When Do French Bulldogs’ Ears Stand Up

French Bulldogs are docile, gentle, and outgoing furry pals that would cheer you up in the gloomiest phases of life. This dog breed is always in the limelight, all thanks to their adorably comical appearance, friendly nature, and happy-go-lucky persona.

These adorable pooches are also known as bat-eared dogs. Frenchies are touted to be medium to small-sized dogs breed and popular because of their muscular body and standing ears. In this article, we will discuss when doing French Bulldogs’ ears stand up and what all measures you must take as a pet owner.

French Bulldogs are not born with standing ears. In fact, till the age of 3 to 4 weeks, their ears are like other dogs only. Once they reach the age of 4 to 5 weeks, you will slightly observe that their ears are springing upwards. Also, the 4 weeks to 4 months is an ideal period when the process of erection of ears takes place. In some Bulldogs, the ears do not even stand up and it is quite normal as well.

The springing up of Frenchies’ ears – Natural vs artificial

French Bulldogs are famous for their bat-shaped ears. They possess an ear structure similar to a bat. The ears of Frenchies start standing up naturally once they reach the age of 4 weeks.  But in some cases, the initial erection of the ears can take 8 months but generally, the ideal age is 4 months for the process. The ears of a French Bulldog can naturally stand up and look adorable too.

If your Bulldog’s ears are not properly standing up, then you can use an artificial process also. The process is erecting the ears of your Frenchie by using masking tape. All you need to do is hold your beloved pet’s ears straight up and put a piece of masking tape on that. Repeat this process on the other ear also.

Once you are done with both the ears then put a masking tape between both the ears to make a bridge. This will help to keep both of the ears straight. The process will take around 5 days to give a newly erected look to your Frenchie’s ears.

Factors affecting Frenchies’ ear erection

One of the major factors that can cause ear droppings of your French Bulldog is over chewing during the teething stage. Yes, you heard it right. When your puppy is 4 weeks old he starts chewing whatever he gets. This habit turns in over chewing and weakening of jaw muscles. When the jaw muscles are weak they affect the ears also as both of them are interlinked.

This is the major factor that leads to dropping the ears of your French Bulldog. To avoid ear dropping, monitor your dog’s chewing habits. Other than this, Frenchies are born with floppy ears which may or may not stand up all because of the natural reasons.

The following are some useful tips for all the French Bulldog parents present out there, who are looking for some help related to the standing up of ears and what to do during this process.

Take it easy

If you are a proud parent to an adorable Frenchie and worried about his ears, then do not get stressed. Generally, it is based on their growth and development level how much time their ears take to stand upwards.

It is observed in a study that only 10% of Bulldogs are having an issue with their ears. Honestly, it is not a problem as it is completely natural. So as a Frenchie parent, all you have to do is to be patient.

Proper care when you tape Frenchies’ ears

While taping the ears of your Frenchie, you have to be careful about certain things. Once the taping process is done, you have to keep a regular check that the tape is not broken or torn. Broken tapes may slower the process in some cases.

You have to change the tapes daily. Make sure that your Frenchie is not facing any kind of inconvenience with tapes on. You have to be very careful at the time of tape removal. First, you have to cut the tape then peel it off. Make sure not to do the peeling process directly and do it gradually.

Monitoring the chewing habits of Frenchies

The common tendency which dogs have when they are young is teething. But excessive teething may sometimes slow down the erection process of your French Bulldog’s ears. This mainly happens due to the more energy consumed while teething, during this teething process their jaw muscles also become weak leading to the extension in the process of springing up of ears.

You need to give your Frenchie the right teething toys for his teething phase. You can give them calcium bones which are good for their overall growth. The average time for teething exercise you must give to your Frenchie should be around 1.5 to 2 hours.

Vaccinating Frenchies periodically

Up to 3 months of age, you have to be very careful about your French Bulldog’s vaccinations. Make sure that you are getting him vaccinated properly so that he does not fall prey to any health ailments. In case if your French Bulldog suffers from any disease at a young age, then it would directly affect his growth and immunity. Subsequently, slowing down the process of springing his ears. Hence, it is very important to get him vaccinated at the right time.

Wrap up

It is now quite evident that French Bulldogs’ ears start standing up as soon as they get 4 weeks older. As an aware Frenchie owner, you have to be careful about certain things that are associated with the sound growth of your pet’s ears.

Following the right tips while taping gives his ears the perfect shape. Also, standing upwards of the ears is a natural process, so as a pet parent you have to be very patient and worry less about his ears. After all, owning a Frenchie is like having a cheerful buddy by your side to fill your life with unconditional love and happiness.

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