How To Take Care Of A Husky Puppy

How To Take Care Of A Husky Puppy? A First Time Owner’s Guide

Does your family have a new furry little friend? If so, you’ll want to know how to take care of him or her properly. You might not be sure what kind of dog is best for your lifestyle, but there are some things that every pet owner can do to keep their pup happy and healthy.

Here are some tips on how to take care of a husky puppy!

  • Keep the area where your husky will be living clean
  • Give them plenty of fresh water
  • Brush their coat with a stiff brush daily
  • Give them rawhide bones or chew toys that they can play with
  • Keep their ears clean
  • Brush their teeth twice a week
  • train them to be socialize
  • Give them high quality food and
  • Take care of their health

Personality Traits And Temperament Of Husky

You should definitely know the temperament and personality traits of the breed before you own them. Do you have any idea of how living with a Husky would be? Are they aggressive? Do Huskies get along with people easily? There would be a lot more questions inside you before you bring a Husky puppy home.

Huskies were sled dogs. Therefore, you should definitely know that they are athletic and high on energy most of the time. Huskies are very friendly and loving. They create strong bonds with people very easily.

Huskies don’t prefer staying away from their masters for a long period. They will get into separation anxiety if you leave them alone in the house for long hours.

Huskies are playful and get along with kids very well. They definitely won’t be happy laying on the couch all day. Huskies definitely need to blow out the energy. Therefore, make sure you are giving them enough exercise and game time.

Huskies are for sure, loving, and loyal, but they are stubborn as well. They are more of an independent soul. Huskies are definitely not lapdogs that will always act upon your commands. The independent nature of Huskies makes their training a bit hard.

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Bringing a Husky puppy into your house is a real lifelong commitment. They will soon become a loving member of your family. How you train and socialize them in their younger ages determines their personality and temperament in the future years. Also, the food you feed your Husky puppy can have a crucial role in determining their health status as an adult.

Proof your house and courtyard with sturdy fences because Huskies are great escapers and are always high on energy. They would love to break house rules and break their boundaries.


The food you provide to Huskies has a major role in determining the health of their coat. Make sure you feed them enough proteins and minerals.

Huskies would require at least 20% of the protein in summers and at least 30% in winters in their diet to keep them healthy and sound.

We all know that puppies should be fed more times than adult dogs. You should feed your puppy three times a day until they are three months old. However, cut down a meal and make it two times a day from three months onwards.

You should be very careful about additives and artificial flavors in your puppy’s food. Even though additives are bad for adult dogs as well, it does more harm to puppies. Choose high-quality food with the least or no additives for your Husky puppies.

Don’t overfeed your Husky puppies as slimmer dogs are considered more healthy and sound. Check your puppy’s weight at regular intervals and feed them accordingly. Make sure they are not on the verge of an obese condition because obesity makes your dog’s life worse.


Huskies belong to the group of work dogs. They are seen as happiest when they are physically active. Thus, regular exercise sessions are essential for Husky puppies to maintain a healthy body as well as a sound mind.

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If you are living in urban, at least take them for a walk daily. Or you can get involved in some dog playgroups.

Huskies would look desperate and sad if they find no way to spend their energy. They are considered healthy and happy when they are active and busy.

You can spend some time with your Husky puppy daily by playing outdoor or indoor games. Such games would keep your puppy active as well as improves your relationship with the fur friend.

Huskies have plenty of energy in them. Lack of activities makes them very bored. And Huskies tend to howl and damage your house once boredom hits them. Exercises are the easiest way to engage them, and it improves their health as well.


Huskies have an outgoing personality. They get along with people very easily. But, they are definitely not people pleasers. And, this makes them a bit hard to train. The stubbornness of the breed increases the difficulty of training further.

However, you can start socialization, obedience training, and basic manners training in their puppy stage itself.

Use the ideas of rewards and positive reinforcement to make the training fun. The stubbornness of the breed definitely would be an obstacle in the path of serious training sessions.

It would be better to define the boundaries of your dog when they are in their puppy stage. This would make things easier for you in the future. Teach them the do’s and don’t’s in their younger ages.

Obviously, you would need a lot of patience and commitment in teaching things to a Husky. But, they are better more adaptable to the training in their puppy stage. So, start training at a very young age. And remember, you need to be consistent in the process as well.

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Huskies possess a double coat. Being native to polar regions, Huskies have a very thick and double fur coat to tolerate extremely cold weather.

Huskies are considered to be a naturally clean dog breed. Therefore, you only have to wash Huskies a few times a year. But, Huskies need to be groomed regularly. Do you know why?

Huskies are heavy shedders. And, you have to groom them every week and keep their fur short to control the amount of fur they shed. The undercoat of Huskies is shed two times a year, mainly in the spring and fall seasons.

You also need to take care of nails growth. Keep the nails of your Husky puppy short and clean to avoid any kinds of health issues.


Huskies are a relatively healthier breed. However, you should make regular visits to the clinic and follow all vaccinations to keep your puppy free of health risks.

However, eye disease and hip dysplasia are mostly inherited in Husky puppies. And thus, the National Breed Club has recommended doing Hip Evaluation and Ophthalmologist Evaluation Tests in Husky puppies.


Husky puppies are easy to take care of. Most of them are healthier. All you need to take care of regularly is their diet and coat.

Ensure that they are given quality food and their coats are brushed every day. That is all you need to keep Husky puppies clean and healthy. Exercising them daily benefits to their health as well as state of mind.

Also, fix the fences of your courtyard well as Huskies love to run and are great escapers.

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