Can Huskies Chew On Bones? [Safe and Unsafe!]

The relation between dogs and bones has been known for eternity. Almost every ad film portraying dogs will definitely highlight them chewing on a huge bone. But how much of that is actually true?

From cartoons to Hollywood movies, it has always been portrayed that bones are dogs’ best friends. But is it really true? As a matter of fact, some of them truly love bones and nibble on them all the time while others do not. Certain vets are also against providing bones to dogs.

You may wonder if Huskies can chew on bones.

Huskies cannot safely chew on cooked bones, but they can chew on raw or manufactured bones as long as they are large enough to prevent accidental inhalation and choking.

Although Huskies prefer to chew on bones, you should not give them cooked ones. They have tremendously sharp teeth. Consequently, cooked bones will get crushed inside their mouth as soon as they bite them.

Shards from the broken bones can hurt their mouthparts internally or may cause bleeding of gums. They can chew on raw or manufactured bones. But they should not be small in size to prevent any accidental choking or ingestion. 

You may think that bones are safe for your little bud, but there are a lot of precautions to take in this aspect. Besides, there is a lot to learn which we will discuss immediately;

What kind of bones should not be given to Huskies?

You should have proper knowledge regarding what kind of bones you can give to your pup. Many owners provide their Huskies with the left-over bones from their steaks, pork, or chicken. On finishing their meals, they let their dogs nibble on the residues. This is a bad practice.

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First of all, those are cooked bones that you should never let them chew on. Secondly, the types of food that you eat do not suit them for several good reasons, such as condiments and oil.

Huskies cannot digest oily or spicy food items. It creates major digestive issues in them. If you do not have proper and prior knowledge about the consequences of your actions, it will cost you later. 

Do bones have any nutritional benefits for dogs?

Bones are a good source of essential minerals. Chewing the right kind of bones gives your Huskies some health benefits because majorly, it consists of Calcium.

It is immensely beneficial for your pup’s health. Calcium makes their bones and muscles strong. Also, chewing on bones can make their teeth stronger and sharper naturally with time.

Huskies are highly proactive dogs. They need a lot of daily exercise in order to stay lean and fit. Nibbling on bones is a kind of jaw workout for them.

Some people play ‘fetch’ games with their dogs. Similarly, you can keep your dog active by playing such games. This will complete the daily quota of their exercise.

Another benefit of chewing on bones is, it helps to relieve anxiety and stress. You may have to go out of the house, leaving them alone. Under such circumstances, if they have a bone to nibble on, it will decrease the amount of anxiety in them. 

Bones that are safe for your pup to nibble on: 

If you are a new Husky owner, it becomes difficult to choose the safer option. That is why we are providing a list of bones that are safe for your Husky.

a) Raw Bones: Raw and dried bones are safe for your pup. Before the bones are cooked, they have a rubbery or fibrous texture. These bones do not contain sharp edges, and it is pretty difficult to break them.

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That is why, when your dog chews on them, there is almost no chance of breakage. If they get broken by any chance, they will still not have sharp edges as the interior of the raw bones will be soft. 

b) Rawhide Bones: These are another safe option for your Husky. You can get one from your nearby pet store. These are made up of some leather by-products which are soft from the inside and have a bony texture from the outside.

Although they become a little messy due to the fact that the leather can absorb saliva, it is entirely safe. 

c) Antlers: Many people prefer buying antlers from pet stores as a substitute for raw bones. It is a great alternative. Antlers are unbreakable as well.

On top of that, they contain some nutrients which are beneficial for your Husky. Always try to buy blunt-ended antlers. This will further decrease the chances of any mishap. 

d) Synthetic bones: These are gimmick bones made with artificial ingredients that are not harmful to your bud. Although these can be used as a chew toys, in the end, they are synthetic.

So, it is always better to go for the other options. Just in case if you are going for it, make sure that you are buying big-sized bones. Your husky will grow in size and hence will require big bones to nibble on.

What is the correct age to give bones to Huskies?    

You should not give them bones to feed on at a tender age. The minimum age should be more than eight months, although it is better to start giving bones after one year. The main reason behind this is, their teeth remain soft until they turn one year old.

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Therefore, providing bones to them at such a fair age will damage their teeth. Also, it takes almost a year for the Huskies to become mentally mature. Before that, they will not be able to decide between what to chew and what to swallow. This increases the chances of ingestion hazards. 

What should you do if your Husky eats a cooked bone by accident?

Huskies are a pretty clever and active breed of dogs. They can sense what you are eating. They become sneaky at times and take a bite from your food.

Likewise, it is very likely to happen that they might eat a cooked bone from your plate. You should never panic in such situations. First, you have to try to take out the bone from their mouth.

If they have already swallowed it, directly take them to the vet. In most cases, bones pass through, and dogs remain unharmed. But if you notice any symptoms like bloating, lethargy, vomiting, constipation, or anything unusual, never hesitate to consult your vet right away.  

So, there are both positive and negative sides regarding letting Huskies chew on bones. We recommend you to give them bones of the right kind only after a certain age. You should also be very careful about the size of the bones that you are providing them.

You cannot predict any mishap in your life, but you can take precautions for it. The same goes for your furry mates as well. Be careful and stay happy with your pups.

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