Are French Bulldogs Good Running Companions & Partners

Are French Bulldogs Good Running Companions & Partners?

The French bulldog is a small, and adorable face. These dogs are known to have calm and friendly personalities. Due to their compact size, they also are excellent apartment dogs! But how are they good for a running partner?

As a running partner, Frenchies do not provide the best company. They quickly tire after 10 to 20 minutes of exercise and can overheat easily due to their short snouts. Having them around for extended periods puts strain on their joints which could lead to serious health problems down the line!

Reasons why French Bulldogs are not good for running

Despite being one of the best companions among pet dogs, French Bulldogs are not the ones who will be able to keep up the pace while running with their partners. It is because:


French Bulldogs are a crossbreed of Toy Bulldogs and typical rat-eating ratters. It makes them perfect for indoor accompaniments. In other words, they are to provide company for their human counterparts.  


Since their breeding, they have just provided companionship to their owners. It made them lazy and cannot incorporate excessive physical activities.

Breathing issues:

Being Brachycephalic creatures they have flat faces and short heads. Due to this, they have narrow nostrils and quite often suffer from breathing problems. Running fast and for a long time makes it difficult to breathe. 


Running in extreme conditions hamper their natural breathing and cannot cope up with the intensity.

Physical structure:

French Bulldogs are also physically weak and often tend to fall sick. Regularly involving them in running or jogging will dislocate their bones, especially of the legs.

Thus, as a new pet parent to your French Bulldog, you must be aware of his physical conditions so that they do not suffer due to negligence. Their genetic make-up itself suggests that they are not energetic when it comes to physical activities. So, suddenly trying to disturb their natural tendency might have adverse effects on his behavior.

After-effects of continuous running

Thorough knowledge is necessary about a French Bulldog and his health conditions before you plan to involve them in your family. If you are someone who likes physical training, jogging or running, it is not a good idea to take your French Bulldog along.

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There might be few risks involved, and you will surely notice the following effects on his behavior. They will accompany you as they are known to enjoy being in close contact with their parents, but the following changes may be visible after returning:

  • After a long run, they will have difficulty in breathing. Due to the narrow passage of the nostrils, natural breathing will be disturbed and may require immediate medical attention.
  • French Bulldogs are not physically healthy, thus a race with their partner can later show body pain.
  • They will also not be able to climb up or down the stairs, which otherwise is not an issue when they stay indoors in their daily routine.
  • There might be bruises in the back and spine which will lead to severe body ache. It makes them reduce their body movement and will stay in the same place. They will be unable to continue their daily activities too.
  • They will become more lethargic and will just want to rest to regain their energy.
  • The inability to perform any activity or the discomfort in their body will make them aggressive and anxious. It might result in abnormal behavior like extensive barking, destructive chewing or even biting.

Health risks of a French Bulldog

Other than behavioral changes and lack of activities, there can be severe issues related to their physical structure. Since they are also prone to many hereditary health issues, allowing them to go for a long run with their partners can also trigger adverse effects on their bodies. Some are as follows:

Dislocation of the patella:

The small bone in the hind legs that guard the stifle joint may dislocate. There are chances of displacement of the knee cap as well. If things continue and without proper treatment, these issues may turn severe. In extreme cases, they may transform into physical deformities for the rest of their lives.

Spine disorder:

Heavy physical activity may cause severe damage to the back and spine. It may lead to hip dysplasia or spinal disc dislocation. An intense amount of physical labor may make them disable for their entire life span.

Maintaining a fit and healthy body of a French Bulldog is a necessity.

A French Bulldog cannot run regularly for a long time with their companions. However, this does not imply that they should not indulge in physical activities. Every living creature, be it a human or a dog, must involve in simple actions.

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It will help in rejuvenation, cell multiplication, and overall, leading a healthy life. Similarly, it is also necessary to make your French Bulldog physically active until they can withstand it. Along with it, there is also a requirement of maintaining other conditions for complete development. They are as follows:

Short walks:

Instead of taking your canine for long runs, involve them in quick steps in the morning or evening. It will help them adapt to the nearby surroundings, know other people and other dogs as well. Short walks will not hamper their breathing; neither will it have any pressure on the back or spine. 

Simple games:

Other than brisk walks, involving them in simple games like fetching a ball or flying disc is a better idea. It will keep them entertained and will also maintain fitness.

Climatic conditions:

Due to the unusual physical structures, the French Bulldogs cannot withstand a scorching and humid temperature. Even simple outdoor activities in sweltering weather may lead to dehydration, exhaustion, and at times death as well.

Likewise, too low temperature in the weather can lead to breathing issues. It is because of the flattened respiratory system. Thus, make sure the weather is pleasant before you take your pet dog for brisk walks. 


Make sure you do not go for walks for a long stretch. A small break in between is necessary. Check if there is any unnatural behavior or excessive panting. Carry your canine back home if there are any visible issues.


After every activity, complete rest is crucial. It will help the body to regain its lost energy and rejuvenate. Excessive panting will reduce, and it will normalize heavy breathing as well. 

Healthy meal:

French Bulldogs will need to have a healthy and energizing meal after a jog or a game of fetch. The right amount of nutrition is necessary to help them strengthen their immune system and recuperate any other health conditions.

Since they are already prone to many hereditary diseases, ensure that they are provided with a proper diet at regular intervals throughout the day.

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Instead of investing in cheaper brands of food, purchase the ones which include the necessary nutrients in an adequate amount. In case your pet is already suffering from any other health issue, make sure that you seek the doctor’s advice before setting a meal plan.

Fluid intake:

 Other than a healthy meal, an adequate amount of water intake is also necessary. Carry a bottle of water while you take your pet out for a jog or a walk. Make sure that the pet stays hydrated. During the intervals, make sure your companion drinks water to re-energize himself until returning home.

Early Training:

Training of a French Bulldog must start as soon as they pass 6-8 weeks of birth. Simple activities will help them for better development. Make sure they stay indoors as they are too young to face the outer world.

By six months to one year, the young puppy is ready to take part in simple exercises. It is vital to move forward slowly and gradually, but it is essential to start early and young. 

Regular Vet-visit:

A routine health check-up is vital for ensuring that your French Bulldog is fit and fine externally as well as internally. Maintaining vaccination records will help you analyze the next vaccine date.

Seek doctor’s advice while starting to train or changing his daily schedule and keep necessary medications handy in case of any minor health issues during short walks.

Final Verdict

The issues and tips mentioned above make it quite clear that although the French Bulldogs cannot undergo substantial physical activities like running with their partners, they can inevitably accompany you on short and quick walks in the neighborhood.

Keeping a close check on their daily activities indoors as well as outdoors will help to identify any underlying issues. As they cannot express themselves in words, they use their actions to communicate their discomfort.

Balancing their health with activities and meals will surely support their overall development and lead a happy life.

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