Why Do Dogs Dig In Their Beds, How To Stop Them?

If you are a pet lover and owns a furry pal, it is for sure that you must have encountered the problem of them scratching their beds. They sometimes even love to jump around your bed and digging in. For cats, it is a kind of general instinct and normal but when it comes to dogs, many of us get confused and start thinking as to why do they dig in beds. And above all how to stop them from doing the same.

Dogs dig for various reasons but you should also understand that some breeds have this trait naturally. It is quite frustrating to see your furry pal digging your favorite bedsheet and messing it up, at the same time, the cuteness can also not be ignored. They generally dig in the bed before going to sleep and lie down after taking a circle or two.

You would be surprised to know that some dogs are bred in such a way that they love to dig. Especially small breeds such as Dachshunds, Cairn Terrier, etc. are bred to dig small animals out of their hideouts and prey. In this blog, we will try to explore certain important factors which make your dog dig in their beds along with the various methods to stop them from doing it.

Factors making dogs dig in their beds

Here we will try to find reasons which make your dog dig in their beds. After all, there must be logical reasoning to every act of your pet.   

Sense of comfort

We human beings also tend to settle our pillows and blankets before going for sleep, the same way these furry pals also make themselves comfortable by digging at their bed. Many times it is seen that the dogs suffering from health ailments like arthritis also dig at their bed to subside their pain. Another reason for this habit could be the regulation of their body temperature according to the climatic conditions.

The upbringing

The dogs which are trained to live outdoors freely from its early stage tend to dig your backyard or garden. And this is their instinct and you cannot stop it. Now, when it comes to a furry pal who is raised indoors only from its puppy stage and have limited connectivity to the outer world, they try to camouflage it by digging in their beds.

Anxiety or stress

Boredom or anxiety can be another reason for your dog to dig in its bed. In this case, you should first try to assess if anything unusual has happened to your dog or its routine. If you are still unable to find out a reason, the better option is to rush your dog to a veterinarian doctor for diagnose.

Seeking space for pups

The other reason especially for female dogs to dig their beds might be due to space requirement which they want to create for its puppies. It has been observed that pregnant dogs usually try to create a cozy space for their puppy’s comfort. In the process of arranging her bed properly, she will dig it harder continuously.

Restricting your furry pals from digging in their bed

Digging is an instinct of dog and you cannot restrict it to a greater extent but of course redirect it. Let us see how can you let your dog refrain from its digging habit.

Creating a comfort zone with temperature regulation

You can try exploring cozy and comfortable bedding for your furry pals which is not detachable from his crate or floor. Also, try to mix it up with rugs and blanket as per the climatic conditions. Try to regulate your dog’s body temperature as per his need as it will refrain him from making an effort on his own by digging his bed.

Engaging in more outdoor activities

Do not keep your furry pal indoor all the time as this will detach him from the outer world. Try to take him out from his early stage and engage him in outdoor activities and exercise. This way he will be able to release his energy effectively and satisfy his natural digging instinct by doing it in your backyard or garden. You will gradually notice that the intensity of your dog digging his bed will reduce soon.

Spending more playful time

These furry pals are very emotional and they do not like to be left unattended for a long time. Also, they expect you to spend some quality time with them by cuddling and playing. Try to get some toys for your dog periodically and play with him. During the playtime, reward him with a treat as a token of appreciation and love him unconditionally. This attitude of yours will help him feel confident and overcome any kind of stress or anxiety which has led him to the habit of digging his bed.

Arranging appropriate space for a female dog during pregnancy

Female dogs need a cozy and comfortable space more than anyone else when they are about to give birth to puppies. Hence, try to give them some extra bedding space so that the puppies are also accommodated in it comfortably. This way she will feel contented and refrain from arranging her bed by digging it frequently.

Wrap up

By now you must have understood that digging is the dog’s instinct and various factors trigger it in them. One cannot put an end to their digging habit but redirect it. By following certain aforesaid redirection methods, you will surely see a lot of change in your furry pal’s habit of digging in their bed. Never be loud or harsh when you see your furry pal digging their bed just try to regulate him moderately.

At the same time, you should not leave your dog unsupervised in your bedroom or living areas as otherwise, they will start digging and damaging your bed or sofa. Your love, attention and time is the ultimate regulator for your furry pal’s bed digging activity.

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