What Kind Of Dog Did John Wick Series Have

The ‘John Wick’ franchise is one of the finest cinematic series in the world. Everyone loves the series, due to various reasons like the unique personality of ‘John Wick,’ the action, the story world, and many more. However, a huge chunk of the audience loves the movie, due to the connection with dogs. As a John Wick fan, and a dog lover, you would surely like to know the breeds of the dogs in the series. In the whole series till now, John Wick has two different breeds of the dog. The first dog in the series, named as ‘daisy’ is Beagle breed, whereas, the second dog, named as ‘Burton,’ is of pit bull breed. You can also observe dogs with side characters. For instance, Sofia from the third installment has two Belgian Malinois. 

Want to know more about these breeds? Well, in this blog, we will try to do an in-depth analysis of these breeds. Haven’t you seen the ‘John Wick’ series? Don’t worry, we will also give a summary of the series. However, we would strongly recommend watching the series, as the dogs are extremely well-trained and adorable.

About ‘John Wick’

The first movie of this series was released in 2014. The story revolves around a deadly and proficient assassin ‘John Wick.’ He is so legendary that everyone knows his name, and shiver just by his name. However, our hero is retired and no more killing, as he falls in love and settles. Just after a while, his love dies and leaves him a dog named ‘Daisy,’ as a parting gift. He also has a 1969 Ford Mustang, which he equally loves like ‘Daisy.’

At the beginning of the movie, you can also see the deep bond between Daisy and John. John continues a peaceful life, without bothering anyone. However, some thugs enter his house, to steal his car. In this attempt, they even kill Daisy. Thus, as an act of revenge for Daisy, and to get back his car, John returns to the assassin business. He hunts down the thugs and assassinates them. Moreover, he gets back his Ford Mustang back.

At the end of the movie, you see John adopting a new dog, which has been his partner until now. Yes, that dog is ‘Burton.’ The other two movies of the series continue the story from the first part. However, we would not reveal the stories and spoil the series for you.

Just for the sake of understanding, the third installment added two more dogs in the series. Irrespective of that, both of them are of the same breed. You may also hear about a fifth dog in the series, which was a Pit bull and was used as a stunt dog. Thus, there are three different breeds in the series. In the upcoming sections, we will discuss specifically the breeds. 

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Overall, John Wick is a dog lover and a legendary assassin. In the upcoming section, we will also share some tips that will help you train a dog, such that their behavior remains the same as in the series.

Beagle Dog Breed

Daisy, who was the first dog in the series, was of Beagle breed. These dogs usually come in three different color patterns. However, the most famous is the tri-color combination, which you can also see in the movie. These dogs are highly energetic, strong, and huge.

Yes, in the movie, the dog was small because it was a puppy. However, these dogs grow up to a great height of 13-15 inches. Moreover, these dogs are known for their unique physical features. What are they? Well, first of all, their ears are bend towards the ground. They also feel like they are hanging on the dog’s face. Moreover, you will observe those adorable brown eyes.

If we talk about the personality of these dogs, then they are highly social creatures. Since, the beginning, the love to spend time with others, especially with the owner was worth seeing. Therefore, you must never leave these dogs alone for a long duration. Why? Well, it can lead to various conditions, like depression, stress, and many more. These conditions can affect the overall health of the dog.

As mentioned earlier, these dogs are energetic, due to which they require a huge amount of exercise. Usually, a Beagle requires at least an hour of exercise outside. However, that does not mean that you should leave them outside. You can take them out for two times, as 30 minutes’ walk each.

Do you have kids? In that case, you must be extremely careful with the breed of the dog. There are various breeds, which are not good with kids, especially young kids. For instance, German Shepherds are usually not recommended around kids. However, Beagle is one of the best dog breeds to have around kids. They are calm, loyal, and loving creatures. Therefore, both the kid and the dog will love each other’s company. Irrespective of that, we would recommend never leaving both of them alone.

In addition, you will have to take extra care on the diet of the dog. Beagles tend to eat a lot. Thus, you will have to make sure that they do not overeat. You can also take some advice from a vet, related to the diet of the dog. Looking for some tips to train a Beagle? Well, in the upcoming section, we will share the most effective training methods.

