Who Makes A Better Pet? Male Vs. Female Frenchies

Beginning the entire process of adopting a pet can be tedious. But short listing all the fundamental factors that you are looking for can help you move a step closer to expand your family with a faithful friend. Among other breeds, French Bulldogs are the most popular when it comes to parenting them. They are charming and perfect as companions in your daily life. However, a lot of variations occur within the breed, and selecting one may be confusing.

A male French Bulldog will be a better companion or a female? Every individual French Bulldog is different from one another irrespective of its gender. Both the male and the female have similar and distinguishing characters that make them unique among the lot. Few factors like health, temperament, care etc. need a thorough understanding to help you know them better.

General Characters of a French Bulldog

Before we try to solve the issue of whether a male Frenchie is a better or a female Frenchie, let us first take a look at some of the general characteristics that a French Bulldog possesses.

  • French Bulldogs are known to be a faithful and lovely companion to have. They prefer being around their pet family and do not like to be left alone. They are attention seekers who, if possible, would cling on to the parent indefinitely.
  • They cannot cope up with loneliness. The background of French Bulldogs enlightens that the primary purpose of their breeding was to serve as a company. They are in their best state when indoors. However, leaving them alone for a long time can negatively affect their mental state.
  • French Bulldogs are scared with the lightest of sound. The cry of a child, the whistle of a cooker or thundering can make them terrified. They also do not like meeting unfamiliar people or stranger dogs. They like to stay and enjoy in the known vicinity rather than unknown surroundings.
  • French Bulldogs are anytime ready to cuddle and snuggle with their pet parents. It is because they like being in warmth and protection; this calms them down from aggression or anxiousness.
  • French Bulldogs have a flat face and short head, which gives them the cuteness they are famous for. This condition is due to the brachycephalic state; although it makes them distinct from other pet dogs also face some health issues.
  • They cannot withstand extreme temperatures. However, loves to play in the snow for a short duration, after which they are prone to cold or hypothermia.

Comparing and Contrasting a Female French Bulldog from a Male

The general characteristics mentioned above gives a clear idea of the breed of French Bulldog. Even though these outlining features almost remain similar in both the genders, but few different characters give them their individuality. If you are confused and thinking about who is a better pet, take a look at the features below, which shall help you narrow down your notion.

Physical Appearance

French Bulldogs are brachycephalic creatures, meaning both the genders have similar facial features. In terms of body weight, males weigh around 28 pounds. Females are usually a little lighter than the males. Female Frenchies are also shorter than the males. But in some cases, you may not even be able to distinguish them in terms of weight and height. If both have received an equal amount of training and nutrition, both of them may weigh similar.

Temperament and personality traits

The breed of French Bulldogs is quite affectionate towards their family. However, they are scared of strangers in the first meeting, which gradually subsides. Like humans, the male and female French Bulldogs have some similar yet distinguishing characteristics that make them ordinary and unique simultaneously. Some of them are as follows:

  • Female French Bulldogs are timid, shy and display more affection towards human parents than the males. On the other hand, the male French Bulldogs are bold and unruly.
  • Males generally do not show signs of aggression, while females are quick to get aggressive or anxious. However, both may show signs of unnatural behavior if teased or tempted, which is an instinct among dogs.
  • Both the male and well as female French Bulldogs are naturally inclined to receive constant attention from their family. In the absence of any family member or staying lonely for a long time tend to make them destructive in behavior. Thus, both show separation anxiety.
  • Female Frenchies are more prone to mood swings and may snap if not entertained; however, males do not show much mood swings.
  • Although males are playful and attentive, they are quite stubborn in case of physical activity or training. Females show more dependency on their human companions and are easy to train or involve in physical exercise.

Life Span

The lifespan of French Bulldogs ranges from 11 to 13 years. It does not depend on the gender of the breed. However, if anyone of them has some serious health issues, the life span gradually decreases. With proper care and maintenance, some of these health problems may not affect life expectancy but will require treatment at regular intervals.

Maintenance Cost

It is advisable to adopt a French Bulldog from a shelter home to give him or her a better and happy family to lead the rest of life. However, some individuals still consider owning a pet from a breeder. In such a case, the female French Bulldogs may cost a higher price than the male. It is because the female can reproduce. Despite there are also other costs involved, especially in the health sector.

French Bulldogs are prone to quite a few diseases, most of them are hereditary. Other than that, females, when reproduced, incurs further costs. Among other essentials like a dog bed, winter clothes, food, etc., training also requires ample resources in terms of time and money. As already mentioned, females are easier to train than males. It implies that the male will use up more resources than the female.

Factors impacting the nature and behavior of French Bulldogs

The above mentioned similar and distinguishing features are not constant in either male or female French Bulldog. A lot of factors are responsible for changes in these characteristics. Thus, being a new pet parent or thinking to expand your pet family, look out for the following factors that mostly affect their natural characteristics and behavior.

Breeding and genetics:

 Make sure you adopt your pet from an experienced and legal breeder to be aware of parental and genetic characteristics. The behavioral, personality and health traits depend a lot on the parents of the to-be adopted canine.


Most French Bulldogs, be it male or female, tend to have a shift in their aggressive or destructive behavior with the provision of training. Although they are not much receptive to hard work and physical activities, some basic training can help to correct their behavior. Training will also keep fit and healthy and prevent diseases.


Early exposure to socializing will help them to adapt to their environment faster. A female French Bulldog may take some time to socialize than the male companions. Socializing will help to nurture their timid nature and be more welcoming to strangers and other pet dogs in the neighborhood.


Spaying and neutering also play an important role in behavioral changes as most of them depend on hormonal changes throughout the life of a French Bulldog. In case you decide to spay a female French Bulldog or neuter a male, it shall help by:

  • Giving a healthier and longer life.
  • It can reduce a lot of expensive and untreatable health issues.
  • Spaying minimizes the chances of cancer in females, especially in the ovary, mammary glands, and uterus. Neutering will decrease the chance of infection in male reproductive organs.
  • They will become more affectionate.
  • Females are less likely to mark their territories and will no longer involve unwanted males during their heat cycles. Similarly, males will no longer urge to look for female partners.
  • They become more friendly, less destructive, and cheerful as their hormones remain in balance.
  • Past experiences:

The behavior and nature of both male and female French Bulldog depend on their upbringing and past experiences. Abandoned Frenchies remain frightened and terrified even after adoption and being with a new and secure family. Loneliness causes separation anxiety and nervousness. Some of them continue to show destructive behavior due to negative experiences in the past, whether it be abuse or ill-treatment in a shelter or dog home. But these behaviors take time to subside slowly and gradually with love, care, and training; they return to their natural behavior.

These factors enlighten that both male and female French Bulldogs are mostly similar. The dissimilarities are mostly in their genetic and gender characters. Both exhibit almost similar affection or aggression, although the reasons may differ. Thus, the confusion of who is a better pet solves naturally with proper training and guidance. As a pet parent, you need to take care of the canine in almost similar ways and also be able to fulfill their necessities, irrespective of their gender.

You may go ahead with the adoption procedure for both of them and provide each other with their natural companions. It will not only make them depend on each other while left alone but also help socialize better, reduce anxiety, adapt well, and, most importantly, keep each other healthy and entertained. Thus, whenever there is a situation of choosing between a male and female French Bulldog, make sure that nothing more than care and training matters. It is the only factor that actually can change the behavioral gestures of the canines towards their human parents.

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