Do Bulldogs Get Along With Cats, And How To Socialize Them?

Bulldogs may look ferocious and hard to handle. And obviously, you may have thought that they won’t get along with other pets in the house. Isn’t it? Bulldogs, of course, look dangerous with their hard looks, facial wrinkles, and protruding cheeks. But despite their looks, Bulldogs are loving, caring, and even gentle with kids. Are you actually reluctant to buy a bulldog with already a pussy at your home?

Do Bulldogs really get along well with cats? Yes. Bulldogs are one of the best dog breeds that are good with cats. While most of the Bulldogs get along well, there can be some exceptions among the individuals of the breed. If your Bulldog is not getting along with the cat well, you can easily sort out the issue by giving proper training and socializing them.

Bulldogs make great family dogs and get along with other pets. The breed of Bulldogs is especially known for entertaining a cat’s company. Not every dog breed can get along with cats so well.

Do you love both dogs and cats? Are you confused about how to raise a dog and pussy, the born enemies, in the same house? If you really are in for it, this article is for you.

Are Bulldogs Good With Cats?

Are Bulldogs Good With Cats?

Dogs and cats are known to be born enemies for a very long period. And most of us are either a cat people or a dog people. And we all have our favorite breed of pussy or doggie at our home. But, what about people who love both cats and dogs? Do you think dogs will get along with cats?

Yes, some dogs can really get along with cats very well. There are certain breeds of dogs that are considered to get along with cats easily. Also, most dogs can live peacefully with cats if they are socialized at a very early age.

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Bulldogs are dog breeds that get along well with cats. Some other dog breeds that are good with cats include Beagle, Basset Hound, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Collie, Golden Retriever, Labrador Retriever, and Pug.

Many varieties of Bulldogs exist, but English Bulldogs are the calmest, gentlest, and most compatible ones with cats.

Bulldogs are easygoing and kind-tempered, usually with everyone, including other pets. The Bulldogs are strong enough to threaten the cat, but they are pretty lazy couch potatoes that love to sleep and snore all the time.

Don’t you think what makes Bulldogs so good with cats despite their high strength and muscular body? As said earlier, Bulldogs are a super-lazy dog breed. They would love to spend all day sleeping on the couch and snoring.

The laid-back personality of the breed also helps them get along with the cats very well. Bulldogs are not people pleasers and don’t require much attention. Therefore, Bulldogs particularly will not become possessive, like many other dog breeds, if you give some attention to your pussy.

Half of the problems between two creatures are solved if they are not possessive of each other. And yes, Bulldogs are least possessive and don’t crave for attention, and hence no war.

Bulldogs sleep almost all day and won’t even mind the cat around it. They are also slow-moving and predictable. Bulldogs are pretty lazy to move and attack a cat. Therefore, they can tolerate cats very well.

Cats usually get frightened and panic around if the dog in the house barks. Of course, dogs develop a tendency to catch the cats that are running around in panic. Bulldogs are seldom barkers, and thus, cats are more comfortable around them.

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Although Bulldogs are generally good with cats, some of them can become exceptions. Lack of training and socialization or mistakes in the introduction can worsen the relationship between a Bulldog and a cat.

Are you eager to catch the right path to introduce your Bulldog with a cat? You don’t have to browse the web to find the best dog and cat introduction tips anymore.

So, here are some guidelines to follow while introducing a Bulldog and a cat.

How To Introduce Bulldogs With Cats?

How you introduce a cat with your Bulldog determines their future relationship. Therefore, it is essential not to go wrong with the introduction.

We present a complete guideline to follow in introducing your Bulldog with a cat.

  • Make sure you put both the dog and cat in separate spaces on the first day.
  • Allow the newcomer to get adjusted to its new home. Don’t rush to introduce your cat and dog. Just like human beings, animals also take time to get adjusted to their new environments. And obviously, they would not be in a great mood until they are comfortable in their new habit.
  • Dogs, as well as cats, would take time to get adjusted to their owners. Anybody you introduce to them before getting comfortable with you, will not, of course, form a great bond.
  • It would be better to put the Bulldogs in a crate on the initial days. Let them get usual with the sight of a cat around them.
  • You should clip the claws of the cat while you are introducing it with a dog for the first time. Clipping the claws will reduce the chances for scratches on the eyes and other sensitive parts of your Bulldog.
  • You should stay more closer to your first pet while introducing the new one to reduce the chances of possessive aggression.
  • The first introduction will not always be a success. Therefore, don’t leave hope and patience.
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Some Tips To Socialize A Bulldog and A Cat

  • Don’t introduce Bulldogs and Cats while either of them is feeding.
  • It is better to introduce cats with your Bulldog in their puppy stage.
  • Don’t force them to get along with.
  • Give them time to get used to each other.
  • You should check upon the temperament of both before you introduce each other.
  • Use crates or put them in separate spaces until they get used to the sight of each other.
  • Don’t leave them unsupervised on the initial days.
  • Don’t pamper either of them more within the sight of the other.
  • Take both of them together for a walk.
  • Involve them together in exercises and games.


Bulldogs definitely get along with cats very well. You can plan and prepare a good introduction between the Bulldog and cat for their smooth future relationship. Be sure you are not rushing the process.

Also, the earlier your dog is introduced withy cats, the more they get along with each other. Therefore, start socializing your Bulldog with a cat in their puppy stage.

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