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Are French Bulldogs Good For First Time Owners?

French Bulldog is a lovable dog breed and the most preferable one due to its compact size and good temperament. Also known as the Frenchie, French Bulldog is a great companion for kids and adults as well. As this breed is fun-loving and playful, it is also known as ‘clown dog’. They do not require much exercise and prefer to spend time with their owners.

The question is: Are French Bulldogs good for first-time owners? Yes, this breed is most suitable and a good choice for first-time owners. French Bulldogs need less amount of exercise and grooming in comparison to other large dog breeds. They are also easily trainable and adaptable to the lifestyle of its owners.

Although there are physiognomies that make a French Bulldog a good option for first-time owners, all breeds have their advantages and disadvantages that should be taken into consideration. This blog will shed light on the pros and cons of owning a French Bulldog. It will also provide you some resourceful tips which might be helpful for the new pet owners.

6 Advantages for first-time owners

Great Family Pets

French Bulldogs are great family pets. They are affectionate and love to spend time with their owners. It is not recommended to leave them alone at home as this breed might suffer from anxiety and depression.

This breed is kind, friendly, and holds a quiet temperament. Frenchies are fun-loving and playful dogs which makes them a great choice for kids. Though Frenchies act suitably with young children, it is always preferable not to leave a young child alone with them.

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Distinctive Personality

Frenchies are very well known for their companionship and they will follow wherever you go. They are friendly dogs with an affectionate, playful, and affable personality. Despite their compact size, Frenchies are known to be great guard dogs.

Besides this, these pooches do not bark frequently. They usually bark when they are enthusiastic or want to alert their owners of unusual activities or refrain an invader from entering his area.

If you are searching for a breed that will lay along with you in bed, then look no further and get a French Bulldog.

Get along with other Pets

Frenchies get along well with other dogs and cats very well. It is very important to socialize them from a young age. This breed can show signs of aggression, such as barking or growling, if not socialized properly. Frenchies are envious if proper attention is bestowed on another pet instead of them.

Little Exercise

Exercising daily is very essential for all dog breeds. However, Frenchies do not require a lot of exercise and one hour of physical activity daily is more than sufficient for them. This characteristic makes them suitable for first-time owners and a great choice for less active families.

Easy grooming

Frenchies are having a short coat that is easy to groom. You should brush him once a week to keep it in good condition. They also do not need bathing frequently and once a month is enough. You should also focus on cleaning their ears once a month, brushing teeth, and trimming nails. You should also clean the facial folds of Frenchies every week to stop the accumulation of dirt and moisture that might result in an infection.

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Effortlessly trainable

Frenchies can be trained easily irrespective of being stubborn. This breed is very intelligent and always seeks the attention of their owners by pleasing them. Training a Frenchie successfully requires a great deal of patience and stability.

5 Disadvantages

Bit destructive

Frenchies can be a bit destructive. It usually happens when proper care and attention are not given to them. Frenchies show some destructive behaviors, such as digging, biting and chewing, peeing, and pooing inside the house, etc. Therefore, they need to be trained properly with all proper care to avoid such kind of behaviors.

Quite Stubborn

Frenchies are a quite stubborn dog breed. You have to frame ceratin rules for them and have to very determined and stable right from the beginning itself otherwise training them would be very complicated and result in disobedience.

Excessive Shedding

Frenchies usually do not shed much. But during shedding seasons, i.e. spring and fall, they lose their undercoat and shed excessively. Sometimes, this breed sheds more than the normal which can be due to stress, low nutrition, allergies, or medical issues, etc. Hence, it is very essential to brush them daily to control the hair fall.

Health Problems

Frenchies are vulnerable to various health problems. They are brachycephalic dogs — a flat face with a short nose – that causes them difficulty while breathing and in the regulation of body temperature. This also results in breathlessness and heatstrokes as well. Frenchies are also susceptible to diseases related to bones, eyes, skin, and heart, etc.

Costly Affair

It is quite expensive to get a French Bulldog from an authentic breeder. Also, owning a Frenchie can be a very costly affair. The expenses incurred on vet visits, food, and toys are also very high. Therefore, first-time owners should look at their budget before inviting Frenchie into their house.

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Resourceful tips for new owners

  • Frenchies suffer from health problems hence, it is very essential to take him to the veterinarian for a regular checkup.
  • You should do the brushing of your Frenchie’s coat with a rubber or a grooming brush once a week to keep it smooth and shiny. This process will take out dead hair from the coat and stops it from falling on to the floor.
  • As Frenchies are sensitive to humidity and high temperatures, hence you should not allow him to stay outside in the heat for too long especially when he is running or playing. This might cause heatstroke.
  • You should enroll your Frenchie in a puppy training school to learn basic discipline and obedience. 

Wrap up

Frenchies are a good choice and ideal for new owners. If you are welcoming a pet into your life, then your responsibility increases along with a lot of effort. Therefore, there is a need to conduct thorough research and analysis of the characteristics of the dog breed. You can offer him a healthy life only by knowing the personality of your furry pal very well.  

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