Why Do Dogs Run Away

It is natural for animals, dogs included to run away when they approach humans. However, there are circumstances when the behavior somehow gets overboard.

In such a case, this issue may not be treated normally as it may often signify a deeper underlying problem. That calls you to dig deeper and want to find out what exactly could be wrong.

We draft this article to examine why sometimes dogs specifically have to run away from the humans they come in contact with.

Upon identifying the issues, we shall also look into how these are dangerous and the kinds of interventions that may be needed to solve them all together.

Below are the common reasons why dogs tend to run away anyhow:

1: Distractions from regular Activities

When dogs are distracted from their regular activities, they will often react by running away from you.

For instance, if in the course of walking to a park, the dog spots a squirrel, it will often divert and start chasing the rodent altogether.

In this case, you have to hold the leash too tight to prevent the dog from escaping.

2: Spotting of Familiar Items or Places

If you sourced your dog from a foreign place and then decide to take it for a walk at the same place, later on, it will usually run away towards the place.

The same arises when you walk your dog to a park or other place which the dog has been to before. This is a normal reaction that even humans occasionally dabble in.

TOP 5 Reasons Dogs Runaway

3: Experience of Freedom

A dog that may have been chained for too long and released all of a sudden will often run away as soon as it experiences freedom.

The joys that the dogs experience at such times are the ones that make the dog behave thus. Yet again this is an awesome and normal experience that even humans do engage in.

4: Scary Sights and Sounds

Like humans and any other animal, dogs too have their own phobias. Whenever they confront these phobias, they will often react in a scary and agitated manner.

Examples of these scary sights and sounds are thunders, a sudden gush of bright lights, and frightening noises.

Keep them secure and away from such things for their own safety hence. Minimize their exposure to such things if you must take them along with you.

5: Combating Boredom

Dogs are by nature sociable, lively, and playful. When confined in some tiny spaces, the dogs will often sustain some boredom.

In the event that they are released from those confinements, they will usually jump out in joy and celebration.

This is often always followed by running away to some faraway place. Though normal, do not let your dog stray too far.

6: Need for Exercising

Closely connected to the above is the need for the dogs to exercise. They require some space and room to jog and stretch their muscles.

This can only happen if they run far away from you and out in the open. You are advised to take your dogs out from time to time to give them the leeway to stretch well and unhindered.

Dog run outside

7: Responding to Entertainment

Dogs also love sweet sounds and lulling music just as humans do. If there is some concert, moderately loud music or live performances nearby, the dogs will definitely dance to the tune in the hope of enjoying the same.

If the source of the entertainment is further, the dogs will normally tend to run towards it. Follow it up to prevent it from getting lost.

8: Nature Calls

Like any other animal, dogs too have some natural drives which they inevitably have to respond to. Examples of these are reproductive drives, thirst, water, and excretion. They will usually run away from you to respond to these drives.

It is important that you train your dogs to maintain quietness and order even when they inevitably have to respond to these natural drives.

9: On the Chase (as a precaution)

When a dog feels threatened, they will often run away to protect themselves from the dangers that come along with those threats. Kindly note that the hearing and smell faculties of the dogs are sharper than those of men.

They will hence run away even when the danger is unseen by the naked eyes. It is important also that you take extra caution to make your dogs safer all the time.

10: Search for a Mate

As part of responding to the reproductive drives, dogs have to search for mates. Since these animals often stay in isolation from one another, it may not always be that the mate is found nearby.

As noted, the sense of smell of the dogs is sharper. They may hence sense the existence of the mate without even seeing them. That could explain why they sometimes run away without proper notice beforehand.

11: Love for Adventure

Who doesn’t love adventures? Certainly, not the dogs! Indeed, these animals are strong and agile. They often run around from one place to another in search of something new to enjoy.

Do not consider it strange therefore if your dog detaches itself and moves to a farther location from where you are. Only be careful that it does not harm the passersby.

12: Hunting

In case your dog is in a remote location most probably a park or the countryside, the dog will usually revive its natural instincts. This sees it detach from the populated areas and retreat into the forests, bushes, or jungles.

While there, the dogs will start hunting as their cousins in the wild do. This situation is ordinarily compounded when the dog is very hungry.

Dog in hunting

13: Weather and Catastrophic Events

Some adverse weather patterns also have the tendency to scare the dogs and make them run away altogether. Top examples of these are the hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, and wildfires.

Given the sharper smell and hearing faculties of the dogs, they are able to detect these from afar off. Upon sensing these calamities, they run away for their own safety.

14: Response to Frustrations

Dogs too, do get frustrated from time to time. Many resort to isolating themselves from populated areas as ways of coping with these frustrations.

That could explain partly why your dog might all of a sudden dash away from you and relocate to a faraway place.

The same case happens if the dog is stressed or fatigued. Develop an eye on the dogs to prevent issues from getting out of hand.

15: Escape from Imminent Dangers

No animals ever want to feel cornered or threatened. Your dogs In the event that they detect dangers from whichever sources, the dogs will usually resort to run away from you and escape to a safer place.

The dangers may be real or perceived. So, do not be surprised if your dog runs away without any real external trigger. Just understand their nature and character and all will be fine with you.


There could be many other reasons why your dog may spontaneously decide to run away from you. Nonetheless, the ones we have delineated above are the major.

Take heed therefore that you read and internalize them carefully. Then, put appropriate arrangements to care for them if and when the same arises.

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