Are French Bulldogs Good Guard Dogs And Protective Of Their Owners

French bulldogs are one of the most lovable dog breeds in the world, but have you ever considered getting a French bulldog because they make good guard dogs?

French Bulldogs are not good guard dogs due to their size and sociability since they would rather demand petting from attack intruders. They are friendly and sweet dogs that simply don’t possess the skills to act as guard dogs.

Why French Bulldogs are not good guard dogs?

As mentioned above, French Bulldogs do not excel at guarding their owners due to their size and sociability. If you are expecting a Frenchie to safeguard you from an intruder, then you might get disappointed. This dog breed was originally bred for the purpose of bull-baiting and dogfighting.

Their jaw strength is impressive and the buildup is also firm and masculine. It is their composed temperament that restricts them from getting aggressive at an invader to scare him away. The following are the characteristics of Frenchies that make them nothing less of mediocre guard dogs.

Frenchies are stubborn and moody at times

French Bulldogs are quite stubborn and this trait will prevail till they are not given training for obedience and mannerism. These pooches can also be moody at times.

Due to such traits, you cannot make a Frenchie do anything that is against his will. This candidly implies that in times of danger or invasions, there would be uncertainty whether your Frenchie would guard you or not.

Lack of muscle power

The muscular bodies of French Bulldogs might seem to be robust; their body size makes them incapable to safeguard their owners efficiently in vulnerable times. Apart from this, they lack muscle power, due to which they are incompetent to save their owners from the damage.

To be a good guard dog, a pet requires a stout body of huge size to safeguard the owners from jeopardies. If you are looking for a pet that would guard your family, then Frenchies are not the right breed for you.

Unable to alert effectively during alarming situations

A French Bulldog is not the type of breed that barks too often or unnecessarily. They bark occasionally when they are trying to convey something to their owners. Besides this, their bark is not too loud as other dog breeds in the segment.

Most times, their bark also gets overlooked by the owner due to a lack of audaciousness. Also, Frenchies might or might not bark during alarming situations. This makes them an unreliable pet to have in the family as a guard dog.

Too much friendly

It is a well-known fact that French Bulldogs are one of the most preferred family pets due to their friendly and composed nature. They require lots of attention, care, and affection from their owner, giving oodles of unconditional love in return.

The furry pals tend to demand the same fondness from everyone around them. Due to this, there are probable chances that on seeing a stranger, your Frenchie would demand a petting from him as well.

A less hostile and sociable dog breed that endures outsiders

French Bulldogs are pretty much serene and never show aggression without a justifiable reason. Being a less hostile dog breed, French Bulldogs tend to relish socializing with new people and pets around them.

Instead of getting territorial or aggressive in the presence of a stranger in the surroundings, Frenchies would jump and demand cordiality.

Due to their high affability, these furry companions are more tolerant of the unfamiliar or newly arrived presence around them. Generally, the dog breeds that are brilliant at guarding are of reserved nature that makes them particularly intolerant of outsiders.

Are They Protective Of Their Owners?

Frenchies can be protective of their owner but only if they are trained by them.

They are people-oriented that will bond with anyone who gives them love and attention.

They would protect their owners in a selfless manner rather than being aggressive towards any stranger.

Frenchies protective nature towards their owners

Like most of the other dog breeds in the segment, French Bulldogs are also protective of their owners. These furry confidants relish accompanying their owners as much as they can.

Being an extremely affectionate and loyal dog breed, Frenchies are very fond of their owners. The following are the few characteristics of Frenchies due to which they are protective pals.

Caring, loving, and gregarious mates

Frenchies are touted to be amongst the most caring and lovable companions that would cheer you up in distressing times. They are of unreserved nature and get along with people really well. These characteristics of French Bulldogs make them good confidants that consider the presence of their owners as pure bliss.

The tendency of separation anxiety

Being a highly convivial dog breed, French Bulldogs do not like to stay unaccompanied for long hours. They always crave for their owners’ presence around them. When left alone for a longer period, Frenchies tend to develop separation anxiety. As a result of this, they become more protective of their owners.

Over possessive for the owner

French Bulldogs are extremely possessive of their owners. The moment they spot their owner with some other person or pet, they get jealous and feel insecure as well.

Frenchies do not like the presence of someone else, especially other pets in the lives of their owners. That is why, most of the time, they like to stay around their owners as protective buddies.

Endless craving for attention

Frenchies crave attention all the time. These playful companions feel neglected if they are not checked upon. They require oodles of love, attention, and care from their owners. Due to this, they get protective and often prefer to stay by their owner’s side.

A strong bond of attachment and loyalty

Loyalty and affection are in the blood of French Bulldogs. These furry acquaintances get attached to their owners in a very short span of time. Due to the inseparable bond made out of attachment, loyalty, fondness, and devotion, Frenchies turn out to be the most protective pals.

Wrap Up

It is quite evident from the aforesaid facts that French Bulldogs do not excel at guarding their owners as they lack the traits that are required to become a successful guard dog.

However, this makes them nothing less than an ideal family pet as they are colossally protective of their owners. If you are missing the vibes of unconditional adoration and joy in your life, a Frenchie would leave no stone unturned to invigorate your little world.

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