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Can Huskies Live Outside? [What You Should Know!]

Huskies are adorned with spellbinding blue eyes, attractive appearance, and double coating that keeps them insulated against extreme weather conditions.

Originally being sled-pulling dogs, Huskies were bred in such a way that they can live outside and also relish it.

Being a Husky owner, a major concern must have popped up in your mind whether your furry pal can live outside or not.

Huskies can stay outside in the cold as well as warm temperatures, all thanks to their coating that assists them in adapting to the climatic conditions in which they live.

However, you just cannot leave a Husky outside for too long without any shelter or necessary precautions. Huskies enjoy being outdoors but they also require basic training for the same.

Huskies love to indulge themselves in open-air activities.

Being a pet parent, you must be wondering that how can I ensure a comfortable stay for my Husky outside.

Well, it is not advisable to keep the Husky out for too long; the right arrangements would help in protecting your furry pal against severe climatic conditions. The below-mentioned are few factors that you need to keep in mind before leaving your Husky outside.

Coating of a Siberian Husky

The foremost factor that determines whether your pet can stay out or not is the coating. Those dog breeds that possess single layer coating cannot withstand cold climatic conditions.

On the other hand, dog breeds like Siberian Husky, who comes along with a double layer coating can easily stay outside in the cold without falling sick.

If we talk about Huskies, they are blessed with a thick coating that helps them to survive outside in the cold weather. They can even withstand extremely cold temperatures such as below -70 degrees.

On the contrary, during the summertime, Huskies shed their coating to stay cool during the hot temperatures. In short, Huskies can live outside in both, warm and cold temperatures as they possess a unique coating that helps them to stay insulated.

The blowing phase of a Husky

Like all the dog breeds, Huskies also shed; the only difference is that they do not keep shedding their hairs throughout the year. Huskies shed their coating twice in a year to easily adapt the temperature fluctuations.

Huskies switch between their winter and summer coats to survive the climatic conditions.

During the summers, Huskies blow their thick and double winter coating to remain cool. Meanwhile, during the winters, the summer coating starts shedding and the thick coating tends to develop again. It helps to keep the Husky warm and cozy during the cold temperatures.

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Reason to leave the Husky outside

Reason to leave the Husky outside

It is pretty much necessary to figure out the reason why you want to leave your Husky outside.

Some people leave the Husky outside to escape from the shedding. Although Huskies shed only twice in a year; the amount of shedding is unbelievable.

That is why; most people prefer to keep the Huskies outside during their blowing phase. This is mainly done to prevent the mess created in the house by the shedding hairs of the Husky.

Huskies are considered to be amongst one of the highly active dog breeds. They generally have a high metabolism rate and require regular exercise and workout to stay fit and healthy. For this, people often keep their Huskies outside so that they can roam and play freely in open-air without any restrictions.

How to ensure a safe stay outside for a Husky?

You can easily leave your Husky outside if you take all the necessary precautions that are associated with his safe and healthy stay. However, it is not advisable to leave your Husky outside throughout the day; you should leave your furry companion for a few hours only.

The following are a few of the precautionary measures that you can take for the safety of your Husky while he is being outdoors.

Keep a sharp eye

Always monitor and keep an eye on your Husky specifically when he is outdoors. When you leave your pet outside, you would have to take the utmost care to see whether your furry pal is comfortable in open-air or not. You just cannot let your Husky stay alone outdoors for too long without your supervision as it is risky.

Do not leave Husky unaccompanied for too long

Leaving your pet outdoors sounds good but at the same time, pets are not habitual of staying alone for too long as it tends to develop a sense of fear, anxiety, and insecurity in them.

That is why you should always accompany your Husky when he is outside and play with him as it would help in strengthening the companionship between you and your furry pal.

Leave freely

If you are supervising or accompanying your Husky when he is outdoors, do not put on so many restrictions on him. Although, you should teach your Husky when he is indulging himself in extremely notorious acts but otherwise, you must allow your pet to roam freely in the open air.

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If you would set up too many limitations on your pet, then there is simply no use in leaving him outside as he will soon start getting agitated.

Place food and water outside

Do not forget to keep food and water outside in an adequate amount for your Husky.

Generally, people think that their pets would indicate to them if they feel hungry or thirsty by barking. If you are leaving your Husky outside even for a couple of hours, then also it is important to keep food and water inside his shelter placed outside.

Also, ensure to give nutritious and healthy food to your Husky and refrain from feeding your companion sugary treats or chocolates. Place a bowl full of freshwater inside the shelter or shade for your Husky.

Arrange a temporary shelter for your Husky

For ensuring optimum protection and safety of your beloved pet, you can set up a temporary shelter for his outside stay. You can even go for a doghouse as it would help in protecting your furry pal from rain and snowfall. In absence of a shelter, your Husky would probably dig into the mud or ground to seek refuge.

Fencing for security

If you are planning to keep your Husky out for prolonged hours, then it is necessary to set up good fencing for him outside. It would restrict your pet from running far away in your absence.

Ensure that the fence is strong enough to keep your furry companions safe and protected. A sturdy fencing system would be beneficial for long-term use.

Attractive and pet-friendly toys

To keep your Husky away from notorious activities while he is outdoors, you can keep a handful of attractive and pet-friendly toys. It would help in keeping your Husky engaged for long.

Apart from this, you can even play games such as go-fetch, tug-of-war, hide, and seek with your Husky. It would help in the building of a strong bond of love, trust, and affection between you and your Husky.

Shade for summers

If you are leaving your Husky outside in warm weather during summers, then it is very important to have a shade for your furry pal.

A shade would not only protect the Husky during summers; it would also keep your pet insulated throughout the year. Whenever your Husky would need a break from the sun, he can seek a comforting shelter under the shade.

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For this, you can even plant a tree, keep a doghouse, or can even place a deck for the same.


It is necessary to train your Husky before leaving him outside without your supervision. If your Husky is not trained, then there are probable chances that he would dig into the ground and can even destroy the fence outside.

Make sure you teach your Husky proper mannerism before letting him roam outside otherwise furry companion can even run away someday.

Your Husky would obey all your commands if you will give him the proper training. Pets become more obedient when they have trained appropriately and in the early stages. You can even hire a professional dog trainer to get the best possible results.

Examine the weather conditions

Always check the weather conditions before leaving your Husky outside.

Do not let your furry pal stay outdoors if the temperature is too high or too low as it can adversely affect the health of your Husky if his immunity system is not strong enough to withstand the extreme climatic conditions.

However, Huskies can better tolerate cold temperatures as compared to the summers, but you should not let your Husky stay out in the cold for too long.

Look for any health ailment

If your Husky is not well or is suffering from any sort of health ailment, then it is not at all advisable to leave him outside.

Even if your pet is fine, examine him properly and see if he is showing any unusual behavior or symptoms such as vomiting, offseason shedding, etc. In such cases, you should consult a good veterinarian doctor to seek immediate medical intervention for your Husky.

Wrap Up

Huskies can live outside, especially in cold temperatures because of their origin as a sled dog breed. However, if you are having a Husky puppy, then you should not leave them outside as they are very young to stay unaccompanied.

Besides this, small Husky pups might not develop the double coating that is necessary to survive off cold climatic conditions. Huskies tend to enjoy when they are left freely in open-air; you can accompany your lovable pet to make him feel happy and loved.

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