Are English Bulldogs Good For First Time Owners

If you are getting a dog for the very first time, it is quite obvious that you will be confused about which breed to choose from. First-time owners do not have much experience and that is why it might be difficult for them to deal with high-maintenance dog breeds.   

English Bulldogs are predictable and understanding. They form a great family pet with their loving and caring nature. Bulldogs are great with children and adjustable with other pets, they might not be comfortable with unfamiliar dogs. This breed is available in various colored coats too.

The question arises, are they suitable for first-time owners? Well, the answer to the question depends on the individual’s capacity to spend proper time, money, and attention. It should be very clear that English Bulldogs are easy-going and demand fewer efforts behind their exercise needs. Keep in mind, this breed is hard to train. You might need to send them to professional trainers for training purposes.

Here, in this blog, we will discuss the things that first-time owners should consider before getting an English Bulldog, and who can be the most suitable match for them.

If you are a first-time owner, consider this!

It is important to know how much effort and time you can provide to the dog after getting them home. If you are busy and cannot give adequate attention, you should go for low maintenance dog breeds.

Before getting a pet, you should be well-informed about the breed that you are going to choose. Each breed has its temperament, size, personality, grooming requirements, and energy levels. Some breeds require more care and attention than others.

Every dog needs a great vet. You should get hold of a good or reliable veterinary doctor in your neighborhood before getting a Bulldog. The first place you will need to go after you get a new dog is to the vet’s clinic. Finding the right veterinarian for your Bulldog is of utmost importance. This is because the vet will be always be taking care of your dog’s health, educating you further about your Bulldog’s health issues, and guiding you through the world of dog ownership.

Once you have welcomed a new dog into your house, you need to give him enough time to settle in a comfortable routine and get adjusted with you. Dogs might need a longer time to adjust especially if they have been living in a shelter before. Bulldogs might be scared or overwhelmed when they go to a new place for the first time. They might appear aloof initially but once they feel confident, they may even become hyperactive.

About English Bulldogs 

English Bulldogs have a high potential of playfulness, with moderate intensity and exercise needs. They have, generally, laid back energy levels. Bulldogs are mostly noisy with their nature of barking or howling. They have extreme drooling potential with a moderate amount of snoring. Bulldogs are very friendly towards strangers and kids, but not with unfamiliar dogs. They are very affectionate and loving towards their owners.

They readily overheat and the best suitable climate for them is cold weather. Bulldogs suffer from breathing difficulties in a hot climate. Sooner or later you will be facing issues with your Bulldogs, such as excessive barking or destructive chewing, or it may be something more serious such as aggression or separation anxiety. It implies that during summers, these furry pals would need more care and attention to stay healthy and happy throughout the season.

Also, before leaving your English Bulldog outdoors, you would need to take certain precautionary measures as this breed is sensitive to scorching hot temperatures. Therefore, you should be well prepared to face such issues and find a sustainable solution to overcome the same.

Who is the most suitable match for Bulldogs?

As already mentioned above, a well-informed person is the best match for this breed. It is necessary to know about the breed and requirements of the dog before getting one. The size of the family and the dog does not matter, because the dog becomes the family too and deserves the same amount of love and care as any other family member.

Giving your Bulldog the proper/correct food or nutrition is an equally important aspect when you are considering owning a dog for the first time. You will need to find out what works best for your dog. There is no right or wrong food for your dog. One point that you should always remember is that if your dog is doing well on a certain type of dog food then continue using it as long as it is nutritious and balanced. For best results, you should always consult a good veterinary doctor regarding the diet of your pet.

Additionally, English Bulldogs are prone to bad health conditions due to their genetic built. They are known to be hard to train and also, they take up a lot of money due to their health and training purposes. 

Wrap up

English Bulldogs may or may not be the best match for the first-time owners. They have various health problems and are exceptionally hard to train while also being dependable and caring to make them great family pets. They also have food allergies causing diarrhea and gas, ear inflammation, and itching skin.

Their wrinkles need care and cleaning regularly to avoid skin infections. Bulldogs can become unhealthy and obese with time if a healthily nutritious diet along with regular exercise is not included in his daily regime.

Bulldogs are loyal and highly protective of their owners. They are friendly, docile, gregarious, and willful. This breed is easy-going and great with kids. Various other breeds are great for first-time owners who may not be able to give all of their time to a new dog.

No matter what the breed is, it is very essential to provide enough time, attention, affection, and proper care to your pet so that their mental and physical growth can be enhanced. 

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