral disorders.

In some cases, lack of proper training could also be one of the reasons due to which your Frenchie is playing rough. Therefore, it is very necessary to give obedience training to your pet to keep him well-mannered and disciplined so that he listens and obeys your commands while playing.


French Bulldogs have an ardor in them to playfight with their owners, kids in the family, and the other dogs. At times, pets even roll on the floor and playfight without getting hostile. They do it quite often due to the excitement, joy, and playfulness.

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However, during playfighting, French Bulldogs often end up getting breathless or over exhausted. Being a brachycephalic breed, Frenchies often experience difficulty in breathing and get tired very easily. That is why, refrain your pet from playfighting, especially during the hot weather.

French Bulldogs Playing with Other Pets

Frenchies are less intolerant of the presence of other pets. If introduced correctly, French Bulldogs can play with other pooches too. For this, they might also require training. Generally, dogs tend to have territorial issues with the other pet in the house. It completely depends upon the temperament of the Frenchie and the atmosphere in which he has been raised.

Frenchies Playing with the Kids

Frenchies are easy-going pets, due to which they are quite friendly with the kids. All you need to do is teach your kids to be gentle with the Frenchie. Although, this dog breed is non-aggressive; the kids should not yell at the pet. Also, never leave your Frenchie and kids unsupervised. Keep a sharp eye on both of them, especially when they are playing.  

Signs of Aggressive and Rough Play

Generally, most pet owners fail to identify whether their pet is getting into rough or aggressive play or not. Due to this, it becomes more essential to pay attention to the behavior and body language of your pet when he is playing. The following are the signs that you should look for as they signify a destructive play by your pet.

  • If your Frenchie is growling with his mouth closed, then it is an indication that your pet is going to bark aggressively and wants you to back off.
  • When the ears of your French Bulldog go backward along with curled lips, it simply shows that your furry pal is not more interested to play.
  • Another sign that tells you to stop playing is the upwards direction of your Frenchie’s heckles towards the bottom end of their spine.
  • While playing, if your Frenchie lies down on the floor or is getting breathless, it is a sign of over-exhaustion.
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Wrap Up

Frenchies can be best described as the ultimate bundle of joy and affection. This playful pooch would come to you and roll down on his back, telling you to play with him. He would also bring his favorite toy to you for fetching or playfighting. When you have such a lively breed at home, it is important to watch out their conduct.

French Bulldogs can also be notorious at times and can even indulge in rough or aggressive play. However, with proper training, attention, love, and care, you can keep your pet away from such violent behavior. After all, Frenchies would leave no stone unturned to become your best pals.

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