Should I Let My French Bulldog Sleep With Me? Things To Consider

Dogs and humans have been each other’s companion, since time immemorial. Previously, it was common among dogs to sleep with humans for protection as well as warmth. Evolution has led to a lot of changes in most breeds. Some dogs prefer their own space while others continue preferring to snuggle with humans while sleeping. French Bulldogs are those breeds who are quite popular as pets and are not domesticated for any specific task. Some just look for companionship in their pets rather than working dogs. Thus, a French Bulldog requires special attention from their parents and loves being in close contact with them. 

Is sleeping with a French Bulldog acceptable? Sleeping together with a French Bulldog is normal. On being comfortable by both the human and the pet, there is an improvement in sleep. Even while sleeping, it prefers to sleep in the same bed with humans. They feel a sense of protection when in close contact with familiar people. However, a few considerations require to be taken care of so that both of them can have a peaceful sleeping experience.

Reason for a French Bulldog to like sleeping with their human parents

French Bulldogs like to cuddle and snuggle all day long. Being a pet parent, it is understandable that they are scared of almost everything. The slightest noise can also startle them. Any stranger, be it an animal or a human being, they are frightened with every unfamiliar surrounding. They prefer to be in a known environment rather than an unknown one. This emotion of being fearful makes them a breed that likes to hide and prevent from being seen.

Similarly, even while sleeping, they require extra protection. They continuously fear of being to some sort of hazards. It can be due to their inheritance or some negative experience in the past. Some pets with early training and socializing, recover from their extreme fearful nature. At the same time, some French Bulldogs cannot overcome their fear even after medication. They do not like being lonely and sleep in a separate room. On being forced the emotions in them increases and tends to make them sad. If still they are not allowed to sleep with their human parents, some even manage to move towards depression.

Important concepts to consider while sleeping together with a French Bulldog

Most individuals like sharing the same bed with their canines. Almost every canine love to snuggle and cuddle, but some prefer to sleep separately. But it is not the case with a French Bulldog. They prefer sleeping in the same bed as their family members. Below are a few highlighted points about the various behaviors that one must understand and consider while allowing their canines to sleep together.

French Bulldogs sleep a lot

They are not those breeds who love to play outdoors and look forward to going and visit a park. Instead, these are indoor dogs. Staying indoors suits them best. They love spending their time sleeping, cuddling and snuggling and is inbuilt in their personality. One cannot even involve them a lot of physical exercises, it may lead to increased heartbeat and blood pressure. However, some parents consider light physical activities for them with proper training just to keep them active and cheerful. But mostly they prefer being couch potatoes and cling to their human counterparts. Similar to humans, puppies and young ones sleep a lot more compared to a grown-up French Bulldog. It helps in growth of the body and development of the immune system.

French Bulldogs analyze their sleeping area.

An experienced parent to a French Bulldog this might seem quite ordinary. But a new parent must be intrigued to see the canine moving around the bed in circles and also checking the bedding before sleeping. It is basically due to a reason that dates back to their history. Some behaviors in living creatures tend to stay intact even after breeding and cross-breeding. These tend to inherit in the next generations without any changes. One such action is this as well, circling and padding their sleeping area. It is in the behavior of French Bulldogs that comes instinctively to check their sleeping position. They analyze the bed by moving in circles around it and pads the bed sheet to find their comfort zone. Thus, next time you see your pet doing the same, you help him to find his perfect sleeping zone.

Sleeping under the bed-covers

There is nothing unusual to find your French Bulldog sleeping under covers. They mostly tend to find their comfort either under blankets or under bed sheets. Sleeping in a hiding position makes them feel protected as well as provide them with ease. It might seem that they will have breathing issues while doing so. But being a living organism, they will find their way to a comfortable position if they do not get sufficient oxygen. It is a reflex action among them. Despite, it is important to note that while sleeping with puppies and young French Bulldogs, a lighter blanket or sheet will help them get sufficient air to breathe. They may be too young to figure out themselves. Sleeping under the covers is quite natural with French Bulldogs, and there is nothing to be much concerned about.

French Bulldogs Snore

Another essential point to consider before you start sleeping with your newly adopted French Bulldog is that they snore a lot. Being a brachycephalic breed with a flat face and nose, it is a common habit among them. They have narrow nostrils resulting in snoring because breathable air cannot move in freely. Thus, this train in them is something that pet parents have to normalize. However, if his snoring is disrupting your self-sleep, few remedies can help minimizing their snoring while being asleep like changing his sleeping position or providing him with a pillow under his head. If you do not mind him snoring, it’s good to go. Both the partners will eventually get used to each other’s habits.

Sleeping between legs is common in French Bulldogs.

Other than sleeping under covers, one may also encounter that their pet suddenly shifted his position in between the legs of his pet parent. It is just extra protection and warmth that they seek. French Bulldogs get scared a lot. They also do not like to be left alone. They love their human partners to an unlimited level and also desires the same from the opposite side. While sleeping too, when they want to feel the warmth of the human body, they tend to shift between the legs. Another reason is an extra sense of protection that they desire instead of sleeping separately, makes them sleep in between the legs or sometimes clinging the legs.

Sharing bed with French Bulldogs strengthens the relationship.

Pet dogs like sharing a bed with their human accomplices. Sleeping in the same place gives them a cozy environment due to the warm body and bed. It not only provides them with protection and comfort but also makes the relationship stronger. They consider humans to be their protector and part of their life too. The trust builds up with a strong foundation, especially for puppies who are slowly proceeding towards adulthood.

Sleeping with canines relieves stress.

As already mentioned, French Bulldogs often get scared. They have a fearful nature which is mostly inherited and sometimes also due to past experiences. Because of this, they often get stressed. They do not prefer being lonely and can cause separation anxiety when left alone for a long time. Sleeping together releases certain hormones which help them calm down. People who stay alone also consider sleeping together with their pets; this helps them feel the affection, relieves mental pressure and helps in finding peace. Thus, sharing the same space is advantageous for both as it helps in sleeping well.

Basic rules of sleeping together

Although sleeping together is acceptable with a French Bulldog, however, following some basic rules are a must. Early training is necessary for a French Bulldog, mostly by eight weeks since birth. Enforcing few bed manners since a young age will help them follow those naturally, for example, a dedicated sleeping side in the bed. A bedtime routine will benefit both the partners to support each other’s schedule. 

Every individual has their sleeping styles and needs. One also need a sufficient amount of comfortable and undisruptive sleep for the proper functioning of the body and mind. Similar is the case with dogs too.

Sleeping together with a French Bulldog may seem a bit difficult at the beginning, but with training and adequate time, both will get accustomed to each other. Splitting the same space with another person or pet is absolutely an individual’s choice. However, sleeping together with a canine has its importance of relieving stress and anxiety for both the partners.

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