French Bulldogs As Hunters, Ratters, And Mice Catchers

It does not matter whether you are living in the countryside or towns, mice infestations have become quite a common thing. Well, the rodent problem in your home can easily be resolved by having a pet dog in the house with mice-chasing instincts.

For this, most pet buffs even consider the French Bulldogs as their ideal family pets that would assist them in keeping the mice away from their homes. In this blog, we are going to find out how good are French Bulldogs as hunters, ratters, and mice catchers.

French Bulldogs relish hunting rats but they are not exceptionally good at it. They have got an instinct to chase the mice and rodents but their hunting skills are not satisfactory, especially in the case of modern ones. Frenchies have a fanaticism in them to chase and hunt but they do not have the characteristics that one requires to become a brilliant hunting dog.

The French Bulldogs of Modern Era

In the early 1800s, French Bulldogs were cross-bred between Terrier Ratter Dogs and Toy Bulldogs. This resulted in the development of a strong rat-chasing instinct in Frenchies. However, in modern times, the French Bulldogs are bred to be a great companion dog. The instinct of rat chasing and hunting has been diluted from their genetics.

Due to this, people consider French Bulldogs more of an affectionate pal rather than a hunting dog. It does not mean that Frenchies cannot be good ratters. They relish chasing mice, rodents, birds, and squirrels. Most of them can be really good at keeping the rat away from their surroundings. On the other hand, few of them might not be having their rat hunting skills up to the mark due to the dilution of chasing instinct.

Assessing the Skills of a Frenchie as a Ratter

Originally, French Bulldogs were bred to be as brilliantly good rat chasers and hunters. This breed has inherited the instinct of rodent catching through the heritage of their parent breeds. As stated above, the modern-day Frenchies might not be that good at hunting rats; they would still have the instinct for it.

Although Frenchies are extremely playful and cheerful pets, they would relish chasing the rodents, if given an opportunity. Nowadays, people do not use Frenchies for rat-catching as their skills have deteriorated. This means, if you are expecting your Frenchie to keep away all the rats from the house, you will get disappointed.

On the other hand, the zeal of chasing rats would always remain alive in their instincts, no matter how much their skills have been diluted. As a result of this, your Frenchie would love to chase the rats but their catching and hunting skills would not be that good as it should be as in the case of any hunter dog breed.

French Bulldog as a Mice Catcher

The ability and efficiency of a French Bulldog as a mice catcher depend hugely on his temperament, personality, and fitness. Generally, Frenchies are well aware of the presence of rodents nearby their surroundings and they tend to chase them as well. If you are having mice in your home, your Frenchie would play a pivotal role in keeping them away from the home.

Despite having average hunting skills, this dog breed loves to experience the thrill of chasing the mice. On the other hand, if your Frenchie is obese, then he would face difficulties in running behind the mice to chase and hunt them down.

Characteristics of French Bulldogs as Mediocre Hunters

Some certain traits and skills are much needed to become a brilliantly successful hunting dog. Chasing rodents is not a big deal as most dog breeds have it in their genes; hunting them is a tough task. The following are a few specific characteristics of a French Bulldog that create obstacles for them in the path of hunting.

Easy-going Pets

French Bulldogs are enormously compassionate, affectionate, loyal, and friendly furry companions. Also, modern Frenchies are bred to be more of a family pet instead of a hunting dog. Their playful yet loving personality proves to be one of their biggest distractions while they are on their way to hunt. They do not have the personality traits that are possessed by most hunting dog breeds.

Brachycephalic Dog Breed

It is a well-known fact that Frenchies are brachycephalic due to their anatomy. Their inwardly pushed nose and the narrow passage of nostrils make it difficult for these pooches to breathe properly. Due to this, their sense of smell is not that strong. To become a great hunting dog, a strong-smelling sense is very important that these Frenchies are lacking behind. Also, they cannot chase much as they become breathless due to their pushed nose and related breathing issues.

Average Jaw Strength

The jaw strength of a French Bulldog is quite average. It is good enough to catch and hunt small rodents but not strong enough to get hold of the big ones. However, they can easily hunt the little rats that are hidden in the finest corners of your home.

Limited Speed and Stamina

Undoubtedly, French Bulldogs are highly energetic pets but they get exhausted fast as compared to the other dog breeds. Their speed and stamina are not as high as it requires being good at chasing and hunting. French Bulldogs would chase the rodents and run behind them as fast as they can but after 10-15 minutes, they would get too tired to pursuit further. Their limited speed and stamina make them a mediocre pet for hunting.

Wrap Up

French Bulldogs are amongst the best confidants that would fill up your homes with warmth, liveliness, love, joy, and positivity. These adorable furry pals excel at being your consoling buddy in distressing times. However, if you are considering French Bulldogs purely for hunting purposes, then you would face a little discontent. This dog breed has a strong instinct in them to chase the rodents but their capability to hunt is not exceptionally notable.

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