Is Your Dog Barking At Night

Is Your Dog Barking At Night? Help Your Dog Sleep And Prevent Early Waking

As a pet parent and a dog lover, you must know that your pet dog requires a few necessities for his overall development. Regular physical activities, a proper healthy meal, and hygiene are essential, among others. However, another crucial element is a sufficient amount of relaxing and sleeping time, which is difficult to achieve in a few pets.

According to an Australian study, Younger dogs tend to bark at night more than older ones. This could be due to the fact that younger dogs don’t know how to control their emotions and impulses. Moreover, Dogs can bark due to health problems, and danger from outside.

If your dog barks frequently during the night then there might be something wrong with him. You should get him checked by the vet immediately.

Why Do Dogs Bark At Night?

If your pet is barking continuously throughout the night and is unable to sleep peacefully, it is necessary to identify the causes instead of avoiding it. Some of them are as follows. Being a pet parent, it is your responsibility to pay attention to the needs and act accordingly.


Canines are naturally noise-sensitive creatures. They can hear the slightest of sound from a distance and start barking to make you aware of the same, especially at night. If such incidents happen frequently, examine if any noise is originating from the vicinity and address the same. 


An urgent call to the bathroom can also be a reason to bark, so that you may accompany him to the bathroom. In other cases, especially for puppies, they may have already wet the bed by urinating and are unable to sleep on the moist bed. They will start barking due to the discomfort.


Some pets do not prefer being away from their human parents. On being given their own separate space to sleep at night, they exhibit separation anxiety. It makes them wake up at night and continue barking to shift the attention of their parents towards them.


Since dogs are sensitive animals, they can sense people from far. Any unfamiliar scent of strangers, like intruders or thieves at night, keeps them awake. They bark so that they can protect their family in case there is an unfortunate incident.

Health issues:

Most pets stay awake at night due to unattended underlying problems concerning their health. In young dogs, there can be body pain in joints and muscles or teething pain in pups. Internal injuries are also a reason for a sudden change in behavior at night.

Dogs who are older in age encounter health problems, which are mostly hereditary. The uneasiness in the body does not let them sleep uninterrupted, and they start barking to relieve their distress.

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There is trouble sleeping among pet dogs when they get frightened. It may be due to bitter past experiences or some natural tendency to get scared. For instance, the French Bulldogs are afraid of the slightest noise and do not prefer sleeping alone.

They always need the company of their pet parents and like sleeping on the bed between the covers. At times they also shift their position and sleep between the legs for extra protection.

The background of their relationship was mainly to provide warmth and security to each other, which, in some of them, still prevails.

Sleeping space:

Lack of sound sleep can also be due to a lack of appropriate dog beds and covers. An uncomfortable dog bed can incur body pain instead of relieving it; an improper bed size will restrict free movement and may even fall off the bed.

In case the dog bed is too large, they tend to feel insecure and lonely. Also, during extreme weather conditions, if the bedding is not apt, it disturbs the sleep in between.

Group barking:

Group barking is a universal nature among pets in and around the neighborhood. As soon as one of them starts barking, the other follows. It is because dogs are known for staying in packs and reacts to each other’s behavior.

Usually, this kind of instance occurs due to the presence of unknown visitors and one that alerts the others. 


Apart from other reasons, barking in the middle of the night may just be a mode to distract their pet parents from them. Some pets seek constant attention and cannot entertain themselves when left alone. Boredom enhances barking, which is a way to gain company.

Help Your Dog Sleep And Prevent Early Waking

Physical activities are an essential part of the daily schedule of a pet dog. Some require substantial exercises while for others, it is very minimal. But some sort of activity is a must. It is essential to stimulate their physical as well as mental state regularly.

Those whose primary reason for breeding was particular as a hardworking and specific task-related concern require a daily dose of activities; otherwise, they quickly get bored and can also display destructive behavior to release the excess energy.

In contrast, some are popular as companions and like to stay indoors indulging in very few activities. In both cases, it is also crucial to allow them to have their place and enjoy their time of privacy.

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A sound sleep will help them rejuvenate and relax their muscles after a long day of hard work. Thus, it is vital to prevent your pets from waking up at night and encourage undisrupted sleep.

Follow a routine:

First and foremost, being a new parent to a canine, you must set a proper schedule for the entire day. List out all the activities and the respective time slots to give you an idea of managing the day.

They will soon adapt the routine for young ones, but if you have recently been a parent to an older dog, he might take some to adjust. But the sooner, the better.


  1. Early training is necessary to be able to follow the schedule that you will prepare.
  2. Young pets prefer spending time with their companions and are eager to learn new activities full of energy and enthusiasm.
  3. For those who have already attained adulthood, simple and easy training activities will keep them entertained, and they will know the dedicated time for an event.
  4. Following a routine since the early days of training will tire them out and induce a tight sleep.
  5. It will also reduce their anxiety and distress caused by separation or fear.

Morning light:

If your pet wakes up very early in the morning, even before the alarm sets off, make sure to restrict the entry of natural light. Pull down the curtains during the night and avoid early morning light so that the night seems longer.

However, a first-morning walk or stroll in the neighborhood is a good idea for fresh breathing, but ensure that he slept throughout the night without waking up in between.

Avoid attending:

Once you realize that waking up at night and barking is only a mode of gaining your attention, do not visit them. Continuing to respond will hint to them that they will receive your company at any given time as they start barking.

If you are responding to their call, stop it instantly. It will soon make them realize and minimize the action and continue to sleep longer.

Help Your Dog Sleep And Prevent Early Waking

Proper diet:

Ensure that your canine is getting sufficient nutrients in his meal. Maintaining a proper diet will avoid feeling hungry at night, and they will sleep longer. Keeping some snacks and water by the bedside will also help minimize barking, fill up his appetite, and go back to sleep again.

Last call:

Ensure that your pet dog completes his nature’s call just before going to bed. Continuing this for a few days will build up a habit and not feel the urgency to pee in the middle of the night. The body will accustom accordingly.

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Sleeping space:

Invest in a comfortable and cozy dog bed. Ensure its safety, non-toxic material, and specialized orthopedic needs, if any, as per your canine’s requirements. A long and deep sleep needs a comfortable and supportive sleeping space.

Check-out for intruders:

In case the barking continues, check the vicinity for any intruders or other animals, which may cause harm to your pet. Dogs are rarely wrong when it comes to the instinct of protection for themselves and the family.

Regular check-ups:

Continue the regular check-ups and vaccination on time. A visit to a veterinary clinic will keep you updated about any underlying health problems or the stage of already existing disease. Medication and therapy can help minimize barking, relieve their stress, and enhance natural sleeping.

The above-mentioned preventive measures of barking and waking up at night will also depend on the breed’s age and nature. Some are receptive to training very quickly, while others are difficult to train.

Providing them with their own space and time to adapt to the new environment changes will undoubtedly have fruitful results. It is also crucial that you, as a pet parent, keep your patience and perseverance until they become accustomed to the change in routine.

Ensure to give them their requirements, a lot of love and affection, and necessary attention. It will make them feel secured and protected, especially while sleeping at night.

In case the situation gets worse, and no remedies seem to work, consult a veterinarian or an experienced trainer about the issue.

They will guide you through the process, and you will be able to identify the actual cause and take the required steps to give a happy and content life to your beloved canine.

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