When Can French Bulldogs Leave Their Mother

Owning a beautiful and family pet like French Bulldog is a thrilling experience. But there are many things which you need to keep in your mind when you decide to own a Frenchie. One of them is getting hold of a certified and ethical breeder. It is only these ethical and certified breeders who spend time in understanding the needs of newly born pups and their parents. And above all, the most important role of the breeders is to look for the right time when they can separate pups from their mother in order to move them to a new house and owner.

So, when can a French Bulldogs be separated from their mother? Pups are no different than the human kids as they also require early period care, support, and mother’s feed. These things are a very important and integral part of pups as this decides their overall development and health issues. If you decide to separate the Frenchie pup from its mother in an early stage, it can lead to many health and behavioral issues in them. Ideally, puppies should stay with their mother for at least 7-8 weeks.

The only benefit which can be found in detaching the puppies from their mother at an early stage is monetary savings which the breeders can get. By doing this, they save a hefty amount which is spent in keeping the puppies for 7-8 weeks. But this is unethical and no professional and certified breeders will encourage it. In this blog, we will try to explore more on this subject, and in the end, we will be able to understand why it is not good to separate Frenchies from their mother at the early stage.

French Bulldog puppies need mother by their side

The initial stages of these newborn furry pals are very crucial as they cannot move, smell, or see and are dependent on their mother completely. Their body temperature also needs to be regulated and maintained as they are prone to infections. It is their mother who knows it all and is a life savior for them at their initial stages. There are few things that need to be taken care of when puppies are with their mother during the initial weeks.

Safety while giving warmth to puppies is one of the important things which needs to be monitored and regulated. French Bulldog puppies cannot keep them warm on their own and this is the time where their mothers play a pivotal role. But at the same time, it should also be monitored that the puppies are not getting suffocated by their mother accidentally during the process of giving them warmth.

Mother’s milk is a pool of nutrients that is badly needed by newly born puppies. All the puppies are not the same as a few of them might be not too strong enough as their siblings and might struggle to get a feed. Hence, it becomes necessary to monitor their weight and growth regularly. If you find that the puppy is lacking mother nursing, you should start giving it a supplement to overcome the deficiency.

Learning to pee and poop from the mother is a basic thing for any puppies. The French Bulldog mother always stimulates their pup to urinate and defecate. But if the mother fails in her attempt, then you need to take the lead by applying petroleum jelly into their genital and letting them stimulate their bowel movement.

Understanding French Bulldog puppy evolution phases

The pups travel through various stages in their life and each of them has its significance in their proper mental and physical development. Appended below are the phase-wise transition of a French Bulldog which will help you a lot if you are planning to own a French Bulldog or a breeder.

  • The eye-opening stage is the phase when the puppies will open their eyes. This phase lasts for two to three weeks and is usually termed as the transitional phase. This is the time when the puppies will start to recognize their mother and their mates. They will start to crawl and respond to light and scent around them.
  • The personality development stage happens during the three to four weeks and in this phase, the puppies will start responding to the sound and the environmental changes. But you should be careful and try not to expose French Bulldog puppies to the outer world and loud noises during this phase.
  • The playful and socializing stage begins between four to seven weeks. This is the time when they start looking around and start learning things. French Bulldog puppies start socializing with their litters and learn discipline. During this period, it is preferred to keep them with their mother as much as possible. And this is also the stage when the pups should be left free to explore the world and the things around them.
  • The tender stage lasts for eight to twelve weeks. In this stage, most of the French Bulldog puppies become nervous and fearful of certain objects and noises. This period is good for teaching them a few basic commands such as sit, stay, go-fetch, and so on. But remember not to be harsh and loud while teaching them these initial commands.
  • The toddler stage is the time when your Frenchie will start becoming independent. This is the period when these little furry pals can even start disobeying you as they will like to be on their own. This stage usually lasts for two to three months. By the end of this phase, your French Bulldog will be 6 months old. Here at this time, you need to be stricter while giving them commands as they tend to disobey and try biting you.  
  • The French Bulldogs phase between six to eighteen months is considered to be a flamboyant stage for them. This is the time when they are young and in the process of getting evolved to a fully grown mature adult. You should now focus more on his feed and activities to keep him fit. Your Frenchie can also be put into more advanced training at this stage.

Wrap up

As stated in this blog, the ideal age for letting the French Bulldogs leave their mother is between 7-8 weeks. This is the stage when will start becoming independent and see an outer world. As the separation phase is going to be difficult for both the little furry pals and its mother, you need to take extra care and precautions. It obviously becomes difficult for them initially to get alone and be placed at a new home. But gradually with the love and affection of their owners, they will start accepting the change and never recall or remember their littermates or mother for the rest of their life.

An early detachment of puppies will not be good for their mental and physical health. Hence, it should not be encouraged by us as a responsible pet lover. Many breeders tend to sell young puppies by manipulating their age details. Hence, you should always head towards an ethical and professional breeder if you are planning to own a French Bulldog. Never fall prey to illegal puppy mills and breeders as they will but both yours as well as little furry pal’s future into risk.

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