How Do I Know If My English Bulldog Is Happy And Loves Me? (20 Signs)

English Bulldogs are captivatingly adorable furry companions that lighten up the lives of their owners with their unmatchable affection and love. They are friendly, well-mannered, and also relish socializing with the people around them. Besides this, English Bulldogs are exceptionally good as pets as they never fail to mesmerize the people with their noticeably fluffy appearance.

Like humans, dogs also express love. The only difference between both of the living beings is that humans can speak whereas dogs cannot. However, the furry companions do express their happiness and love for their owners but in sign language only. In this blog, we are going to find out the twenty signs through which you can easily conclude whether your English Bulldog is happy and loves you or not.

20 Signs that Reflect Happiness, Affection, and Love

Dogs do express whether they are happy with you or not. They also reveal their love and affection for the owners in sign language only as they cannot speak. The following are the twenty signs that would help you to understand your beloved pet in a much better way!

1. Wagging Tail

If your English Bulldog wags his tail at you, it means that he is happy with your presence around him. Generally, dogs tend to wag their tail whenever they feel happy or excited. A wagging tail reflects that your pet loves you and is eager to seek your company.

2. Good Appetite

Poor appetite is a sign that there is something wrong with your pet. If your English Bulldog is eating well then it is a positive sign that shows he is healthy and happy inside out. When pets are sad, gloomy, or unwell, it affects their appetite adversely. Therefore, if your furry pal has a good appetite, it means that he is living a joyful and stress-free life.

3. Sound Sleep

Sound sleep for at least 12-14 hours per day is a good indication that your pet is happy and less worried. It shows that your furry companion is in a good, healthy, and well-balanced state of mind. If your dog is not able to sleep well throughout the day, then there are probable chances that something is bothering him.

4. Smooth and Shiny Coat

Those dogs that are fit, healthy, and happy possess an enviably smooth and shiny coating. Also, if your English Bulldog lets you brush and groom his hair easily then it means that he trusts you. On the other hand, excessive shedding, rough, and dull coating is a sign that your pet is not healthy from within.

5. Leaning In

If your English Bulldog leans in front of you quite often, it means that he is extremely affectionate and loyal towards you. Pets generally lean down only in front of those people with whom they are most comfortable and happy. It also directs that your pet loves you.

6. Jumps on You

Dogs tend to jump on the people with whom they share a great bond of trust and affection. Also, this action of your beloved furry buddy shows that he is happy and cheerful from within. Dogs jump whenever they are excited and happy about seeing their favorite person or thing.

7. Face Licking

If your English Bulldog licks your face quite often, it is a sign of pure and unconditional love. Dogs tend to lick their favorite people on their faces to express their love and affection towards them. You must have noticed that after a long and tiring day away from home when you return to your pet, he licks you intensely.

8. Eye Contact

It is said that dogs keep eye contact only with those people whom they trust the most. At times, eye contact with a stranger can scare your pet or make him uncomfortable. So, if your English Bulldog comfortably establishes eye contact with you, it means that he shares a good bond with you.

9. Follows and Accompanies You

Dogs follow the person they love the most. If your English Bulldog follows everywhere in the house and wants to be with you all the time, he loves you endlessly. It also denotes that you are his favorite person amongst all.

10. Sits on the Knees

Whenever you give food to your dog, if he sits on his knees and follows your commands obediently, it shows his respect and devotion for you. Pets only obey the instructions of those for whom they are highly affectionate and devoted.

11. Possessive and Jealous

If your furry companion gets jealous and possessive on seeing you with some other people or pet, it implies that he loves you passionately. Dogs feel jealous when they see their beloved person with someone else as they are extremely possessive.

12. Comforts You in Distressing Times

You must have seen that whenever you feel sad or gloomy, your pet is there to comfort you. Your furry pal accompanies you and licks your face the moment you cry. It reveals his love and care for you.

13. Dances in Excitement

If your pet dances the moment you come back home after a prolonged period, it shows that he was awaiting your arrival. Generally, dogs tend to roam around and jump whenever their owners arrives home after a long time.

14. Smiling Face

A smiling face of a dog signifies an open mouth with few teeth visible without being exposed. His eyes would look round and wide along with relaxed brows. Also, the tongue might be hanging loosely out of his mouth. These are the most prominent signs of a happy dog.

15. Relaxed Body and Ears

If the body and ears of your English Bulldogs are in a stable position, it means that your pet is completely relaxed. Those pets who are extremely worried or have anxiety never sit at one place peacefully.

16. Playfulness

Dogs play with those people with whom they share a strong bond of faith and love. If your dog plays in or around the house energetically and zestfully, it signifies that he is extremely happy and cheerful. On the contrary, if your dog sits gloomily in a corner of the house, it shows that he is unhappy.

17. Obedient and Well-mannered

Happy pets are less aggressive and behave obediently, thereby following all your commands precisely. It shows that your furry pal shares a great understanding with you and admires you. If your English Bulldog listens to you calmly, it exhibits that he considers you as his greatest and trustworthy acquaintance.

18. Stealing Stuff for Fun

You must have experienced that pets are quite notorious and tend to steal their owners’ stuff such as socks, shoes, and other attractive belongings. Dogs usually hold the stuff in mouth and run away as they love to bring chases by their owners for fun. If your English Bulldog does the same, it connotes that he is demonstrative towards you.

19. Sleeping around You at Night

Dogs have a habit of sleeping around their owner, specifically at night as it makes them feel secure and contented. If your Bulldog also loves to snooze around you at nighttime, it signifies that he feels comfortable, blissful, and shielded around you. Those pets that are ignored and not often given much love and attention usually sleep away from their owners in an isolated corner of the house.

20. Checking Up On You

If your Bulldog checks upon you frequently during the day, it shows that he is protective and caring towards you. He needs your company, attention, and presence around them. Pets only follow those people for whom they want nearby. Also, if your dog checks upon you a lot, it shows that he is scared to lose you. Some pets even check upon their owners as they have a fear of being abandoned by their beloved person.

Wrap Up

Every pet aficionado desires to establish a strong bond of lovable companionship with their pet dogs. However, at times, we fail to understand what our furry pals are trying to convey to us. We often get stressed out while wondering whether our pets are happy and love us or not.

The above-mentioned are the twenty signs that would help you to read the heart of your English Bulldog. Above all, it is our foremost responsibility to ensure the good emotional well-being of pets.

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