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How Fast Can A French Bulldog Run

French Bulldogs are indoor dogs whose primary purpose of breeding was for companionship. They cannot indulge in those physical activities that require a lot of strength. However, some sort of basic and simple fitness regime is necessary for their overall development. They like going on a small but quick stroll with their partners. They can also run but for a short duration.

With what speed can a French Bulldog run? French Bulldogs can run with a speed of around 17mph, which is comparatively lower than other breeds. This speed also differs with the age of the Frenchie. Quite a few different factors are responsible among them for an average rate while running.

Calculating the speed of running in a French Bulldog

French Bulldogs are a popular breed among dog lovers. The primary reason being they require very little maintenance and minimal training. They also do not require involvement in hard-core physical exercises. Thus, short running sessions or a stroll in the park is sufficient for them.

Every Frenchie has different physical capabilities; thus, their running speed also differs to an extent. Quite often, pet parents measure their French Bulldogs’ speed mostly with the help of GPS speed trackers. The average estimated speed ranges from 12mph to 17mph.

Comparing the running speed with other breeds

When the running speed of a French Bulldog compares to other breeds, it is quite low. Their body structure and hereditary characteristics do not permit them to go beyond their capacity. Unlike others, they prefer staying indoors and lay around lazily. Studies say other breeds of pet dogs under normal circumstances have a running speed ranging from 30 to 45 miles per hour.

Factors affecting the running speed in a French Bulldog

As already mentioned, the running speed of a French Bulldog is not more than 17 miles per hour or 27 kilometers per hour. However, there are a lot of variables that affect this speed. Let us have a look at some of the significant reasons concerning the running speed in a Frenchie.


The French Bulldog is a breed for domestication and not task-oriented. These resulted due to cross-breeding between local rat eating dogs of Paris and Toy Bulldogs of England. Since they were not suitable for sports-related activities in the past, they became companions of their human counterparts. History suggests that due to their charming looks, they were most prevalent among ladies. Thus, their very existence is evidence that they are not highly enthusiastic about sports like fast-paced running.

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Natural Characters

Frenchies are indoor dogs who do not like indulging in outdoor activities. Even if they do so, it is only to please their pet parents. They like to stay in and around the people they trust and who will not harm them. However, for healthy living, the fitness of the body is also essential. So, most parents prefer taking their French Bulldogs out for short walks. Frenchies are excellent companions and like to accompany wherever possible. This nature permits them to run with their partners but for a short duration. Studies say, most of them can run at a speed limit of a maximum of 17 miles per hour. In case you try to exceed this limit, it may have an adverse effect on their health.


Another primary reason for a slow pace while running is because French Bulldogs are brachycephalic in structure. In simple words, they are flat-faced breeds. Thus, this anatomy affects the respiratory system. In case they are forced to do challenging physical activities or increase their running speed, it disrupts their natural breathing system. If this pressure exceeds their resisting power, there may be swelling of tissues in the airway passage, which will further require extra effort for inhalation. The distress caused by running for a long time or forcefully increasing their speed will severely hamper their condition.


The running speed of male French bulldogs may differ from the female ones. Male Frenchies are known to be bolder and more playful. On the other hand, females are timid. While running and sprinting too, males display more enthusiasm than the female ones. However, this is not always accurate in all cases. Some female Frenchies can run faster than males. It usually depends on the structure of the body.


As pet parents, you must have often seen that a Frenchie puppy is more energetic and bubbly than the older Frenchie in your neighborhood. Puppies and young French Bulldogs show more energy as they are in the developmental stage of their life span. As a young Frenchie increases his or her age and gets older, the joints of the body become weaker. As a result, their energy and running speed decreases. In some cases, even if the speed remains the same, the duration of running slows down.

Health issues

Other than being brachycephalic, a French Bulldog also suffers from various health issues. As pet parents, with proper care, there can be substantial minimization. Other than breathing problems, some other injuries and deformities lead to low physical strength.

  • Dislocation of the knee joint, leading to patella issues affecting one leg, is some Frenchies and both the legs in others.
  • Disorder of back and spine makes them physically weak and restricts them from increasing their speed. They remain comfortable in their usual momentum, further decreasing when they encounter serious issues related to muscles and bones.
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French Bulldogs are prone to obesity. Weight gain also causes deeper health issues. Minimal exercises are very much necessary to keep their weight in control. An average and healthy Frenchie weighs around 28 pounds. An increase in body weight is an indication of underlying health conditions. Thus, to keep a check on their body, regular jogging or short distance sprints can be helpful. They too enjoy some sort of outing, provided they have their beloved companions along


A healthy dog enjoys his running sessions. Similar is the case with French Bulldogs. As long as they have their human parents with them in their outdoor sessions, they do not mind running. But in case they have suffered severe injuries, the running speed slows down. Thus, it is not correct that your pet needs to maintain the same pace throughout.


French Bulldogs require minimal training, which, if it starts while young, can yield fruitful results.

  • Those puppies who receive training for running especially, in this case, tend to run faster while attaining maturity. This speed remains uniform throughout their adulthood as well. It is easier to train a puppy soon after completing eight months to 1 year. After which they may become stubborn as they become too lazy to involve in outdoor activities.
  • Likewise, if you have recently adopted an older French Bulldog, you may train him as well. However, he must have ample time to understand his environment and adapt it comfortably. Taking them out for runs can also improve their fitness and allow them to bond with you.

Weather conditions

The running speed of a Frenchie may also fluctuate depending on the weather conditions. This breed of pet dogs cannot regulate their body temperature, thus, making it difficult for them to withstand changes in the environment.

  • In case you are taking them out for a run during the chilly or winter season, the speed will gradually decrease because they will put more effort into breathing than running. Moreover, spending a lot of time outdoors during a snowfall can have risks on their health like frostbites and hypothermia.
  • Similarly, in the scorching and humid climate, they are prone to heat strokes. Gradually, the running speed reduces while running in such conditions.
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From the points mentioned above, it concludes that all French Bulldogs may not have the same running speed throughout their lives. At times, the rate may increase, and sometimes it may also be slower than the usual speed. Every Frenchie has different physical needs in terms of training and exercises. However, as a pet parent, it’s your primary duty to identify their needs and symptoms of underlying health problems.

Tips for risk-free running

Despite the various issues mentioned above, you must involve your Frenchie in regular physical activities. Running can be the simplest one among them. It does not have the necessity of any extra tools or equipment, which means no additional investments. However, you must remember a few points and pay attention while you plan to take your pet outdoors.

  • Do not force your canine to increase their running speed.
  • Analyze and identify if their usual speed decreases; it can be a sign of underlying issues.
  • Sometimes, even without reason, your Frenchie might not want to run or get outdoors, relax, and give him his space.
  • Do not make him run for long hours. A maximum of 10 minutes run sufficient daily.
  • Take small intervals in between and check if he’s breathing or panting is heavy.
  • Keep him hydrated when outdoors.
  • Avoid outdoor activities while being sick or injured.
  • Start early training, especially for puppies of French Bulldogs.
  • Maintain his diet and provide sufficient nutrients.
  • Keep a check on his body weight, control the fluctuations.
  • Ensure regular vaccinations and veterinarian check-ups
  • During extreme climatic conditions, go out for short walks in the vicinity, instead of running.

Keeping a regular check on his behavior and monitoring his running speed is crucial so that you know when there are differences in the usual rate. Apart from these tips and suggestions, the most important is never to let your French Bulldog outdoor on their own. Since they need your company always, they cannot cope up with loneliness.

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