Rottweiler Temperament: What’s It Like Owning One?

Rottweilers are medium to large-sized breed dogs. They were initially used to herd cattle and pull carts. Rottweilers are intelligent and good family dogs. They are also one of the best companions of police. Rottweilers are courageous, calm, and extremely loyal dogs. They are steady and alert. 

Rottweilers are calm, composed, and full of courage. They are full of excitement and are playful dogs. Rottweilers are extremely protective. If you are thinking to get a Rottweiler in your house, then do not hesitate and go ahead. As a pet parent, all you need to do is to give him proper training along with nice grooming and healthy food. Rottweilers are large breed dogs and require a lot of space so make sure you provide him with proper space. You must keep him healthy and happy to avoid any aggression and rudeness in your Rottweiler’s behavior.

In this article, we will discuss the temperament of the Rottweilers and useful tips for first-time Rottweiler parents.

Real nature of Rottweilers

Rottweilers are loyal, devoted, loving, calm, and intelligent dogs. They are not hard to train and easily adapt to the conditions. The intelligent and loyal nature of Rottweilers helps police to sniff and catch culprits easily through their intellectual minds and senses. They are considered as best house dogs. Rottweilers are very attentive and courageous and always ready to protect their owners.

Rottweilers are one of the species which are suggested to be owned without thinking twice. As a pet parent, you must consider the below-mentioned tips to keep your Rottweiler happy and healthy, or else they can lose their temperament. Once they lose their temperament it is not easy for you to control them.

It has been noticed that male Rottweilers are more aggressive in comparison to female Rottweilers. Male Rotties are obstinate whereas Female Rotties are compliant. Females are house-trained very easily due to their affectionate nature and are more protective towards owners.

If you are a new Rottweiler parent, then you must follow the below mentioned resourceful tips to encourage the happy living of your Rottweiler.

How to train?

The training of your Rottweiler becomes very easy if you have commenced it at an early age. They are very curious, intelligent, and polite. When they grow old, training them is a bit challenging. You have to make your Rottweiler understand that you are dominant, but not by scolding or beating him, by your actions. This is how he will start following you.

Rottweilers are not very much open to other dogs and people, so it is very important to socialize them from a young age. You should always treat your dog when he does something good. Praising and treating will keep your pet motivated and passionate about training.

Physical exercises and mental stimulation

Make sure that you are taking your Rottweiler on a regular walk because they can easily put on weight and obesity that leads to many uninvited diseases. Indulging in playing activities with your Rottweiler will make him healthy as well as it will develop an unbreakable bond between the two of you.

Along with physical activities, their mental health is equally important. You should have a positive environment around your pets. One should never yell or beat their Rottweiler, as this can create a negative image of yours and he will start disobeying you.

Type of diets and vaccination

It is very important to get your Rottweiler vaccinated on time. Small puppies easily get diseases as they have low immunity. So, when you get a young puppy home, before bringing him, you should visit the veterinarian and get an overall check-up done. He will guide you properly and keep you updated with the vaccinations.

Always feed him a nutritious diet, which is full of fibers, calcium, and proteins. This will keep him stay healthy and active. Diet with a lot of fat will make him lazy. Healthy and happy Rottweilers never lose their temperament.


Rottweilers are short-coated breeds and unlike other breeds, they require brushing quite often. You should not use excess shampoo as it can fade the shine of their coat. Regular brushing will make their coat look healthy and shiner. Make sure that you are keeping a check on his coat regularly so that he will not come in contact with any ticks or fleas.

You have to be proactive when it comes to deworming. Stay in touch with your veterinary doctor and deworm him at the right intervals. Grooming can help in keeping your dog safe from diseases. This will eventually help them to stay happy and polite.

Space required by Rottweiler

Rottweilers are medium to large-sized breed dogs. Generally, they are considered as large breeds. They require a lot of space to get themselves adjusted. If you do not have adequate space for a dog in your house, then you should not look for a Rottweiler. You can own a medium-sized or small-sized breed.

Rottweilers require a large space to move around and entertain themselves. If they are kept in a small place they can easily get bore or may suffer from anxiety. You should avoid keeping your Rottweiler in a compact place instead choose a backyard with fences or a place where he can move around easily.

Wrap Up

Rottweilers are very calm, compose, and courageous dogs. They can do well in houses and with families. They are protective and caring towards their owners. But if exposed to an unhealthy environment they can lose their temperament.

Rottweilers are a type of breed that can easily get into aggression and are not easy to control. You must provide proper training to your Rottweiler and keep him healthy by feeding him quality food.  Your training must include physical as well as mental exercises. As a pet parent give the best grooming to your dog and help him stay healthy and fit.

Rottweilers are adorable dogs. If you are not having a Rottweiler, then you must get one and feel the immense love from him.

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