How To Keep Dogs Out Of Garden Areas

Having dogs with us at home makes our place nothing less than heaven. We can’t keep calm when these fluffy little creatures roam around us and stick to us like shadows. All these innocent souls want from us nothing but love, care, and our undivided attention. They require nothing less than a newborn baby. But there are situations when we have to end up making hard choices for our dogs so that we can keep them away from a few places. One such place is the gardening area you have newly built. 

How to keep your dogs out of garden areas? You can keep your dogs out of garden areas by putting up a fence, sprinkle spices, spray water, and so many ways. Most importantly, proper training of your dog can be helpful for you to get rid of this problem.

Dogs have the same amount of emotions as humans and fear of losing loved ones. They may easily get hurt from your ignorance and feel a little less loved. It is possible to keep your dog with you, and you can also pursue your love for gardening without any hassle. There are some tricks which will help you to maintain both effortlessly. 

We understand how difficult you are finding this situation to handle and getting no other ways but to abandon your dog or keep him away from your garden areas. Here are all the ways which you may find useful before you quit.

Making a fence for pets

Yes, you read it correctly! You can build up the fence around your garden area to make sure your dog is not getting the chance to roam over there. The fence around the garden will give him a visual alert that he is not allowed to go there, or it may be risky. Wooden or metal fencing would be ideal. Judge the correct sizing of the fence to ensure the total block. If you do not have the idea of pet fencing, you can reach out to any pet shop.

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Sprinkling spice all over the garden area

You would be amazed to know that dogs do not like spicy things, so it is an amazing way to keep them away from your garden. You can sprinkle some pepper or mustard power all over the garden. When they take a sniff, they can smell the spice and will not like to enter your garden. You can also draw boundaries outside your garden using these spices.

Using motion-sensing sprinklers

Sprinklers that have motion sensing are fantastic and can act as a helping hand to keep your dog away from the garden area. Your pooch will experience a short blow out of the water, which he may not like. He may remember this unfamiliar experience and will not likely return to face it again. You will be able to find the right kind of sprinkler on any online retailer shop like Amazon or Flipkart. 

Making the pet-friendly zone

If you can arrange a small area where your dog can spend time, then they will not have the idea of entering your garden. Most of the dogs take an interest in digging, playing in the dirt, and hiding their toys in the garden. You can give their playing area an amazing look so that they can keep themselves engaged. Putting up a board with a picture of your dog can also help him to identify his area. 

Citrus to the rescue

You may find this fascinating that citric acid helps to keep pets away from your garden. The fresh peels of lemon, orange, or grapes can give a pervasive smell that most dogs do not like. To add them to the soil, you need to grind them thoroughly. Each time you water your plants, the smell gets stronger, which is enough to keep your dog away. Citrus peels work as a great fertilizer and will make your plants grow healthy.

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Seeking help from your vet

Your vet doctor can come up with amazing ideas on how you can keep your dog at home. If you have been visiting the same vet when your dog falls sick, he knows his traits well and can help you with ideas accordingly. 

Giving the proper training 

At some point in time, you will feel the need to train your dog. It is important to make him aware of his access points. You can give him vocal training by pointing him to the areas in which he should not go. You can pat him on his back to make him understand. Dogs are very good at understanding, and they will easily pick up the point that his activity is making you disappointed. 

Dogs love their owner so they will try not to do anything which will make you upset. A little effort in making them understand or proper training can ease up things. If you are not able to train your dog or do not know the proper methods, you can explore some tutorials on YouTube, or you can hire a professional trainer who can help you.

Creating a way for your dog in the garden

You can consider creating a path for your dog in your garden so that he is not destroying your little plants. You can design his path in such a way so that he can enjoy the freshness in your garden without tampering your little daffodils. You can create the path using some fancy carpet or some soil in a particular way. Give your dog some training so that he uses only that path created for him to enter your garden.

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We hope the above ways help you to maintain your dog and your garden easily. Dogs need us to care for them and understand them, so it will not be right to be harsh even if you find it impossible to restrict them from the garden area. 

We also do not encourage you to abandon your dog if you think that is the only way to get rid of all the hassles. These voiceless animals need us so that we can keep them safe and provide them a better life. 

Having a dog is a responsibility, and the methods above will help you balance your relationship with your pet.

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