Pit Bull

The second dog, and the dog, which you can see even in the latest movie is a pit bull. This breed is also known as ‘American pit bull.’ These dogs are considered one of the most aggressive breeds in the world. However, they are highly loyal to their owners, which can even be seen in the series. How can you identify a pit bull? Well, first of all, they are not large, which is the reason they are in the category of terrier dogs.

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Secondly, the faces of these dogs are similar to a bulldog. Moreover, they have a muscular body, especially the shoulders. What kind of personality they have? Well, naturally, they have an aggressive personality, irrespective of their size. They do not think twice before charging at something. They are bold, energetic, and loyal creatures. Therefore, you have kids at home, then we would recommend keeping them away from the dog. Besides, they are perfect watchdogs.

Due to their aggressive nature, it is highly recommended to start the training, when they are a pup. Why? Well, it is because it is easy to train a puppy as compared to an adult dog. Moreover, these dogs require a huge amount of exercise. An adult pit bull requires at least 1 hour of exercise. However, we would recommend a 2-hour exercise daily.

Therefore, by proper training and patience, your pit bull can behave similarly to the dog in the movie. If the aggressive nature is extreme, then you can even opt for neutering.

Belgian Malinois 

Have you ever seen a military or police dog’s performance? What kind of dog breed do they have? Well, the most common answer would be German Shepherd. You are not wrong. However, Belgian Malinois are also highly preferred all over the world. Why are they preferred? Well, first of all, they are highly intelligent. They have great grasping and smelling power. Moreover, these dogs are highly athletic, which makes them a perfect companion for running. In the series, there are two Belgian Malinois, like Sofia’s partner. Both of them are highly energetic, obedient, strong, and intelligent. In reality, you can see similar traits in the personality of this dog breed. 

If you are looking for a confident watchdog, then this breed would be the correct choice. These dogs are highly protective of their family. Moreover, they do not get along easily with people, the environment, and animals. Therefore, you must not leave the dog alone for a long duration, as it can lead to depression. They are also a little bit reserved and shy normally. However, in case of a threat, they can be the fiercest breeds in the world. Irrespective of that, they are extremely challenging to train. Thus, you need to be highly patient with the training process, as it can take twice the normal time. Let us discuss some effective tips to train a dog, irrespective of its breed.

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How can you train the dog similar to Burton?

In the series, Burton, the pit bull dog is extremely well-mannered, and clever. Moreover, you cannot see any hint of aggressive behavior in the dog. In the third installment, John Wick was saved by one of Sofia’s dog. Therefore, those dogs are highly intelligent and caring. How is it possible? Well, it can be possible by following a proper and consistent training schedule. Below, we have mentioned the top training methods for a Pit bull and Beagle.

First of all, you must make sure that you start with the training, as soon as possible. Moreover, if this will be your first dog, then you must choose a puppy over an adult dog. Why? Well, training an adult dog takes more time and effort, which can be annoying.

Now, you must make sure that you never scold or hit the dog. Dogs are sensitive creatures. If you scold or hit them, then they will become conservative and irritated. Overall, their aggressive behavior will significantly increase.

So, how to teach a dog? Well, the best way is to follow the treatment method. Give a treat to the dog for good behavior. If the behavior is not good, then prevent giving treats.

The next step is to start with basic commands. You must never commence the training with complex commands. Use some basic and simple commands, such as sit, stand, walk with me, and many more.

Since a Beagle and Pitbull have a little aggressive behavior, you must keep yourself above the hierarchy. The dog must understand that you are its owner.

Maybe you want to raise a dog to have a running companion. In that case, you must keep an eye on the development of the bones. As a puppy, they must never run on hard ground. Moreover, the increase in distance should be consistent and constant. 

Wrap up

The dogs in the ‘John Wick’ series are extremely smart, loyal, and caring. Now, you know the breeds of the dogs in the series. What were they again? Yes, Beagle as the first dog, and American Pit bull as the second dog as John Wick’s dog. In addition, you can also see Belgian Malinois, as Sofia’s partner.

We have also discussed the basic personality traits of these dogs. By knowing these traits, you will be able to choose the right breed, as per your expectations.

Moreover, we have shared some effective tips to train a dog, as, without training, you cannot expect good manners in a dog. Make sure that you follow these tips consistently.

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