Are Rottweilers Good Service Dogs?

Picking an efficient service dog is not an easy task as depending on individual requirements each breed of dogs may vary in their ability to serve as a service dog. Rottweilers are generally neglected to be considered as a good service dog due to many speculations surrounding them as being an aggressive and cruel dog.

But the reality is somewhat different as Rottweilers can be an excellent service dog due to their physical characteristics and adorable personality. They are friendly, loyal, and intelligent with a huge and sturdy built-up. Rottweilers are seen performing various roles such as therapy and police dogs.

You will be surprised to learn that Rottweilers were initially used as herd dogs. Rottweilers can be trained well to obey your command and be your good companion. The reputation of Rottweilers is hampered by many false rumors spread for them such as they are a fierce and aggressive breed that can attack their owners. But the truth is somewhat different. They are very kind and gentle dogs.

Here in this blog, we will try to do some icebreaking which will portray the exact picture of this wonderful breed. Many hidden truths will be unveiled in order to better understand Rottweilers and their behavior. In the end, you will be able to decide as to whether Rottweilers are good service dogs or not.

Service Dogs

Service dogs are the one who is a true companion to the people who need help such as visually impaired, diabetic, epilepsy, and so on. These service dogs accompany their owners to perform their day-to-day tasks and act as a true friend who will help achieve all your goals.

Can You Consider Rottweilers as Good Service Dogs?

Yes, you can count on them as a good service dog due to their physical characteristics. Their body built-up is very sturdy and masculine and at the same time, they are friendly, loyal, and intelligent too. As we know that they are not considered as a good service dog in the first line due to the misconceptions surrounding them, let us try and assess what makes it suitable to be considered as a good service dog.

Body Size and Physical Characteristics

The first and important thing which one can easily notice in this breed is its body size and sturdy body built-up. This proves helpful for those who find difficulty in balancing while walking, Rottweilers help them balance perfectly with their firm support.

Their height is also a boon as you can train them to switch off lights and open the door etc. very easily. Another vital characteristic of Rottweiler is their sense of smell; it makes this breed a good service dog as they can sniff out any danger.

The Trait of the Breed

Originally, Rottweilers were considered as a good guard dog due to their loyal and intelligent trait towards the human. They guard their owners to a maximum extent and can even sacrifice their lives for them.

Such kind of traits is helpful for the elderly people who badly need caring and protectiveness with intelligence to rescue them when in danger. This is where Rottweilers comes as a perfect package.

History of Rottweilers

As stated earlier, Rottweilers have a history of being a guard dog. They were considered as the good protector of their owner and guard their property against any trespassers. They have also been used in military services effectively due to their extraordinary characteristics.

Lately, it was realized that inside this huge breed there is a good trait of friendliness and lovingness. This is the time when they have been classified as one of the good service dogs in society.

Training Makes a Difference

Training is what makes a perfect service dog. A wrong training or teaching can lead to a bad behavioral trait and that cannot be rectified even after putting huge efforts. Rottweilers are also not an exception. They need to be trained carefully for the things which they need to perform and in the right manner.

The bad things which you hear about Rottweilers, such as attacking their owners are the result of bad training and carelessness during the process of their grooming. But unfortunately, in the end, the pet owners blame their breed for the same.

One of the strong characteristics which Rottweilers possess is their loyalty. Hence, it becomes very important to make them comfortable with their surroundings, human beings and animals to build the bond of trust and comfort.

Socialization is one of the vital elements while training Rottweilers. They should be introduced to their surroundings very gently and allowed to gel in with the ambiance. The training should be a continuous process but should be conducted in such a way that your dog does not get bored from it. All these elements become an ingredient for making Rottweilers a good service dog.

Rottweilers are very clever canines, if they are trained correctly, they are very obedient and can obey your commands to your utmost satisfaction. They are even good at alerting individuals about any hazard which is on its way.

Wrap Up

Rottweilers, due to their initial reputation of having guard dogs, tend to be territorial. But this does not mean that they do not love or care for you. They are one of the loving and loyal breeds you will ever come across in your life.

Bottom line is that Rottweilers can be an excellent service dog and can meet your infinite expectations. But at the same time, you need to assess the nature, strength, and weakness of this breed to train them accordingly.  

One should spend quality training time with this superb breed which may last as long as a couple of years. But be assured, a correct and right kind of training can do wonders to Rottweilers and they can perform the desired task efficiently. So, keep the speculations aside and try to explore the goodness of Rottweiler by loving and providing training to them as a good service dog.

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