15 Common Dog Behavior Problems

Like humans, dogs also have to behave ‘normally’ to be deemed healthy and cordial. Any variations from that normal behavior may often be indicative of a deeper issue. Knowing about them is certainly great as that will give you the preparedness you need to have your way just fine.

We take our time to look into the many dog behaviors that may be deemed strange and queer. We follow this by explaining the reasons behind the strangeness. Lastly, we also get to highlight the various ways and means of mitigating those issues for your good health and peace of mind.

For a start, a dog behavior problem is an issue that a dog displays that is out of the normal pattern. They may often signify deeper underlying issues that the dog might be going through.

15 Common Dog Behavior Problems

1: Submissive Urination

Submissive urination is a phenomenon that is manifested by the dog to wet itself typically turning around and flipping over on its own. It is usually a sign of a deeper problem on the part of the dog. Mostly, it could be that the bladder is malfunctioned. That requires the intervention of a trained veterinarian to mitigate.

2: Obsessive Stealing

Obsessive stealing comes in next. In this regard, the dogs just go on the looting spree. It steals just about everything that crosses its path from food to clothing to other objects. This could be a sign of stress and a deeper emotional problem. Calming your dog may be a way of stemming this tide. Also, apportion to your dog a share of goodies to prevent it from having to steal to make ends meet.

3: Separation Anxiety

Separation Anxiety is a term that is employed by dog trainers and veterinarians to describe dogs that go crazy when they are left alone. They attempt to destroy their surroundings, cry uncontrollably, bark excessively, and cause unnecessary havoc. To combat it, you may have to acclimatize your dog to its surroundings first. Then, purchase some toys to it to keep engrossed while alone.

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4: Playing Too Roughly

If your dog plays too roughly when in the company of others, that could also imply that all is not well. A good dog has to be well-natured and properly behaved. Stress and deeper issues usually inflict these violent behaviors. You have to take good care that your dogs do not get overboard. Punish it each time it gets overboard to prevent it from getting used to this behavior.

5: Jumping Up

It is natural for your dogs to jump up. Nonetheless, this has to based on some realistic backgrounds and reasons. A dog that jumps up with no specific or legitimate reason must often be high on something. You yet again have to take your time to study it and find out just what this could be.

6: Uncontrolled Digging

Dogs must also dig the ground from time to time. Nonetheless, this has to be for a valid reason. A dog that digs the ground for no apparent reason might always be driven into it for some strange reason. As soon as you take note of this behavior, be sure to study the dog and find out what it might be suffering from.

7: Excessive Chewing

Even though it is natural for a dog to chew the bones and other items, they ought not to do so every now and then. Such kind of behavior will usually signify a worse underlying problem on the part of the dog. Take your time yet again to study the dog to find out just what this problem could be.

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8: Begging Excessively

It is natural to beg. However, if this condition persists or is carried out without any underlying problem, the root cause could be something undesirable. You hence want to study your dog and find out exactly why this could be the case. Go ahead thereafter to address the problem keenly.

9: Barking or Whining

Dogs, by their nature bark. However, they have to bark at the right time and for the right reason. Barking at a time when they are not supposed to be a sign that all may not really be well. The same goes for whining a lot. These two are indicative of a deeper issue on the parts of the dogs.

10: Unexplained Aggression

Though it is normal for dogs to be aggressive, this has to happen within ‘understandable confinements.’ If the dog gets aggressive for no reason, the underlying problem could be more serious than you probably imagine. This may require that you take it to a vet to find out just what the issue could be.

11: Chasing

When your dogs chase things without any proper reason, they might usually be responding to a trigger that emanates from within. This could be a compulsion or any other form of obsession. To stem the tide, you have to see to it that your dog is well-fed and calmed all the while.

12: Uncontrolled Defecation

As with the case with many other animals, dogs also have to defecate from time to time. However, their defecation has to be predictable and well within normal confines. For a large part, this is due to the deficiencies of the bowel faculties. It requires medical interventions to reverse.

13: Mouthing

Mouthing refers to the acts of the dog to place its mouth in your fingers or hands unnecessarily. Though it does this, it does not bite. However, you should never throw caution to the wind as the dogs have the potential to bite you at such times. Stay away from it as much as you possibly can to be on the safe side of events.

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14: Excessive Licking

Licking is a natural behavior of the dogs. However, it has to be done slowly and steadily and only for a good reason. Should you note that your dog licks you or any other pet too much, know for sure that it is responding to stimuli. You hence want to dig deeper and find out why exactly this could be the case.

15: Sudden Withdrawal

Save for the extremely elderly dogs, all dogs are by their nature playful and outgoing. If you notice a sudden change in the behaviors of your dogs, that is a red flag. It usually means that the dog has encountered an issue which is chewing it up from within. For a large part, this requires extra care and attention from you.


Kindly note that the 15 common dog behavior problems we have highlighted and explained above are not all that dogs might suffer. There are infinite other issues that the dogs may occasionally go through. You hence have to be on the lookout for the many others that yours might go through.

This notwithstanding, the ones we have highlighted and explained are the most common things that dogs exhibit. You hence have to familiarize yourself with them and put in place appropriate measures to tackle them. Chances are that you are not the only one who suffers these problems. Is it not fair for you to share the information as far wide as may be possible?

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